Tees Valley, UK
Freeport Status for Teesport
Procrastination is the thief of time.
we hate to waste a good idea to
not invented here syndrome
there are 4 local authorities on
north of the river - Newcastle and North Tyneside
south of the river - Gateshead and South Tyneside
on Teesside there are
Stockton-on-Tees on the north of the river and
Hartlepool nearby
and Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland on the south of the river
similar things can be said about the river Mersey
and the river Humber
each of these conurbations has a name
on weather maps to in almost all cases
select one local authority from a group
to mark on a map
Lets have
Tyneside not Newcastle
Teesside not Middlesbrough

Photo Essay on the return of
Zetland Lifeboat

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3rd February 2020

have you heard about
The Old Man's Friend
this is a piece about
infection control
we could leave the answer to that question
to the end
but Ricker may forget, so
is - was for a long time - regarded, referred to as
The old man's friend
euthanasia for people
a part of the
balance of nature
it's a bit like saying
we define death as
the heart stops beating
everybody dies of
heart failure
the question is...
was it
Primary Heart Failure
Heart Failure, Secondary to Something else
such as
blood loss, or respiratory failure, or
insert here any medical text book
pneumonia is the old man's friend because
death from pneumonia is the
least unpleasant way to go in
an undeveloped community
with primitive or non-existant health care
we have said before
in other words
how shall we express this?
if you have a stoke
and collapse and cut yourself
and you are not treated for the stoke
but are treated for the cut
then a month or so later you have another stroke
and die
will there be - in the absence of brain scans down your street
a temptation to think that
your wound got infected and you
died of sepsis
Ricker has tales of relatives he never met
one such relates to a bloke who
rode a motor bike
one day he got a rap on the ankle from
some sort of incident with the
kick start
some time later he died of cancer
the family concluded that if he hadn't
missed his footing on the kick start
he would never have got cancer
some may say that he lost the ability to
manage his bike
because he as dying from undiagnosed cancer
there is a thing
disclosure or disclosing tablets
they used to get kids in school to chew on one of these
little tablets and
essentially they contained a dye
the dye was designed to
and not
it was a technique designed to encourage kids to
clean their teeth more effectively
in that vein we have never seen
toothpaste that stains plaque and not teeth
sounds like a good idea
at this point we pick up on those
sun screen ads
that use ultraviolet light to
dead skin on kiddies faces
we can put these two ideas together and test
the effectiveness of hand washing
we also have ads running now that introduce the idea of
the natural ecology of the skin
in essence we have people selling yoghurt type products
designed to introduce
good bacteria
into the gut
there are also
good bacteria
good secretions
on our skin that make our skin
a massively successful
protective barrier
that we should not be so quick to
wash away
at the end of the day we have a core message
have you seen those taps with paddles on them
in hospital dramas?
and the super vet?
do you know what they are for?
here's the idea
so you are being all trendy and
baking your sour dough bread
and the 'phone rings whilst you are in the middle of
kneading the dough
you dash to the sink
turn on the tap
wash your hands
turn off the tap
and, AND
you get dough on your fingers from
turning off the tap
in controlled conditions where
infection is a problem
no skin flora inside a surgical or traumatic wound
turn the taps
off and on
more importantly
on and OFF
with yer
gowned elbow
Ricker thinks
aside from those taps that turn on when they detect
your hand under them and off when you walk away
taps should always be activated by a
foot pedal
otherwise all this hand washing is
pretty much pointless

at this point we need to comment about
barrier nursing
reverse barrier nursing
if you are dealing with a number of patients who
have a serious infection
that is easily transmitted
each nurse and other medical practitioner involved will
be in contact with several patients
if you are dealing with a
devastating infection
for instance
you will assign several staff to work with
just the one patient
in the UK that is
in the first situation
you are not wanting your
carer to become ill
and you are not wanting the carer to transmit the infection
from one of their patients to others
and so to the protective equipment
patient A is infective
nurse A attends in a suited up condition
patient A contaminates the outer surface of
nurse A's suit
nurse A then moves on to tend the other patients
and then gets colleagues to
help her out of the suit
nurse A never becomes infective
but her suit
and then there is the problem of classification
and another scenario
Ricker comes home with
cold sores
herpes zoster??
let us imagine that Ricker has a baby sister
let us imagine that
Ricker's mam has a baby daughter
let us imagine that mam
shall we say
fingers Ricker's cold sores before
changing the baby's nappy - diaper
at what level do we define an infection that is
difficult to transmit
sexually transmitted
does this problem feed into the whole
vexed question of
what constitutes
kiddie fiddling
and why is it a
bad thing?
there is herpes simplex and herpes zoster
they are very similar
some may say they are the same but
characterised by
where they have been found
in essence...
herpes simplex - cold sores
cold sores are
crusty bits on the lips
they may also be referred to as
chapped lips
herpes zoster is for
genital herpes
similar crusty bits on yer
girl and boy bits
mostly girl bits
chicken pox
so essentially
mums with kiddies with chicken pox
also changing a bathing baby girls
transmit the problem and
once you have the virus in yer girly bits
not easy to get rid of
especially if you never had a
chicken pox vaccination
and you will be infectious at the time you have
leaking eruptions
the virus tends to retreat into the spine
and hide there
as previously pointed out..
beyond the
blood-brain barrier
Ricker lives in a house that was built in
what that doesn't immediately convey is that
it was built with a
in the kitchen
that is long gone
and the scullery is now the kitchen
and the kitchen is now the living room
and it was built with a toilet that was built into
an extension that had a roof and two walls
to try to explain this
think of a roof with two pitches and a ridge
the ridge running away from the back door of the scullery
and seven feet from the back door
under this roof that ran for around twelve feet from the
back door
were two doors
the one on the left opened onto the
toilet - the WC, the loo
and the one on the right opened onto the
coal store
and under the kitchen window was
the kitchen garden
and ther was no wall under the kitchen garden side of the
extension roof
the toilet and the coal house had a roof and four walls
but the seven foot square corridor between
the back door of the house and the WC and coal house had
a roof and three walls
and htis was a remnant from the idea that it was
the smell
of toilets
that spread disease
and the range had a coal fire and an oven heated by the coal fire
and a
back boiler
a back boiler was like a model of a railway bridge
it was a tank around 14 inches - 40 cm - wide
8 inches - 20 cm - high, 6 inches deep
with a tunnel running from front to back through which
the gases and smoke from the coal fire
travelled on their way to the chimney
and that initially was the source of the
hot water in the house
the electrical water heating tank in the
airing cupboard was
well it was an afterthought
there was - and is - a big cast iron bath in the bathroom
and a copper hot water cylinder with an immersion heater
in houses like that at the time they were first inhabited
the coal fire produced the hot water via the back boiler
and it was tiny and it produced small amounts of hot water
and the scullery would have had - it's a planter in the garden now
a Belfast Sink
a large white glazed earthenware tank for washing up
and babies and children would be given a
daily 'canary bath' in the sink
and this being done without switching on the immersion heater
and it was probably not possible to run an immersion heater before
the electricity had
added to the original
lighting only
the back boiler would only produce
one sink full of hot water
at a time
and so
all the children
would be bathed
one after the other
or in pairs
in the same bath water
what has reduced that these days is more that
families have less children
not that the late lamented
never sold baby baths
the upshot being that
the kids probably got bathed in order of seniority
the eldest first
and so a baby without chicken pox
would probably eventually be bathed in water that
a big brother or sister with chicken pox
had just been taken out of

regarding all this washing
we have over the years promoted the dea of the
Fire Triangle
for a fire you need
fuel, oxygen (air), and starter heat
for an infection to thrive you need
moisture, air, and whatever the pathogen
uses as food
water, air, food
possibly one of the most basic methods for
keeping food safe is
dried meat
we have systems in place that we do not explain
in public places at washstands we provide
hot air hand driers
it is almost more important to keep your hands dry
as to wash them
most pathogens will die if dried out
and quickly
the one exception is spoken little of
we speak of people working with old things needing
tetanus shots
we rarely refer to
anthrax is a thing that can survive for a very long time
as spores
without any access to food
washing with
'good old soap and water'
mainly counteracts
'off smells'
that were traditionally associated with ill health
the cardinal rule here is
just because it smells nice or does not smell at all
is no guarantee that it is
if you breathe infected droplets into a face mask
you are keeping them
warm and moist
in those conditions they can
hang around and wait for access to food
anthrax is a bacterium
it is a large facultatively anaerobic encapsulated rod
this means...
it is
capable of surviving without air
and coated to avoid absorbing the likes of
the spores resist destruction and can survive in
soil and animal products
for decades
and here's the thing
it is contracted through the skin
rarely through inhaling and eating the spores
and this is a classic case of
skin, lungs, or gut
anthrax can't get you
unless there is a gap, a chink, a cut, a lesion
a point of breakdown
in your natural defences
or if through
obsessive compulsive disorder
you have washed your skin
red raw
tetanus and botulism
are in the same class as anthrax
clostridial infections

if we find time
we may research
iso proply alcohol
for now we will advise
if you want to use a face mask
sprinkle it with gin or vodka
there can be said to be three forms of defence from
just avoiding contact and
putting up some sort of barrier
are examples of physical protection
alcohols of various types are the primary chemical defence
and then we come to the other issue
regarding natural processes
given that you don't have
gastric ulcers...
a 'hidden' form of physical- chemical defence is
trap the pathogen in mucus
swallow the mucus
and have the digestive chemicals in the gut
destroy them
and the biological defence is
the immune system in its many forms

Ricker has a tale to tell about
The University of Teesside
before it became a wimin's refuge
sorry, University
back in the days when it was a
Ricker was involved in providing computing classes to
students studying
HNC chemistry
the very thought of it
a SCIENCE course at a wimin's refuge
and this story is about a report to a consultative committee
by a student rep from the
HND chemistry course
he'd been deputed to say that the students felt that they were
not been allocated sufficient
organic solvent
to clean their apparatus
at the end of practical sessions
washing problems
and Ricker was not thanked for pointing out
that if you dump all of the allocated solvent
into the flask you are contaminate the whole batch
and what you want to do is dislodge the dirt from the flask
to attack the
not the
of the dirt
the AMOUNT of solvent in each
trench of solvent
does not much alter the
effectiveness of the cleaning
as they say
little and often
it's a it like cooling an vehicle engine
or more precisely one of those
change the air but retain the heat
air conditioning systems
the heat transfer depends on
temperature difference
heat flows from the hotter to the cooler
water moves from the weaker to the stronger solution
so you divide your solvent into
the first batch gets the most contamination to deal with
and when you add the last batch
it is - obviously - totally clean
and the flask is
very much cleaner than it was when the washing started
and so
there is no
going on
this leads to a couple of things - three
people say
bless you
if somebody sneezes
this is based on a belief that
a sneeze expels an evil spirit from the body
thus making the sneezer a better person
not considering where the evil spirit will
since contamination is in droplet form
the aim is to
the droplets off
not drive them deeper into the skin
and alcohol based wipes
destroy pathogens
rather than dilute and distribute them
and finally
in the likes of workplaces and food outlets
crockery and cutlery used
should have the food and drink
added to warm DRY crockery and cutlery
keep 'clean' crockery and cutlery in
a pie warmer - such as a Pukka Pie display cabinet
set at over 70 degrees
or wash them in water or steam
so hot that they
dry instantly on removal from the washer

and another thing...
the distinction between
routine personal hygiene
and what to do if you think
you have been infected
if you think you have been in contact with a live pathogen
treat the incident as if it were a
burn or a scald
run under the tap for ten to twenty minutes
gargle - with alcoholic spirits
if you think you have ingested or inhaled something

let's take three living things
an ant
a dog
a person
to over simplify
an ant of entirely covered with
finger nail stuff
and it is very slippery and an ant that
gets dirty has to wipe itself clean
using its legs - for the most part
a dog that gets dirty has fur
and for the most part its fur is
oily and dirt slips off
but a dog will use its tongue and
front paws to wipe dirt from its face
and then there's what cats get up to
something a bit different comes in here
a dog and a cat
out-live their fur
they moult, as do a lot of birds
people have been described as
the naked apes
they do not have fur to protect them
we still moult
we shed - not fur - but skin
for the most part when we wash
we do not
clean our skin
we detach the loose surface layer of skin
obsessive washing can remove protective skin
farter than it can be replaced
especially if
scrubbing is involved
and high traffic, high wear, areas of skin are
easier to replace than
skin in crevices
beware neglect of your crevices
moderation in all things
vigilance too

30th January 2020

A short history of UK rail 'privatisation'
one group of former British Rail managers
made a killing out of its demise
They bought ALL of
British Rail's rolling stock
scrap valuation
the idea was to make a fresh start and
treat the whole shebang
in the same way as
Beeching and the demise of steam
and then...
and then the rolling stock company
decided not to commission new rolling stock
but to lease the old stuff
to the Train Operating Companies
and then there was
British Rail - state owned
Railtrack - privatised
Network Rail - state owned
Railtrack failed to raise the finance to
re-new the track, signalling, etc.
and were re-nationalised
The magic of markets
did not work
The bulk money markets decided they would
rather lend money to the government
than to rail companies that could
go bust
and the treasuary said
we want to demostrate the power of markets

27th January 2020

Joke up this morning to the news that
an Air Jordan
airliner has crashed into the
Japanese city of
and killed thousands of people
and the Chinese have begun to build
a huge hospital on the site of the
concentration camp
can we have our Dan Johnson award now?
Oh wait
The BBC didn'e send Clive Myrie
maybe it's not true

24th January 2020

it's funny how you can misremember
Ricker thought he had a
Jim Torrance - Ricker
the carbon cycle
he dug it out and it's a bit different

22nd January 2020

our Ricker has been out and about taking pictures to
illustrate how the
connects the
A19 Tees Flyover
by flying over Middlesbrough
but that first one is for those locals who may be
puzzled by the constant references in
local traffic reports to
closures and diversions on the A66
in the Cargo Fleet area

firstly the pie shop that comes on local TV
complaining about
business rates
is under that bridge
and that bridge isn't a bridge
it's the A66 Middlesbrough flyover
and here we have a mixture of shots designed to show
how what with the railway station being on a flyover or its own
expanding side-ways is near impossible
and the effect of the A66 being on a flyover on
footfall Redcar - flyover - Stockton
only locals will find their way
down there

This is a hang over from the days when
Middlesbrough hosted both
Middlesbrough District Council
Cleveland County Council
This is
Gurney House
it is former council offices
presently vacant
probably vacant most of the time since
the demise of Cleveland County

This is where the dedicated goods tracks disappear
at cargo fleet

and this is

Middlesbrough Council
marking their turf
with a council litter bin at the eastern
limit of the borough

and that was as near as he could get to a picture of how
the A66 viaduct supports impinge on the
Middlesbrough to Whitby line
and some more shots of
Middlesbrough Station

and a couple of maps of how Middlesbrough used to look

21st January 2020

we like to catch early versions of
BBC news reports
before the censors get to work
therefore we may refer to items that
people don't remember having seen
there appear to be a policy of
delete don't retract
in the BBC editorial offices
and so, we are sure we have seen these things
but we will not be surprised if
you have not
we want to start with a US lawyer called
Allred - female looking
recently she has been quoted as
representing four US school teachers who
are said to have had
aviation fuel dumped on them by a
stricken airliner returning to
we assume that is Los Angeles, California, USA
before Christmas 2019
a lawyer identifying as female and called Allred
was chasing Prince Andrew
the MIDDLE one that has a touch of Downes syndrome about him
like golfer Westwood?
and the only male in the Royal Family
who is not
follically challenged
was chasing Prince Andrew over suggestions that he had
once been seen within touching distance of
a woman of 17 years old
that qualifies Advocate Allred as a
Classic Ambulance Chaser
since then there has been a big bust up at the core of
The British Royal Family
what we discern is a line from
The Ginner - formerly the Duke of Sussex
that he wanted to be able to say whatever he liked
in the name of The Crown
so long as he did not get paid by the Crown
money is for toeing the line, not for shooting your mouth off
we think he is saying
one can jump to the conclusion that
the ginner had it in mind that he could
get paid by the Allred to say
on behlalf of the Crown
what the Allred wanted him to say
in that sense, if that were true
the ginner got conned by the Allred
and what he wanted to say was that
people who get photographed - like his mum
get killed, far too young
and people who have sex
for purposes other than making babies
die too young
and that opens up a whole world of
opportunity for
the ambulance chasing industry

20th January 2020

we made a rather incomplete comment about football players being
there are such things as
keepie uppie world champion
people who have specialist skills to do with a sport that
amount to a
party trick
we are not very clear about the rules and traditions of
American Football
but we understand that
particular 'specialists' can be swapped
in and out of a team whilst a game is in progress
essentially people get to be professional athletes
by demonstrating a skill set
in particular
indeed, at transfer time
some players experience their first
medical examination
which often seems to consist of
running on the spot for five minutes
not to mention cricketers
'training' or warming up by having a
kick about
two things
essentially to be able to substitute a player
and then re-introduce them to the pitch
deserves serious consideration
back in the day we think??? in rugby
people with
blood injuries could return to the field
after they had been patched up
more recently the same may apply to
concussion testing
cricket has outlawed batters having runners
as supporters do we want to see
thrills, spills and skills
slug fests

we were right about, say, one and a half
facts about the
Tour de Yorkshire
we are not surprised that the women will not be coming to
we were correct that
Redcar will be a destination
not a start
On 30th April 2020
The Tour de Yorkshire will begin in
and 110 miles later arrive in Redcar
The women's race will mirror the men on
Friday 1st May and Saturday 2nd May
and the men will have the Sunday stage to themselves
110 miles may be a bit long for women
but in the medium term
in 2021 or 2022 if the Beverly to Redcar stage survives
perhaps the women will race it

we are going to make a slight alteration to our policy on
Party Politics
at this point
in the sense of discussing individual politicians
we do not think that
Emily Thornberry
will be the next Labour Leader
however we think that she represents the essence of the party
at this time
quite simply the Labour Party has become the party of
Bread and Circuses
the prty that promises to protect the
chattering classes from the
imaginary under class
the party that will throw
bones to the
Dogs of Destitution
we note that far fewer people took up the
have a vote on the leadership for a tenner - it was slightly more expensive
offer than in earlier elections of party leader
it seems to us that a party of
Emily Thornberrys will not want
an Emily Thornberry as their
protector from the residents of
The Nation's Sink Estates
and we see the switch from
labour to Tory in Kensington
and from
Tory to Labour in
Fulham or was it
yes it was Putney - Labour's only gain
people who don't actually live in, on or near
a sink estate
have heard of them and
a local comment here
at some sort of public meeting a number of years ago
somebody from
had been convinced to attend a meeting in Redcar
and asked about a Redcar issue said
I've never been to Redcar
we do not know how long she had lived in Saltburn
The Media must, in pursuit of their
Pulitzer Prizes
in the UK we do not yet have
The Dan Johnson Prize
paint a dramatic picture
and voting is free and people will vote
according to
journalistic fantasies
and so we think that the
Emily Thornberries we never know whether that sort of thing should be
Thornberrys or Thornberries
to do one of our linguistic diversions
we SAY roof and rooves
we write
roof and roofs
we say and write
hoof and hooves
any road up...
we suspect that those members of The Labour
who look to
The Party
to protect them from the ravening hoards
will choose somebody who they see as
The Authentic Voice of the Under Class
and that to them means
Rebecca Long-Bailey
or Jess Phillips
quite clearly there is no
safe pair of hands
interim candidate
on the list
it will be interesting to see how much mileage
the press
can get out of any of this
before and after the election - of Labour Leader

and as to why The Labour
lost in 2019...
they misunderstood their history
we are not decrying the
Welfare State and the NHS
but The Labour believe that promising that
won them the immediate post second World War election
in fact
The Tories lost that election
people believed that
if Churchill got into power
The next time he had a
Black Dog
search Churchill Black Dog
we would be into another World War
The Liberals would have given the country
a Welfare State
they invented it and had it stolen by The Labour
to get somewhat into the weeds...
the social evils The Liberals opposed
sickness, ignorance, and want
something like that
were the
raison d'etre
justification for existing
of The Labour
and their 'Liberal' Bevan
resigned when
having begun the construction of the Welfare State
specifically the NHS
within a year or so
the Labour Government
took away the funding to spend on
so that The Labour
sold themselves on a stolen Liberal policy
and did exactly what Churchill would have done
and essentially, ordinary thinking people
clocked that
and they voted Blair
because they thought he was
too gauche
to think himself out of a paper bag

The Wooden Tops
have got a problem
has proclaimed that
The People of
The North
have loaned us their votes
and this brings up a problem with
electoral boundaries
when a ward or constituency
looses population and becomes
unviable or a
Rotten Borough
search that
the Boundary Commission does not act on the grounds that
the change may be
and so
do the Wooden Tops stop persecuting
anybody who is not Labour
in a previously Labour area?
which they have heretofore done
to preserve
Public Order
if the votes are simply 'loaned'
then in those areas - despite having Tory representation
patent - obvious - Tories are still liable for a
if the police had there way
taking anything valuable
outside the M25
or indeed
South of the River
would be a criminal offence as
incitement to robbery
and remember
it was the Blair administration that instituted the policy of
asking the police
what laws would you like?
no hint of
these are the laws
enforce them
Bread and Circuses
just a short technical glossary
the two terms involved are
sympatric social stratification
allopatric social stratification
sympatric means within the same common space or
allopatric means
an Englishman's home (town) is his castle
allopatric is a general term for systems that
or are typified by
ethnic cleansing
if you can distract the groundlings with
bread and circuses
you can all walk the same streets
when people say they
want more police
that is what they mean
they men make sure we can all walk the same streets
not that the police should enforce
ghetto boundaries
we are well impressed that the current
Chief Constable of Cleveland has been in post
for weeks on end
he may be the one who arrived saying
I used to work in
South Wales
so that and Teesside both having a steel works...
I'll fit right in
or words to that effect
and well, we cannot be sure, with all these
Johnson's temps
elected leaders in
The North East
will there always be a Labour
Police and Fire and whatever commissioner on Teesside
and if there isn't?
will there be an end to
adverts for senior police roles that state
experience of placating
the scum of the earth

here's a question
what makes a tradition or institution
there are two things - events - on which a very high proportion
of the population would have had
a flutter on
a small once or twice a year bet
they were both horse racing and they were perhaps
in company with
the University Boat Race
as sporting icons that most people did not understand
but followed
although the boat race retains some of it's glamour
The Grand National
The Derby
have slipped from public view
part of it will be
like test cricket through pay per view television
but The Grand National 'kills horses'
and more interestingly
The Derby was switched from
a Wednesday to a Saturday
The Derby was no longer something on which to spend
one of your precious days off work - holidays - on
and it got lost in a maelstrom of shopping and football
and this is where we get to
Football Arithmetic
back in the day
football matches happened at mid to late Saturday afternoon
and teams played at home on alternate weekends
here's the bit of football arithmetic
if you are not a
travelling fan
you went to the match on
alternate Saturdays
regular as clockwork - during the season
your major expense was the entry ticket or season ticket
and perhaps a pie
football arithmetic says
a regular match of a Saturday is
one match every seven days
no manager ever says
we have a tough schedule
we have to play
TWO matches every
EIGHT days
but suddenly, introduce a mid week fixture and
we are not playing
one match every three or four days
we are playing
THREE matches in an - eight day - week
how many people work a three hour week?
the trouble is
because footballers don't work consistently
in the first couple of weeks of any new season
some teams can work a 90 minute week
and some collapse in a heap
after an hour or so
and develop a points deficit that
their season will never recover from
Rugby Union and Saracens
Newcastle Falcons were relegated at the end of last season
they argued that promotion and relegation should be stopped
they argued that they would be relegated because
as a club
they could not afford to pay good players
there is an argument that there are
too many teams in the premiership
if not all of them have the support and resources to
pay world class wages
Newcastle were relegated because they can't afford
top class rugby
Saracens will probably be relegated because
they are in a league of their own
and that brings us to
and back to soccer
and the perennial question
should (Glasgow) Celtic and (Glasgow) Rangers
play in the
swappin back to rugby...
would Saracens
loose support and financial clout if
they played in the second division?
The Championship as opposed to the
could we have
championship for rich well supported clubs
and a Premiership for poorer clubs ?
bigger, sparklier, trophy for
The Amateurs
and so to the word of the week
when you play in an amateur sport
and you have a day job where you are paid by
the people who own the sports clubs
you are a sham amateur
the thing is
Works teams - such as The Boro
can be quite successful and
delve into your memories and help us out
was the big fella who played for Boro
in the early days called
the Boro loaned him a house
and when he left the club
the removals people packed up the contents of the house
and left it empty
and The Boro sued Ranieri
because the removals people had not
left behind
the kettle and toaster that had been in the house
when the player moved in
there is a line between
person who works in a factory and turns out regularly
for the works team
and the person who plays for the works team
and is on the pay roll of the works

14th January 2020

we rather like the overall vision for the
New Regent
Regent the Third
and since it will have
three screens
we think
would be the best name
but people don't like other people's ideas

13th January 2020

in the past we have restricted ourselves to saying
the ginner's a nutter
perhaps now the world deserves a better explanation
Prince Harry is bipolar
ths is why the connections want him in a situation of
he'll turn up if he's well
he'll turn up when he's manic, not depressive
it is the case that YouTube or whatever allows
recording when well and not when ill
to go back quite a few years...
we consider, without spell checking...
Huge Laurie and Stephen Fry
at a point in time
one former 'partner' Laurie was staring in mega medical hit
whilst Stephen Fry was failing to deliver on the
London West End stage
and so we transfer to
Wills and Harry
and Wills is
'getting on with it'
and Harry is falling apart
and what did Stephen Fry do/
he turned to writing and
the latte being something Harry has suggested his wife is good at
perhaps Harry's idea for the future is for
his wife and himself to become
voice over and talking book

we mentioned the Middlesbrough to Nunthorpe line
used to extend to Gusborough
we don't doubt there will be voices in
that will say
it's closed and good riddance
we will point out that
it is
marked on Ordnance Survey maps as
dismantled railway
traffic free cycle path
and that it passes through Guisborough to
North Skelton
the connection to Saltburn would be short if not simple
an Cleveland Countryside Loop
would not be a problem
except that a thudding great support column of the A66
has cut the Middlesbrough to Nunthorpe line from
twin track to single track

we will gather evidence for this in the next couple of weeks
A66 Middlesbrough
the central part - about one third - of the A66 as it
appears to travel
through Middlesbrough
is a
the A66 by-passes Middlesbrough
by air
not around, not a tunnel
and it may touch down for a bit but it
links up to
The Tees Viaduct
and that takes the A19
way up in the air over...
the Stockton - Middlesbrough boundary
The Tees Viaduct was built in the
early 1970s
to give shipping
at least as much headroom as does the
Transporter Bridge
and it is beacuse
the viaduct is in the way
that the station cannot be extended - sideways
Middlesbrough - viaduct
Cargo Fleet - just at the very Redcar end of, the viaduct

9th January 2020

Harrods is a large department store in London
Ricker used to be mistaken for staff when he went in there
since then the store seems to have fallen on hard times
The famous
Furniture repository
on the Boat Race route
has been turned into flats...
anyway the Harrods Sam s
there's a bloke in Harrods who sits in an office
all day and every day
waiting to be aclled down to one of the sales floors
to be sacked in front of an displeased customer
and then goes back to the office to wait to
do it again
The Cairns case
his mate has not been charged with perjury
his mate is criticised for not playing the game in a
courtroom charade
designed to
protect some woman's
what our society seem to be demanding is something akin to the
'professional co-respondent'
in divorce cases of old
where fed up with misses
pay somebody to pretend to have sex with you
and the wife can have a divorce
and be damned
now it's blokes in prison to show the world that
the likes of the Prime Minister's girlfriend
never willingly ever had anybody else
up 'em

whilst the chattering classes of north London
are taking a post prandial break
digesting their Christmas food
we are slipping out of our comfort zone into
local history
the first thing we need to say is that the one thing that
The River Tees
has in common with
Fluvia Themsis
The River Thames
is that over the year they have both been
had their courses altered and constrained by
human civil engineering
Middlesbrough is defined by
the current course of the Tees in the north
The course of the
Old River Tees
in the west
essentially, Thornaby used to be north of the River Tees
it's the river wot moved
and the old Tees is now a beck around
the back of Teesside Retail Park
in the east the dividing line between
Middlesbrough and Redcar (and Cleveland)
this is relevant to the development of the railways
the Stockton and Darlington railway was built - opened in
at that time what is now Allen's West station was called
Yarm station
there is now a Yarm Station in Yarm
Stockon station was nearer the river than it now is
but on the North Side of the River Tees
we think the through station now called Stockton
was built - connected to the network - in
but by 1830 there was a
Stockton South station
that is now called
Stockton South was on the S&HR
we take that to mean
Stockton and Hartlepool Railway
and in 1830 that having ventured
sarf of tha riva
terminated on the south bank of the Tees
in what is now
Teessaurus Park
opposite Bamletts Wharf industrial estate
by 1842
there was a dockside terminus on the
Stockton and Darlington Railway
somewhere between the current Middlesbrough Station and the River Tees
in 1846
it does appear that the Middlesbrough to Redcar railway
ran - with a connection to the Stockton and Darlington
from the now completely obliterated
Cargo Fleet
station, on the Redcar - Middlesbrough boundary
in 1853 the Stockton and Darlington
built its own extension
through Ormesby and Nunthorpe to Guisborough
probably because
The Derwent Iron Company
opened their own ironstone mine at
and it wasn't until 1877 that the volume of traffic on the
by then Cargo Fleet to Saltburn line
prompted the building of the present
Middlesbrough Railway Station
dismasted, decapitated - had half its roof blown off
in the Second World War
We're guessin that between
1846 and 1877
you would need a bus or a cab to
North Ormesby - where Cargo Fleet was
to get a train to Redcar or Saltburn
and this explains why Middlesbrough got such an oversized railway station
The Stockton and Darlington railway built
Middlesbrough station on almost the same scale at
Stockton station
so as to overshadow
Cargo Fleet station
which was - incidentally - an island platform station
the platform was between the
up and down lines and it was removed so that
the up line no longer loops around the platform but
runs straight through where the platform was
although that change only occurred in the past fifty years
Cargo Fleet was pretty much the same as the still extant but disused
Grangetown Station
the reason for the up and down lines being for so long
so far apart MAY have been because Cargo Fleet was built as a
from the dates that seems unlikely
but where people got on the train for Redcar from
1846 to 1885 is not yet clear to us
we will add a note about
Thomas Cook
the motivation behind his venture was to
compete with the
laid on by
pubs, inns, and similar
he had a temperance ethic
and perhaps so too did the Pease family
it is said that by they third generation
possibly the second
the Pease family regretted the
in the writings of Arthur Pease
the spoiling industrial hand of my family
it would seem that there was a trade off
money for hauling ironstone from the hills
allowed the financing of a further distant idle in
we suppose they would be championing the now proposed
cleaner methods of iron and steel production
and we doubt a modern day
Bolckow and Vaughn
would be objecting

27th June 2018...
Calls to revive a former railway station in Middlesbrough have been sounded amid
multi-million pound plans to revamp the town’s existing rail hub.
Cllr Bob Norton suggested the old Cargo Fleet station site in Middlesbrough
could be brought back to life to meet future needs of the town. Speaking at Tuesday’s transport meeting of the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA),
he said: “It might risk making my life a misery, but I just wonder whether
Middlesbrough (station) has outlived its usefulness.”
The Redcar and Cleveland councillor suggested there would be “room to expand”
if a station was built further east at the river side.
“If we are going to do something, let’s do it properly -
perhaps a new station is the answer with several platforms,
parking facilities and better access for sure,” added Cllr Norton.
“But I am not saying we should dispel Middlesbrough.”
Cargo Fleet Station closed in 1990 after opening in 1885 on the south bank of the Tees.

8th January 2020

little factoids sometimes come to us in
mysterious ways
we have quoted this story before without any details
we now have the details
this relates to the ethos behind
education and teaching in UK schools
an ancient Greek legendary brigand
placed his captives on a bed
stretched their legs if they were too short for it
amputated them if too long
descriptive of extreme measures to make anything
conform to a standard

6th January 2020

The first deviation of the Middlesbrough to Redcar railway line
and the extension to Saltburn happened in
and so Redcar's first railway station was a railway station
From 1846 to 1861
and so from 1861 to 1915 was
The Central Hall
and possibly did not get to be a cinema until
Thompsons either took over the building or
first introduced cinema to it
it appears to have been
The Picture House
before it was
or had added
The Regent

and we assume that this
The Coatham Hotel
now apartments
was built before the Hotels in Saltburn
and so before 1861

and these are views of
The Coatham Enclosure
we guess the term enclosure refers to
a walling off of a section of the sea??

Our Ricker got a new toy

abandon ship
the demolition guys are a cumin

if you search these
Chris Topp of Thirsk
you should find
4 letters on 3 panels
that spell out a motto for
The Mighty Redcar

3rd January 2020

we have not put much effort into finding
a picture of Redcar High Street before
the first Redcar railway station was demolished
but here is an effort
what we want to know is
if there was a Timpsons in Redcar in 1965
why isn't there one now?

we have sorted out some information about
Redcar's first railway station
it was later called Central Hall, Redcar
it was a cinema from
1913 to 1965
owned by Thompson's Enterprises Limited
and at one time it was called
The Regent
and when it was demolished in 1966
the name Regent was transferred to
The Pavillion Theatre on the beach

2nd January 2020

Happy New Year

we are looking at perhaps the
Pacer journey to Saltburn
perhaps not

what we wanted to do here is give an idea of
the changes of route
on the Darlington to Saltburn line
so far as we can tell
there have been two major diversions
the line terminated by the
Town Clock
in a terminus station that was cinema in
say, 1959 in the 1960s or 1970s
ther is a Terrace in Queen Street
built on the line of the original railway
that has a plaque dated
so we guess the Queen Street terminus was abandoned and repalced with
the by-pass extension to Saltburn
before 1897
the second diversion happened in the 1970s
the rather large road over rail bridge in Warenby
was rendered redundant by the 1970s re-alignment
and filled in by the council in the early years of
the 21st century to avoid maintenence costs
so that coule have been built any time after 1897
and fallen into disuse in the 1970s
the second re-alignment was because
Redcar Iron Works was built over the old line

these buildings were put up after the station moved

This shows that Coatham pier was built before
1897 when the staion moved from
Queen Street off Station Road
the head of Station Road

Here's a thing
people who known a bit about the history of
know about a chap called
George Hunson
there was this Great Railway Boom
and George Hudson lead it and eventually got into
Carlos Ghosn
Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi
style bother
and the punch line is....
the Stockton and Darlington railway being
the first
was so well established by the time Hudson started the
fear of missing out scare over railways
that he never got to buy <
The Stockton and Darlington or the Clarence railways
this was the only setback in his 'Royal Progress'
any hoo...
in 1846
the Stockton and Darlington
leased the new
Middlesbrough and Redcar Railway
and so we conclude that
The original Redcar station was in operation
from 1846 to some time not long before
and another thing...
for those who insist the likes of South Bank and Eston are
in or near Middlesbrough
it was because
the Eston Ironstone Mines were
three miles from the Middlesbrough to redcar railway
and ten miles from
that Bolckow and Vaughan
first had to
use the Middlesbrough to Redcar railway for the first part of
the 54 mile trip from Eston to Consett Iron Works
and later started smelting iron
In Eston
near Middlesbrough, like
near Darlington
or near Newcastle, or near Whitby
but not IN any of those places
IN SOuth Bank, Warrenby, and Port Clarence
Port Clarence was Bell Brothers
and Gertrude Bell's dad lived in
Kirkleatham Street in Redcar and
up until a few decades ago
trains on the Darlington to Saltburn line
had a 6 or ten mile an hour speed limit as they passed between
Locke Park
and Red Barns - the Bell family home
not just the passenger trains but all traffic
just as even today
there is a 7 ton weight limit on
Locke Road rail bridge that runs alongside Red Barns
we understand the council are presently considering lifting that for
emergency and council vehicles

June 1954
a Darlington to Saltburn train
emerging from the Redcar Central train shed

the matching train shed in Saltburn
pictured in 1970
To sum up
Middlesbrough to Redcar line built
it is actually
Middlesbrough to Coatham
the Redcar end is on the north east corner of
Queen Street and West Terrace
and on the beach from 1875 to 1878
we have Coatham Pier
and Station Road is not yet called Station Road
and the rail tracks cut across it anyway around the level of Queen Street
West Terrace now the seaward end of
West Dyke Road
runs from Redcar Railay station towards a complex
a bandstand sort of thing where the
Vertical Pier or Beacon now stands
a pier that stopped being a pier after
three or four years and remains to this day
as a theatre and then a cinema
The Coatham Enclosure
a somewhat elaborate boating lake
we think was filled with
sea water and may have been intended as a
there was a convalescant home
and a golf course
and a cricket ground
and so Coatham known as Redcar
was a seaside resort fed trippers and holiday makers
from the Tees Valley
by the railways
and was a tourist railway resort from
and developed an industrial dimension from
with the development of the Normanby Ironstone mines in Eston
all the classic white bricks used to build the terraces around
the cricket ground are embossed with the trade name
and the Pease chap decided to build a huge hotel in
and owning the Stockton and Darlington Railway
he decided to extend the
Middlesbrough and Redcar Railway
to Saltburn
and if you booked into the hotel
you stayed on the train until it pulled up in the hotel
on a private platform just beyond the public one
Thomas Cook may have invented the package holiday
Edward Pease was not far behind

There has been anew Year's Day Invasion
a pair of swans have sneaked in
they swam along the drain - culvert - under the railway bridge
they didn't fly in
perhaps they will nest in Locke park this year
perhaps not

here we are tracking the 1970s deviation of the
Darlington to Saltburn line
the deviation is joining the old track from the left

and this is the vacant old track bed

here we see the filled in bridge for the first time

and the bridge's identifier

more of the vacant track bed

track bed central
Cleveland Golf Links to the right
to the left the industrial estate that replaced
the village of Warrenby

and now we hit the wall
and we see the remnants of the
Tod Point Road level crossing
in use from
1846 to 1970 something

we suspect that
SPA has replaced
as a designetion
but there you have it
still an SSSI

on a clear day you're supposed to
be able to see this from
perhaps in an aeroplane??
Ricker has always found it impossible to be sure he has
made it out from the top of Sutton Bank
Sutton under Whitestonecliffe
that would be
IF the blast were lit
and it was a clear dark night....
who knows?
another stat that makes us think it - the Big Blast
is not very big is that it is apparently
about the same size as
St. Paul's Cathedral, in London

here see the future the future advancing over the
horizon towards the past
these are the random things yoy would never expect
if you didn't live here
you know about casting iron and steel
and you hear about the care that is taken in
creating the moulds...
but these structures, artifacts
are - were - produced when slag was tipped out of the
ladle trucks
just as it was solidifying
not poured over the edge of the tip
like molten lava

and that is litchen growing on a man made boulder of slag
and that's
Warrenby Iron Works
over the road from
Redcar Iron Works
excuse the scrappy photomerge

you have heard of
Southbank coke works
this is
Redcar coke works
this is redundant
from the quench tower on the right
to the gas holders on the left
we don't need none of it

those are the bulk handling cranes
difficult to distinguish from the
container port cranes we have pictured previously
so two with grab buckets
and four with shipping container grapples

this is the the money shot
what you see and what you don't see
sloping up from bottom left to top right
and from the stack yards to the
top of the big blast
the elevator that takes iron ore and limestone into the process
the main event however is the slightly smaller elevator
feeding coal or other carbon
into the top of the
Direct Coal Injection plant
and, and
it disappears
it is not elevated to the top of the Big Blast
it is BLOWN into the bottom of the big blast through a
duct or pipe not on a conveyor belt
that's the crux of

and there they be
the injector pipes

at the bottom of the direct coal injection plant

We are always engaged in the effort to select
suitable analogies
to illustrate complex problems
we may have hit upon a helpful one regarding
natural resources
if you are a commercial geologist it is your job to
find natural resources that are present in
exploitable concentrations
if you teach geology you may feel you have a
looser remit
if you are a commercial geologist somewhat on
hard times
you may find yourself advising
civil engineers about
ground conditions and
foundations for building and civil engineering projects
the analogy we have thought up at present is
say you are living in a mobile home
off the grid
as they say
two resources you may have are
1 a gas burner, oven, fire, gas ring, etc
2 bottled gas
in the immediate context
you need to judge how much heat you are willing to
by ventilating your mobile home
in order to avoid
carbon monoxide poisoning
However, in the longer term...
what can we say?
if your supplier said to you
we have run out of bottled gas
we have another fuel for you but it will
require some modification to your set-up
do you say
thanks but no thanks
we are resourceful traditionalist
we will get by
burning the rubber hoses between or burners and gas bottles
we will burn the furniture
but we stand steadfast against
dishonouring our ancestors by
adopting a new fuel
so many people these days are so far removed from
wealth creation
that they think it impossible
not just
a violation of the laws of
thermo economics
see what we did there
laws of Thermodynamics
rewritten by
the chattering classes into
the Laws of thermo-economics
it's new - it isn't new
it's not been done before
it's bound to
the one thing economists have been beefing about
over the past decade or so in the UK is
unemployment has gone down but
productivity has flat lined
the UK economy has driven lots of people
jobs that don't create wealth
in the world of the late great
Douglas Adams
they have been hired as
telephone sanitisers
Douglas Adams did write about the
rap rock
the mobile 'phone
rap as in rapping not wrapping
but he probably did not see the end of
work place telephones in communal use
the more people you employ
the more leverage you have with
governments and authorities that are
paralysed by a fear of
mass unemployment
so you make your customers fund
legions of people who do not do anything that
feeds through to the bottom line
but whose numbers get you a hearing in
the corridors of power
employers are out playing the
Labour Unions
at their own game
if you don't do what we say
we will go bust and
there will be blood on the streets
the problem is
since business is not aiming for efficiency
many people believe that
wealth creation is impossible and then
they begin to believe that wealth is finite
buy land
they've stopped making it
except in Holland
corner wealth - they've stopped making it
find it, exploit it, stock pile it
and in a world where productivity is stagnant
the same applies to
all forms of wealth
this is the core fallacy of the current age
Ricker has got through a lot of
Tennessee Fire over the holiers used to be married to
Paul McCartney
the one legged wonder
who doing just this
tens of thousands of jobs making
vegan burgers in the wilds of
North East England
where we started was
oven versus gas
capital equipment versus fuel
there are some resources that are almost
100 per cent recycled
iron and steel top that list
aluminium is high
strangely gold is not so high
a lot of gold ends up in land fill as part of
redundant electronic consumer goods
and there are resources stories about
changing markets changing exploitation priorities
to paraphrase
whenever anything is
it often becomes a panacea
a universal remedy
the story goes that at one time
companies mined for
and threw the associated sulphur away as waste
then people got the idea of
arsenical poisoning
and the market for
sulphuric acid - made from sulphur
grew and the same companies
in the same places
exploited the sulphur and
discarded the arsenic
let us consider a natural resource
a tree
not an ordinary tree that is significant because of
where it grows
for instance the tree in
sycamore gap
on Hadrian's Wall
in Northumberland in North East England
we are considering a beautiful tree
a tree beautiful in it's own right
it is a resource
we could exploit it as a tourist attraction
we recall those giant red woods with
car sized tunnels driven through them
let's just say this is a beautiful tree but not
we could
1 cut it down for fire wood
2 cut it down to make charcoal
3 cut it down to build a hen house
4 cut it down to build a home
5 cut it down to build a bridge
6 cut it down to make yards and yards and yards of
beautiful walnut veneer
it's all the same natural resource but
the amount of wealth it creates depends on
the amount of skill and effort people put into
best exploiting it
we have a rarely referred to fact to replay
about fuels
this applies to both
gasoline - petrol
if you set aside a vehicle
a coal fired steam engine
or a gas powered automobile
in time - not great deal of time
the fuel in it will get
this is because both coal and petrol
volatile organic chemicals
in theory
if you left a lump of coal out on a
sunny window sill for long enough
it would turn to something little different from
over time
and liquid petroleum fuels left in an open tank
turn to
wax, because wax is all that does not evaporate
some resources are
best left in the ground
until we have a better use for them
we can recycle
oxygen, hydrogen, water and sunlight
for ever without messing with these side issues
and now for a related perspective on
colliery disasters
in the public consciousness there are two main
causes of pit tragedies
setting aside the mindless atrocity of
between Merthyr Tydfil and Treharris
in the Rhondda
people think
1 roof fall due to insufficient pit props
2 hitting a gas pocket
here's the thing
a lot of industrial accidents happen when
work re-starts after a break
say Christmas Eve you dig out a load of coal from a
fresh seam
if you say
we not coming back 'till the day after New Year's
we'll save a bit and shut off the fans
that fresh cut in the coal face starts to
out gas
nobody is there to notice the smell
when you go back down
you don't
a gas pocket
you walk right into one that built up
over the holidays

24th December 2019

we have made a change to the legend about the
old electricity showroom and Hays Travel
the old electricity showroom is now
The Blue Lounge
so Hays may be the old gas showroom
thta picture above
may be the most telling about the state of
Redcar Central railways station
on the left we have the
Darlington to Saltburn service
standing at the 'new' matchstick platform 2
and in the weeds on the right we have the
dark line of the edge stones of
the old platform 2
this is not the excursion platform referred to elsewhere
that would have been
platform 3 or 2B
it is well into the weeds and
there would have been a turn out
just after the Locke Road road over rail bridge
that would have given access to the full length of
platform 2/3 or /2B
which stopping trains
as opposed to terminating trains
would have passed by without turning
and then the stopping trains
would have continued to the turn out for platform 2
and the goods trains would have continued beyond
the West Dyke Road level crossing to a
turn out for the goods yard
terminating - first turn out
stopping passenger - second turn out
goods - third turn out
we'd need special permission to photograph that but
the track was a loop that meant that
through down trains - Darlington to Saltburn
didn't deviate until they had passed the head of the
excursion platform
for those who know what it means
the train shed is a bit longer than
two and a half chains
a chain is about 20 metres

we think you will see that
to put terminating trains back through the train shed
you would not need an extra footbridge
just an extra set of steps connecting the
stopping trains platform to the existing bridge

20th December 2019

we have little to say about the recent General Election
at this time
what we think we can say is
we said before was we thought the people who voted in the
BrExit referendum
thought they were voting on a
No deal BrExit
and the people who voted Tory having not voted leave
had changed their minds in light of the news that
there will be a deal - probably

we invite you to scroll down to the
latest photo essay
we have improved the annotation

18th December 2019

we sometimes feel we a stating the bleedin' obvious
and the one think Ricker hates the most is
repeating himself
two concepts we have not rehearsed recently...
cheaper to keep a week than a fortnight
both ends against the middle
there are two classes of people in the UK
workers and non-workers
Ricker's mam was the first maid - home help, carer
that Ricker's dad had who was not
Tommy married his own home help, the second time around
his two brothers - full brothers
women who had been
in service
with employers other than the men they eventually married
if we go back beyond the Second World War
a definition of a genuinely
Middle Class woman
in other terms middle middle, or upper middle class
they were even more a
womb on legs
than upper class women were
they had
even if that staff was a succession on
teenage girls
and twenty years later - in the 1960s
the upper middle class - or London folk
had a au pair, in place of a skivvey
these days we tend to hear people refer to
The Working Class
as people on the lowest rungs
both ends against the middle refers to
people who lived on charity and
people who lived on rents from their property
as the non-workers
and people who
did a fair day's work for a fair day's pay
as workers
and then comes the third saying
beats working for a living
referring to anything, being on the stage, office work
all sorts of things where it cannot be seen that
you have
taken raw materials and
added value
real people see what happens in parliament as
a chin wag down the boozer
not the sort of thing anybody should
get paid for
claiming wages for indulging in a pastime
seems all wrong to folk who work for a living
and then there is the
Digby Jones
Lord Digby Jones, concept of the
working peer
a member of the House of Lords who is employed to do
the work of
Civil Servants
rather than to
volunteer their time in retirement to
keep an eye on what the people in the
House of Commons
are up to
so we end up with the only
non-workers in society being
recipients of charity
the toffs is workin' too

16th December 2019

we have never read
The Trial
Ricker thinks it was written by
being a patient in the UK NHS is a
Kafkaesque experience
but any dealings with the UK administration
is essentially the same
trying to make sense of UK law is
deeply frustrating because of the concept of
Case Law
to suggest that it will be quick and easy to
change British Law after BrExit
is over ambitious
what will happen is that when
new law is required
the new laws enacted in the UK
MAY vary from the new laws enacted in Europe
we have a word for any other concept
feble in mind, weak, silly, inane, idiotic
but with a slant towards
willow oh willow tit willow
was it weakness of intellect, birdie he cried
or a rather tough worm
in your little insides
Gilbert and Sullivan
also Gilbert and Sullivan...
ever child that is born alIVE
is either a Liberal
or else a
that is conservative not Tory or Conservative
and so Whitehall and The Labour under Brown - Corbyn
are conservative
reserved, regressive
we have an example of the
inertia of Whitehall
we forget the dates but say twenty or thirty years ago
we had two major animal health scares
Foot and Mouth
to demonstrate the extent to which
Whitehall is on
the protocol for dealing with Foot and Mouth dictates
slaughter all the animals and
put in history's biggest ever order for
coal and pit props
to fire funeral pyres for the remains
we kid you not
but because
BSE wasn't Foot and Mouth
there were no orders to requisition land and buy
coal and pit props
there were simply instructions to
slaughter suspect animals and
safely dispose of the carcases
same problem under a different name
old and new protocol
Redcar and Cleveland Council
called out the police to enforce a ban on
dog walking on a path next to the field between
Redcar and Marske that hasn't had
stock on it in living memory
no, let's be more precise
the council put up signs with
'Dr' Rees's name on them
banning access to
Green Lane
and people driving along Green Lane
as part of their work for
Northumbrian Water at the sewage works
called out the police to stop
people from walking their dogs
where they were running their vans

we presume that a law that was passed
before there were vans
doesn't apply to vans???
one thing you may not have noticed is that in
the haunted fish tank
that is the House of Commons
members when speaking and referring to another member
refer to
their honourable or right honourable friend
when they are speaking of a member of their own party
and the honourable or right honourable member
if referring to an opposition member
the extra 'right' denoting they are a
minister not a back bencher
what speaks so eloquently of the fact that
Members of Parliament
live in a fantasy world of their own devising
that they refer to
my right honourable and learned friend
if the member is a
barrister, a lawyer
and not if the member is a
brain surgeon, or nuclear physicist
or university professor
a doctor, GP, family doctor
has just been voted out of his
second job, as MP for Stockton South on Teesside
there was no way he was ever going to be referred to in parliament as
but a complete waste of space, lifelong junior barrister
the likes of Vera Baird
was made up to Queen's Counsel and became 'learned' the moment she was
elected to parliament to represent Redcar, many years ago
in MPs' parallel universe
truth is what the House voted for
and the only outside entity of any significance is
The Law Courts

and for now a photo essay on the
first direct train from
Manchester to Redcar
will be a bit
we should point out that early services
will be run with the old rolling stock
and so will not be any quicker

we're thinking this is the 'original'
Redcar Thomas Cook

when Redcar Morrisons was built
it was a part of the planning application that
This section of
France Street
be widened to let the buses
pass Morrisons and then access the High Street
this didn't happen
perhaps because the property owners
the Co-Op ???
perhaps because the council thought
they had done enough
compulsory purchase demolishing the
Pig and Whistle

This is the High Street frontage

this is the new Hay's Travel
opened a few years ago
we think in the former
Electricity showroom
no, the former electricity showroom is the
Blue Lounge
perhaps Hays Travel is in the
former gas showroom

this is the empty unit left when
Thomas Cook
eventually decided they shouldn't have two branches on
Redcar High Street
a few years after the merger that broke them
so that was
My Travel
before it became Thomas Cook II
and apart from a popup cosmetics business
it's been empty ever since

we are not sure how many towns have a branch of
Dawson and Sanderson travel agents

this is the new police office that replaced the
police station beyond it that is now
residential housing
down France Street are the
Redcar magistrates' courts that went the same way

these are the yards between the higher depicted frontage
and the Old Police Station
that should be a bus station

Saltburn end of the Redcar Central train shed

Darlington end of the Redcar Central train shed

Redcar Community Heart as seen from Redcar Central
the gym has just had four truck loads of
new exercise machines installed

These are the bridge steps that were swapped from
Saltburn facing to Darlington facing
to allow the train shed to be converted to
office space

the platform is beyond the left hand arch
and the track bed is beyond the central and right arches
cut up with walls and with concrete floors at track bed level
rather weird to step down from platform level into the now vacant
business units
and they built a mezzanine above

you see the track bed for the third line that was the
excursion platform track
putting that back with an extra crossover would mean
less closures of
West Dyke Road
level crossing
but the platform would need extensive work too

this is what ws here originally...
Somewhere up there
two empty shops that ten years ago were the
two Redcar branches of
Thomas Cook
lots of pictures of the railway
The railway building is the
bricked up train shed
at the Saltburn end you can see the remains of the
platform that ran through the tarin shed
the steps..
used to run through whee that wall is
into the train shed
and they flipped them around to face
up line
instead of
down line
so that they could brick up the train shed entrance
the platform still exists within the building
the other picture further up line
that shows the crossover - points
also shows, very indistinctly
a brick wall , up line from the train shed
that is or was the platform edge of the
excursion platform
where the trains that terminated at Redcar Central

We've quoted the following before
and we want to use it again in a more detailed context
Ricker's granddad died about four years before Ricker was born
but he had been very important to Ricker's dad
William Robson was a Liberal Party councillor on
what was probably Billingham Urban District Council
that's Stockton-on-Tees
he was the chair of the housing committee
and so we will imagine Tommy opening the front door
of his dad's house maybe 100 years ago
maybe 110 years ago - the difference being the
First World War
and a 13 year old versus a 23 year old war veteran
and the house is in
Haverton Hill
somebody excitedly knocking on the door and when it opens
exclaiming to Tommy
Explogie dens meggie pug
that's not anything in any sort of Teesside language
nobody will know what that means
certainly very few poeple living on Teesside today
would say such a thing
what does it mean?
it means
please call the constable
there's a riot going on in
the middle house in the village
the Irish Immigrants and the Polish Immigrants
are knocking seven bells out of each other
and why do we draw this little cameo at this time
we have immigrant workers in some areas
London in particular but there are on Teesside
a number of people from Eastern Europe
and a lot of people from Ireland
living across the area
and some people from the middle and far east in the
Linthrope Road area of Middlesbrough
that is Gresham
it is an important part of the history of
leftist politics in the UK that
a variety of organisations grew up to help
the immigrant labour needed to nurture the
Infant Hercules
that the Tees Valley was
to integrate and prosper
to simplify
when almost all children left school before the age of
the concept of Adult Education grew in importance
not essentially for the
local adults who missed out first time around
but for the immigrants
in those days an immigrant illiterate in English
would be encouraged to
attend night school
these days they are allocated a personal assistant
an interpreter
so that they can live in the UK without
risk to their cultural identity
a century ago their were some cultural tensions
and not just Irish and Polish
Ricker's great grandmother lived for generations on Teesside and
Had only The Gallic
an Irish Immigrant would have had Irish Catholic cultural roots
a Scottish Immigrant would have settled on being
out of respect to their
Presbyterian origins
a little girl who dressed up in a
bridal gown for her
First Communion
at the age of seven
and sported the names
Catherine Mary Clare
would be a happy little heathen
not long after wearing a
hat like the ones the Pope wears
at her wedding
get christened
with the same initials as the
Cement Marketing Company
and you get the train as a nurse and marry
a fellow of
Clare College Cambridge
and produce a daughter who now works in a museum
sponsored by
the government of Qatar
what are we saying?
we are saying that
the people of
The Red Wall of the North
have forgotten all about their ancestors being
illiterate peasant immigrants
and the
party of Illiterate Peasant Immigrants
is shifing to the location in the UK that now attracts immigrnts
a century ago immigrants were attracted to
labouring jobs in the Infant Hercules
these days the only ones arriving have been
directed there - here - by the immigration authorities
to paraphase the American Dream
London - money for nothing, an your chicks for free
is that a Dire Straights lyric
the sainted Mark Knopfler?
it is seldom remembered that the major expectation of the
Swinging Sixties
the contraceptive Pill was developed in the 1905s and became
widely available in the 60s
was that
sex workers would be
put out of business
by a tidal wave of
enthusiastic amateurs

and so we have two reasons for the cultivating of
immigrant communities and the new approach of
preserving cultural heritage
immigrant communities weren't here during
the Swinging Sixties
Ricker wasn't present but heard about a
staff meeting in the 1970s at a Teesside Secondary School where
the head had been tasked with addressing the teaching staff about
Wife Swapping
and threw his car keys on the table as his contribution
Mrs Hindle was on staff
and so you can promote
reactionary, misogynistic, sexist
values and traditions
on the grounds that
not to do so would
immigrant communities
guest workers
to refer again the turban issue
any man who turned up to work
outside the tourist or entertainment industries
in a kilt
would be regarded as a
right plonker
and at a more serious level
a South Asian person
who sports a turban
is being racist himself
since he is proclaiming
I may be South Asian
but I'm the very best sort of South Asian
I'm a brave warrior Sikh
none of that Moslem or Hindu riff raff

make no mistake
the demise of the temporary salvation of
leftist politics in the UK
New Labour
occurred through a putsch from the
reactionary forces of the old left
motivated because
and almost entirely motivated because
New Labour was fronted by the
Closet gay Blair
and the
Out gay Mandelsohn
not so much Jewish as gay
Where on the list of
earliest adopters of out gay MPs did
right up there
it all stems from the untimely death of that
Smith character
leaving it open for
Blair - Brown
and dour Brown being seen as
anything but gay
a true Scottish Presbyterian
safe pair of anti-gay hands
as if

11th December 2019

We have had a little think
we want to express that a little differently
ww can say something about death and dying
when our Ricker's mam died she died at home
it was quite poignant and in a way beautiful
Ricker came home from London
next day his mam made him lunch
they ate lunch together
and then ate some home baked chocolate cake she had prepared
and his mam sat down
and died
that is not the point we wish to emphasise
nor the point that she was DNR
the point we wish to make is that
when the GP came around to certify death
it was discovered that
The Co-Op were too busy to deal with her immediately
and the GP got in Langthing because
he didn't want Ricker to have to sleep in the house
with his dead mum downstairs
it's waht it was all about - hospital
hospital was for
end of life care
and this is the difference that matters
the difference between
end of life care
assisted living
and this feeds into the coverage of
the 4 year old sleeping on the hospital floor
in the real world the little boy was
passed fit but allowed to stay overnight
just in case something else developed
allowed to stay in hospital for observation
is not the same as
as we understand it
the option offered was
a couple of chairs set together
or a pile of coats on the floor
what matters here is
either option is fine for a tired little boy
it is not fine as a setting for
a child to die
it is not
everybody who arrives in hospital to die
is entitled to the dignity of a bed in which to do it
nobody expects a patient who arrives to
have a plaster cast or stitches removed
to be admitted to a bed for the procedure
and so, hospitals are for
however, that applies to
Hospitals with an A & E
There is a 'proper hospital' in Redcar
in Kirkleatham
it is the Sir William Turner Hospital
it is for people over a certain age perhaps 60
to go live
hospice - traveller's house of rest, kept by a religious order
or charity
hospital - institution for the care of the sick
the education of the young
shelter for the poor or strangers
hospes - a guest
it speaks of
short term stays
a short rest for a traveller
end of life care
we are no friends of London
some years ago we counted up the number of
'hospitals' in London
approximately 350
three hundred and fifty
a flavour
Abbots Langley, Watford
Acton W3
Albert Dock Seamen's, E16
Aldersbrook, E11
All Saints, SE1
Ashford, Ashford
Atkinson Morley, SW20

Wilson, Mitcham
Wimbledon, SW20
Woking Victoria, Woking
Woodford Jubilee, Woodford Green
Wood Green and Southgate, N11
and to pick out a plumb
The Royal Hospital, Chelsea
where the Chelsea Pensioners live
stage coach waiting room or
God's waiting room?
and how many take
Air Ambulance patients?
maybe half a dozen
maybe a dozen
these places are using 'hospital' in the ancient meaning
and so we have at least four medical terms floating around
two sorts of hospital
the institutions that are offering
non-talking treatments
are now
so that a medical or surgical team
lead by a team leader - referred to as a consultant
will offer
within a hospital
the eye department may be Mr Christjan's
emergency and out patient's clinic
would such a consultant have any
why would he have any beds
and if he had any beds
why would he give one up to a little boy with
a sore throat and an anxious mum
straying completely away from the real world example
IF the anxious mum really wanted to
keep a little boy in hospital
until her partner sobered up
we are face with a whole different set of problems
we should say that James Cook has around a dozen
eye surgery consultants
they are listed on the web site

9th December 2019

Perhaps we are a little too close to a General Election
to be mentioning this but
we have said that
James Cook University Hospital was opened around
what we have not said is that it was built on
vacant land between
St. Luke's Hospital - now replaced by Roseberry whatever
Prisick Base
Prissick Base was
Brackenhoe School East
Brackenhoe School West
Cleveland Tertiary College - Marton Campus
a Computing Centre
Marton Sixth Form College
County Gymnastics Centre
we reckon at least the first three are now car park
for the 'ospital
we reckon the others apart from the sports centres are now
replaced by
Middlesbrough College
near to Middlesbrough Dock
Prisick Base is now also gone, replaced by an overflow car park
for James Cook
and was a campus of three Secondary Schools
those secondary schools have now been replaced by
one Academy located deeper into the
Social Housing Estate
a very long time ago - 1970s
there was a school called Southlands
on a campus between
Park End and Town Farm
the new academy is on that land but where
Keldholme School used to be
Four secondary schools replaced by
one academy
on the east side of the railway we have
Berwick Hills, Park End, and Town Farm
on the west side of the railway we have
Beechwood and Easterside
James Cook is slap in the middle of that
and that
is almost all
social housing
where the demand for
secondary school places has
dropped to
a quarter of what it was
30 years ago
more recent generations have moved away from the centre of
to the suburbs of
Hemlington and Coulby Newham
incidentally, Clareville Athletics Stadium
over the road from
Albert Park
is now a housing estate
if you visit James Cook and understand the
uniform code you will understand that this is a hospital
awash with
auxiliary nurses
and graduate nurses are thin on the ground
auxiliary nurses have uniforms that would have once been described as
something between red and purple
graduate nurses and nurses on undergraduate training courses
wear white uniforms
until they graduate to blue
the people in maroon
do your observations, ask if you have been today
offer you food and drink
the people in white
take your history
there will be people in blue to
put a cast on your broken wrist
and the people in casual wear
with a stethoscope around their necks
are the doctors
but not the surgeons who may be in civvies - no stethoscope
or theatre gowns
even the receptionists have white uniforms
the point being...
even in 2003
a major hospital was built
near a ready source of
people needing
entry level jobs
and causing a need to
build vast car parks for
the professionals who have to
and so...
not a shortage of
a shortage of
proper, graduate, nurses
and there are almost no
families with six to ten kids
living within walking distance of James Cook

for some reason that he can't explain
back in the 1970s our Ricker had
some sort of entrance interview at
King's College London
also one at the real King's College in Newcastle
but that's a different matter
at the time it was a dump
probably still is
people probably forget that
Watson and Crick at Cambridge deduced the DNA structure
they probably never knew that
Watson and Crick used the data from
Wilkins and Franklin at Kings
Ricker got given this single sheet questionnaire before his interview
back in those days it probably wasn't even a photocopy
it was probably produced on a
a form of rotary screen printer
scruffy as hell
last question
What has been the most significant development in medicine
in the past fifty years
Ricker wrote
not the deduction of the DNA structure but
developments in
medical imagery
CAT scans were coming in
computer aided tomography
people - the likes of the Middlesbrough Get Wet
ran campaigns for funding for scanners
there is a reference to a plea for some sort of scanner
for the maternity unit in a mural at James Cook
we had two developments in medicine at the time
the hospice movement
up until the 1960s
hospitals weren't built next to
estates of social housing
they were built next to
Middlesbrough General was over the road from
what was
New Cemetery
Linthorpe Cemetery
the cemetery is bounded by
Acklam Road, Ayresome Green Lane, and Burlam Road
West Lane Hospital was on the Acklam Road side
of the cemetery
Middlesbrough General Hospital was
on the Ayresome Green Lane - Roman Road - side of
the cemetery
Ricker's dad Tommy was shifted from
Middlesbrough General to North Ormesby
to get on with his dying
Ricker's 'Auntie' Nance was shifted to
Hemlington to get on with hers
we don't have those sorts of hospital now
people are supposed to do their dying in
a hospice or care home
hospitals are for
wheel 'em in, fix 'em, wheel 'em out
needs skilled staff
but they are funded to provide
JOBS in palliative care that are
hospitals now get some diagnostic equipment but
charities are still paying for
health care as opposed to palliative care
there are no
state funded
Air Ambulances
in the UK
today air ambulances are the modern equivalent of
scanners in the 1970s
two things that prohibit public funding
requiring skilled operatives

6th December 2019

here we are going to write one of those
complex technical think pieces
people may not know that
petrol, gasoline, gas
has additives
one of the additives that is no longer put into petrol is
that is why you probably see
on filling station pumps
the reason for the lead was that
the valves in an internal combustion engine were
made from harder material than the
cast iron that the cylinder heads they fitted into
there is no lead in a lead pencil
it is graphite and clay
sometimes a 'lead' pencil mark can serve
in place of oil to lubricate a joint, hinge, whatever
lead in the fuel lubricated and protected the
valves and valve seats from excessive wear
when they took the lead out of the petrol
they had to make the valve seats
as hard as the valves
so people with old cars have to add lead to their fuel
or have their valve seats ruined
except that harder valve seats can be retrofitted to
old cylinder heads
it is true that these valve seats can be
cemented in place but perhaps they are often
fitted as an
interference fit
then comes the next development
aluminium cylinder heads
no aluminium valves
the need for stuck in valve seats
is now imperative
it is only the exhaust valves that have a problem
when the inlet valves are open and vulnerable
relatively cool
air and fuel are rushing past them
sometimes exhaust valves are bigger then inlet valves
and in general
valves... the bigger the better
here's the problem
aluminium soaks up heat very quickly
we could look up the
coefficient of expansion of
aluminium and cast iron
but the aluminium cylinder head
expands more and more quickly than
the valve seats that are set into them
it is traditional to regard
valve seats as replaceable
and so the valve seats are not
cast into the heads
thus the geometry of the junction
cannot compensate for the differential
expansion and contraction
in the manufacturing process
the valve seats can be chilled and shrunk
in the likes of
liquid nitrogen
to make a permanent interference fit
this is routine in the fitting of
crank case liners
where a similar problem exists
in the service garage such methods will be rare
in certain circumstances
we would say very rare circumstances
the differential in expansion and contraction
urban myth style
cause the valve seats to drop out
leading to the destruction of the engine
this sounds like a myth put around to
excuse faulty maintenance
the result is the idea that
once you start an engine
you have to keep it running
for ever
we see the LOGIC
we don't see the EVIDENCE
logic based on hypotheticals
is logic misdirected

the great thing about being right, correct
is that eventually you get
proved right
since the unmitigated
bollocks of the
testing stunts
cladding on high rise buildings
we have had two significant
fires in high rises
the top four floors of a building burned out
and left the cladding standing
yesterday the cladding on a hotel
protected it from a fire that broke out
next door
that does not bring back the souls lost
at Grenfell
but it does help correct a
government misdirection
regarding what to blame for Grenfell

back in the day
when clever people were allowed to work for the BBC
there was an economics correspondent
perhaps even editor
Stephanie Flanders
she is the daughter of the late great
Flanders of
Flanders and Swan
and we have the collected works on CD
but we won't be checking whether this was one of their songs
Driven to it by
the spider in the bath
it's Christmas
Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
please put a penny in the old man's hat
if you haven't got a penny
a ha'penny will do
if you haven't got a ha'penny
then God bless you
thinking on though
the old man has his own
QR code so just
wave your 'phone in his face
and it'll credit a fiver to his
bank account

There used to be
possibly still is
a radio station called
Voice of America
in a context of the BBC being
the voice of the UK
we have seen Sterling efforts
to give that voice a
in that way it is important to call to mind
the essentially Christian basis of
British Law and Custom
it has been said that
The Labour Party
is moving quickly from its roots in
a form of Christianity called
to an Islam based concept of Socialism
to that extent people may loose track of the likes of
the Parables of Christianity
The Parable of the Talents
is summed up in Christianity as
To him that hath
shall be given
but from him that hath not
even that which he hath
shall be taken away
and that is in direct contrast with the socialist
From each according to his ability
to each according to their need
There is an old time saying
You put it into a bad skin
that relates to
keeping livestock and
not wasting fodder on sick animals
in terms of human care the official term for
a sickly child was
failure to thrive
when the only sort of care you know is to
if that isn't working
you feed more
and then you get
an obese sickly child
not a skinny sickly child
we have previously discussed the concept
feed a cold
starve a fever
More Food
is not the answer to everything
but we are aware of US TV shows such as
Man versus Food
airing on UK terrestrial TV
and it is traditional in the UK to refer to
an obese man as
looking Prosperous
be fat to show you are wealthy
Jack Sprat could eat no fat
his wife could eat no lean
our Ricker is perhaps seeking some sort of
on behalf of his ancestors
by banging on about this but
the Wrights
when running their biscuit factory
on South Tyneside
Tyne Dock, South Shields, area
Mabel Louise Atwell
to promote the idea of
bonny bouncing babes
stuffed full of biscuits
this give rise to two competing concepts of nutrition
no food value
empty calories
the military have vast opportunities
to experiment on people
from Napoleonic times the concept of
an army marches on its stomach has held sway
in France
meal times are absolutely essential
from those influences from Napoleon
rigid meal times
not snacking on the go
have been seen as essential
Napoleon had a different idea of armed conflict from
The British
The British always had in their minds
whenever conflict loomed
It'll all be over by Christmas
The French under Napoleon developed a concept of
military might akin to that of
The Romans
Speak softly and carry a big stick
peace through domination
and so
British nutrition split
high calorie intake for
the highly energetic
big push
The SUrge
and the naval tradition of
good balanced nutrition to keep crews healthy
throughout long long passages at sea
you won't be on a
sugar high, sugar rush
if your guts are full of
rabbit food
on passage
dole out the sauerkraut
pickled cabbage
At the call to arms
break out
the rum and ship's biscuits

2nd December 2019

The one simple problem we have in the UK with
Law Enforcement
is that the more they witter on about
caught up in the
shovel money at wimin industry
the more society in general and
decision makers in particular
conclude that they are
short of something to do
and therefore
slip down the list of
funding priorities
in business terms
they seek to become
horizontally integrated
and resist
vertical integration
that means
individual police chiefs
chief constables, police commissioners etc
diversifying into
for instance
Fire and Rescue
instead of giving up their
geographical fiefdoms
and integrating their core activities
and of course
where would big authorities
dump the dunces
if Cleveland Police
like in Scotland
The Testing Ground

Our Ricker has been following the
BBC coverage of the 2019 UK
General Election
it is worth pointing out that
since we are having so many
'Emergency Elections'
we are not voting under revised
constituency boundaries
still less voting for a
reduced number of MPs
this election produces a stable
not hung
we may see boundary changes in
May 2005
or possibly
May 2004

we listen out for trends
and we will pick out
Bonnie Greer
as a spokesperson for
Black and Minority Ethnic
leftist behaviour
we will characterise her and it as
regarding this general election
and politics in general as
a game akin to football in which
the result is not determined by
goals or points scored by the competing teams
but by the number of players
on each or either side
sent off
the entire contest is dominated by the tactic of
playing the man
not the ball
indeed a policy cannot be discussed
if it cannot be nailed to a personality
and the quality of the policy is determined by
the personal qualities of its
designated advocate

the problem with leftists is
they think
give the poor darlings a bunch of cash and
they'll settle down
the flaw in that is that
as an example
osama Bin Laden
was from the outset
one of the richest people in the world
the problem of cash bites from both ends
desperate people do desperate things
really rich people get desperate to
find something to do with their cash
in theory the leftists are saying
people with an income
between fifty and eighty thousand pounds a year

29th November 2019

There used to be an idiom
a common figure of speech
when indicating that you think
someone is wrong and talking nonsense
he's talking
through his hat
now there is a cruder version of this
relating to nether regions of the body
here is the point
at one level it can be regarded as offensive to
make mention of the fact that a person
has a bottom
and needs to excrete
things the person cannot avoid
but would rather not have referred to
is it the case that a man born into a
Sikh family
cannot avoid wearing a turban
Ricker has worked with Sikhs who had
standard Asia hairstyles and no turban
and chose , rather, to tell work colleagues that
they were Sikh
Give your arse a chance may be in bad taste
but is not racist
He's talking through his turban
to some may seem a clever play on words
to others it is racist
if you wear a turban you can't wear a hat
he's talking through his turban
in some ways is
EXACTLY the same as
he's talking through his trilby
the choice of headcovering is
a cultural choice
at the heart of this for many young men
may be a much deeper fear
SOME of the people whose
appearance - that is the elements that are
not natural born
may be forced on them by family
perhaps they have a much more
menacing home environment than they have
work environment
but a tiny bit of comment or pressure
in the work place
acts like the
straw that broke the camel's back

It was interesting that the obituaries for
Sir Jonathan Miller
His own chosen epitaph
upsum of a life....
not bad for an
old Jewish athiest

the BBC's
featured an anecdote about
what a swine he was
he told an actor
it is not your job to believe you are somebody else
it is your job to convince an audience that
you are somebody else
actor: what if I disagree?
then you should find another profession
this smacks of
art as therapy
bleeding out into the
professional creative industries
if this bloke got into acting because
he started on art as therapy acting sessions
it may have been thought that
if he could
act sane
he may become sane
Miller was not unreasonable to suggest that
an actor is paid to give a performance
for an audience
not allow paying guests to
witness their therapy sessions

it is perhaps unhelpful to generalise about
the preferences of mums
if a mum has a boy and a girl
many people would think that ideal
sometimes a mother of boys
hanker for dressing up opportunities
another blast from the past coming up
when a mum was ever so proud of her boy
she may turn out her son to school or work
somewhat overdressed
and the term we recall is
Little Lord Fontelroy
we should research that
speaking of clothes shopping as a twelve year old with
a demented father
he bought Ricker his first three piece suit
Tommy was
short portly
Ricker was
six foot and a brick
Ricker came home with a suit that included trousers
that would have suited that twerp with the
Louis Walsh, Tweedie talent show
simple Simon
with braces - not supplied - the waist band would have
covered his nipples
without braces
the crotch was half way down his thighs
Probably bought it in
Dorman Stewarts
never bloody wore it

25th November 2019

IT'S Tommy Robson's birthday today
been dead a while

UK police have reached a new low
Taser the tots
an added attraction t Frozen II
God don't mention sex to them
but rugby tackle 'em and get out yer
truncheons and tasers
it does raise the question
should rules be universally applied?
are police licensed to
shoot first and ask questions later
on the face of it they arrived to break up a
cat fight between two 13 year old 'women'
where do you draw a line
police would not taser boxers to break up a bout
they would not bring charges of
assault causing actual bodily harm at the end of
ever bout
they would be reluctant to bring charges of
corporate manslaughter against a boxing promoter if
a boxer died after a fight
scum of the earth cops wading in to spoil the fun of a bunch of
posh birds
is that it?
eventually the
White Trash Bastards in Blue
will kill a bunch of kids
and say
it was a price worth paying
keep the job
talk about
the tail wagging the dog
song lyric reference
Oliver's Army

Ricker wants to make a sort of apology
he never sees these web sites as the visitor does
he does not write them in English
he writes in a language called
that stands for
Hyper Text Mark-up Language
routinely, his only check on the result is to
ensure he hasn't crashed the system
what he has noticed is that
lines of text sometimes get inserted at the wrong point
this week the effect looks very jumbled
he has no time to sort it out
if you wanna see what we see...
in Internet Explorer
find and click on
view source

there is a concept known as a
Freudian Slip
originally it was about people revealing their
mother fixation to psychiatrists
you are mother fixated if you
prefer tits to bums
and that brings up a whole over set of problems
is somebody mother fixated if they prefer tits or
are they just pretending to perfer tits because
they don't want people to think they are gay
but it can be more generally applied to disclosing a
revealing that the true meaning or underpinning of
an expressed idea
and we see this with The Labour
and the concept of the
Privatisation of the NHS
they say the Tories are planning to hand over
billions of pounds of NHS funds to the private sector
and there are two elements of Freudian Slip here
the face value interpretation of this is that
they are expecting the Tories to hand over this money and get
nothing in return
it's like
I'm gonna buy you a car
it's an import
I'm gonna sell the car and buy some
magic beans
the Freudian slips here are
essentially The Labour see
the NHS as an engine to provide employment
not health care
and more widely that The Labour never expect any
return for the government money they spend
on anything

We understand that one stage of
the 2020 Tour de Yorkshire will be between
Leyburn and Redcar
we don't know whether this stage will be in both
the women's and men's race
we don't know which of the 4 days in May this stage will run on
30th April to 3rd May
we suspect this will be
start in Leyburn and end in Redcar
and so Osmotherly and Newton-under- Roseberry will
probably be on the route
it is interesting to consider the idea that Redcar has
inherited Scarborough's cast off in this
and this brings in a third form community
Scarborough is northern England's version of
a retirement community
clearly, a retirement community is not going to demand
things related to school children
and that affects what sort of jobs are available

this draws in another issue
a patient vomits in hospital
a visiting relative accosts a female in a uniform for help
the health worker replies
I'm a graduate, I don't do sick
Our Ricker has a very flaky understanding of
popular culture and so he dives in here with an analogy
he has little confidence in
time and again
the chattering classes
who rule the UK
refer to the hinterland, the provinces
as though they are still in the grip of
The Great Depression
of the 1920s
we think perhaps there is something of a
fly-over culture, perhaps in reverse
London, the rest of the world
wake up in London, beetle off the Heathrow airport and
land in the mid-west of the USA, or Asia or Eastern Europe
and just fill in the blanks regarding
non-metropolitan UK
it does occur to us that the most obvious
reverse fly-over
a fly-over is where by air or rail or motorway
you commute from one pocket of affluence to another
without actually experiencing the
poverty, favella, slums
in between
in the reverse fly-over
hacks in search of their
Pulitzer Prize
fly over the rich gorgeousness of England
rural England is not at all the same experience as
La France Profond
fly over that and land in Belfast
get the shit scarred out of them and
try to set up
as a sort of movie set
re-enactment of
Ireland's biggest problem
and so we come to the analogy
we think these people - the London elite
regard their role as supervising some sort of
real world equivalent of
The Hunger Games
it seems they see the UK as completely bust
dependent on hand outs from Europe
and referencing
modern day slavery as justification
they seek to trawl the provinces
which they never visit
saying that, BBC breakfast TV is produced in
Salford, Manchester because nobody can get
an early enough commuter train
to get to central London by 5.00am
they trawl the provinces for anybody with the
least of skills to offer and
house them in tenements
and bend them to offering services to
rich foreigners
in other words people - young and old
are press ganged into moving to London
foreign billionaires have no idea that they could
get the goods and services they want
outside London
by fly over
on the grouse moors of that other state of the
United States of England, Scotland
just as huge swathes of London
live on a combination of
benefits and grants targeted at
community development
there is total incredulity with
Black and Minority Ethnic pundits in London
are told that
North East England
is a net exporter of manufactured goods
they are absolutely convinced that the only
industry in the UK in the 1st century is
The Creative Industries
last week some hacks were shocked to find themselves
sharing a 'shed' at Port Clarence with the Prime Minister
a shed where wind turbines are assembled
no mention in the media of what that particular Wilton
no real connection to Wilton International
the former ICI
in Redcar
at this point we should point out a contrast in
media reporting
we would say that the one topic of popular interest
covered by the media
that gets coverage that is reasonably balanced between
the technicalities and the personalities is
F1 motor racing
we get some coverage of the engineering
some coverage of driving techniques and behaviour
and some coverage of the
amateur observations of the stars
the one extreme reverse topic is
weather presenting
news anchors desperately trying to engage
weather presenters in banter
and not getting very far
of course the general public would turn off if
the chat got too technical but
it is clear that the general public has more appetite
for facts and expertise than
TV and Radio directors - through their morning after hangovers
can grasp
the directors on BBC late night news do make such a muck up
of the graphics
we are convinced they have just
rolled in from the pub
to put in a shift

a train driver on over 60,000 a year
will regard themselves as
low paid
because they are
in a union
and assume that all
working class people like them are
living in relative poverty
the telly tells them so
about ten years ago
our Ricker applied to be a medical student
he was offered a place at Hull on
a medical sciences course
the training
medical laboratory scientists do
there were 34 bursaries available for the course
most if not all of the people who got bursaries
full cost bursaries - as nurses had at that time
went to people who qualified for
student loans
as a graduate Ricker did not qualify for a student loan
hence, Ricker was more in need of a bursary than the
other candidates and so he turned down the opportunity
on reflection
the reason give was that the university did not expect
Ricker to complete the course
they expected him to
transfer to medicine after one or to semesters
that was stated
on further reflection
the local health authority probably refused the
bursary for Ricker because
they expected him to transfer to a
London medical school and
not a local one and
that would mean a local, provincial health authority
making an investment
on behalf of
Ricker has a relative
who trained as a doctor in Cardiff and
became a consultant pathologist at
St. Thomas' in London
so it happens
that would be Alister Robson or is brother
and Ricker had a pal Keith Davey who
trained as an eye doctor at Guy's
and got to be a consultant in
and another thing
as an adjunct to a general effort to
make life on Teesside uncomfortable
Ricker got a series of visits
official visits
from Sam
and each time she set him targets for
getting rid of his stuff
a cleared house would be easier to
back in the day Ricker had put his 'stuff' into storage
and put the house on the market
City in London
required him to leave his course
the estate agents took the house off the market???
they wanted a sixty odd quid fee
they didn't want Ricker to stay on Teesside
if Hull University could transfer Ricker to medicine
why couldn't City?
what we are saying here is
nobody would say
to or of a trainee train driver
they are heading for a well paid job
so we won't offer them any support
being a doctor in the UK is seen as high status and
low paid
because we want doctors who will be
funded by the
bank of Mum and Dad
people who's family
employ people
in their local area
fine upstanding
rugby players whom God loves

22nd November 2019

we have hinted that this site has links to
Friends of the Earth
this is limited to it being inspired by
our Ricker's time as chair of the
FoE Teesside Project
if we were still all up and running...
our major policy statement for this General Election
would be
we have highlighted the problems that business rates pose for
the relationship between local authorities and major industries
what we propose is that when it comes time for a
smoke stack plant to close
the local authority that has been collecting
Business Rates on that plant should get
Premier League Football style
parchute payments
linked to the loss
to cover a period of time to allow for
redevelopment of the sites in question.

21st November 2019

This is what we understand about
business rates
the level of business rates is set by an
independent government agency
that is the rate for a particular facility
the local authority collect the amount of
business rates set by the government agency
the local authority keep half the money they collect and
set the other half aside to give to
national government
then there are schemes for rate relief
mainly for small businesses and start ups
and the point behind the changes in the
2013 local government finance act
was to encourage local authorities to
grant planning permission etc for new
business construction and no real thought was given to
the previous schemes under which
industry paid to pollute
this is quite interesting
under way back arrangements
in South Tees
the local authority built extensive sports and leisure
facilities in Eston
Eston Baths, the Hurlingshaw centre
and these were situated in the middle of
housing estates
they were for local people
they were compensation for those people
having to live with so much pollution
the council did not
spend business rates on improving the likes of
Redcar Sea Front
to make then more successful
tourist attractions
steel was the business of the local area
with some chemicals thrown in
the steel industry was the paymaster and
the local authority played its tune
Teesside in general and South Tees in particular
is now a very diverse industrial heartland with
no one dominant industry
and certainly no one dominant employer
when we see industrial areas these days we have this sense of
people taking in each other's washing
but that is a slightly different concept
what you get is
small units where artisans set themselves up in
self employment in specialisation in
one small specific skill or technology
in the Sheffield steel industry
such people were referred to as
little meisters
one workshop forms knife blades
another fits handles
another polishes the product
another creates packaging
etc etc
amazing what happens behind each set of
anonymous workshop doors
and this is where the
talk of 20,000 jobs in the supply chain comes from
that is a context
the trouble is
the rule changes on business taxation have had
unintended consequences
business is taxed in many ways
some deliberate
stelth taxes
Import Duty
payroll taxes
three major categories
turnover taxes - VAT
tax on profits - Corporation tax
tax on built facilities - business rates
at one time
there was no VAT and corportation tax went to
national government
and business rates went to the local authority
business rates were introduced to modernise
Poor Law provision
Poor Law developed out of destitute people being
On the Parish
in other words
property owners and through them property users
paid a levy to provide what is now
The Welfare State
but ,
this was a local - devolved - function
the tax was for poverty relief
not swimming pools or even refuse collection
now cash handouts are a National Government concern
and so is health care
what remains as devolved is
social care
in theory then...
if you only have one enterprise locally that has
business rates liable facilities
and it shuts down
the local authority loses the business rates
and is left with the social care of the
retired ex-workers, and their families
left behind by the company
your classic one trick pony settlement is
25 miles from anywhere
100,000 people, mostly retired
surrounded by
farmland on which there is no business rates to pay
and anyway beyond the county line
this is the specific distinction between
Scunthorpe and Grimsby
Scunthorpe is absolutely a one trick pony
Grimsby has Cleethorpes
just as Eston has Redcar
but Redcar was developed into
both Cleethorpes and Immingham in one town
leisure facility and commercial port
Immingham is a commercial port in North East Lincolnshire
and so the local authority in North Lincolnshire
will fight to keep the cash cow alive
the point here is
when national government took all of the business rates
they returned a lump of it called the
block grant
to cover the Poor Law liabilities of the local authority
people on the ground did not understand when Ricker
explained this as
National Government should pay for
include in the lock grant
all the money needed by the local authority to
carry out the tasks insisted on by national government
local authorities should provide things they opt to do
out of
council tax
services for the non-destitute paid for by a tax on
domestic not commercial property
and if all the people in Scunthorpe are so poor that
with or without the steel works
they are exempt from council tax
the local authority will want to keep the
filthy health sapping
cash cow
of a steel works

20th November 2019

we had a little look at train times
we reckon
around twenty quid return to York
alternate services will be direct
as it is
this is about training and prooving
in preparation for May 2020...

Lincolnshire does not exactly exist
it stretches from just north of
and that is in Cambridgeshire
up to
The River Humber
in terms of local authorities
consists of Lincolnshire
minus North Lincolnshire
North East Lincolnshire
Scunthorpe is the only significant town in North Lincolnshire
Grimsby-Clethorpes is the only
con-urbation in North East Lincolnshire
Scunthorpe is on the M180 mid way between Grimsby and
Doncaster 25 miles Scunthorpe 25 miles Grimsby
where we quote the stats for
North Lincolnshire
we are quoting the stats for Scunthorpe
when people quote 20,000 jobs in the
Scunthorpe Steel Works
supply chain
aside from a handful of jobs in bate shops
places to buy a bacon butty
those jobs are in
Doncaster and the rest of
South Yorkshire
and so we have a stand off
the steel industry says
pay for the closure of Scunthorpe
and we will re-open Redcar
The government say
keep Scunthorpe open and we will
compulsory purchase Redcar and
cut it up for
a light industrial estate because
people up north are like dogs
a German Shepherd
makes a great guard dog
but as a pet it becomes
a dangerous dog
people up north are pitmen
if they are not down the pit they are
in training to be
the government are not bothered about having a
steel industry
they want
coal mines and coke ovens
so the thugs up north will die in their
people throw out all sorts of stats
we can't check all of them
somebody recently said that
40 per cent of people in London
identify as being of an ethnic minority
we suspect a lot of those are third of 4th generation
that is not the matter that matters most
people in London seem to think that
they wouldn't be there if they were not
Mother Nature's finest achievement
it is really quite a scary experience to
live in London and share space with people who are
completely oblivious as to just how
dense and ignorant they are
somebody very clever one christened the telly as
the haunted fish tank
we no longer have cubic TVs
we have flat screens
so the analogy falls flat
these days we use our flat screens to observe
something else that deserves the term
haunted fish tank
the House of Commons
it's not so much that these people regard themselves as
God's Gift to Humanity
it is that they are convinced that everybody
outside the M25
has the intelligence of a
sleeping policeman
Ricker is struggling for words here but
the case he is trying to develop here is that
these people don't believe they are
whatever they believe they are
always right, never wrong, whatever
not because they are
FROM London
but because they are
IN London
regarding the M25 as some sort of
Stonehenge style
magic circle

this is not the worst of it
referencing the problems at
Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust
the reverse is the real killer
the idea that anybody who is
remotely competent at their job
should be exiled to London
and so, NHS or not
when direct trains from Redcar to London begin opperations
will South Tees join the ranks of places where a day trip
to London
is the only recourse to obtain
even the most basic level of
professional help?

19th November 2019

We done another ooops
The little red cartoon bucket and spade
in the TransPennine Express
appeared to promoted their
York to Scarborough service
we now suppose that the re-launch
is to promote the idea of
people taking a short break or holiday in York
having the option of
day trip to Scarborough
day trip to Redcar
when we get the time-table we'll see now
those options pan out

Ticket prices start at £53.50 for a return from Redcar to Manchester,
according to the TransPennine Express website, and
£18.10 return for a ticket to York.
A return trip to Manchester Airport on the direct service costs £69.50.
The newly announced rail link to and from Redcar Central Station has been hailed as
a positive step for the economy in Redcar and Cleveland .
A full direct service from Redcar is expected to start in May 2020.
we think May is a back stop and December is the real target

18th November 2019

we are not sure exactly where it is being shown
what regions, what media
but we do know that
TransPennine Express
have produced at least one cartoon style advert
featuring characters including
a bucket and spade
and we know that
is the only seaside town that
TransPennine Express services will be serving
by the end of 2019
and so we suspect they envisage
taking Redcar folk to Manchester for the shopping
and airport
and bringing Manchester folk the other way for a day at the seaside in Redcar

we know that we are repeating ourselves here but
we'll touch on a recent stat that we overheard
we may have this wrong but the suggestion was that
reports of allergies in children in London
are increasing
like seriously, like doubling
but such reports in the rest of the country are
falling, slightly to significantly
this feeds into Ricker's theory that
a lot of the time parents are mistaking
panic attacks
allergic reactions
there is another strand to this
we seem to remember that somebody is selling a
yogurt type food or food supliment that
is designed to deliberately infect the gut with
good bacteria
something along the lines of
e. coli immunitas
there is some talk that passage through the birth canal
seeds the newborn with necessary bacteria
we think this is less likely than that
mothers who are
too posh to push
and opt C section
have a nursery awash with bleach
they used to call it
not so much you failed to shit on your baby as
you kittled
more you
rail against
chlorinated chicken
raise a chlorinated sprog
we note some cosmetics companies introducing the concept of the
dermal or micro biome
the idea of products to get skin
but not
and this brings us to
we need to distinguish two or three viruses with
similar sounding names
we do not know whether they have similar sounding names
because they have similar genetics
herpes simplex
apparently come in two forms
HSV1 and HSV2
HSV1 is involved in cold sores
they used to be called herps
hence the name herpes virus
HSV2 is apparently a version that
is called genital herpes
how different they are
we have not researched
not what we are talking about today
for some reason not researched here
the chicken pox virus is called
herpes zoster
but that is not correct
having the chicken pox virus is called having
herpes zoster
but the chicken pox virus is called
varicella-zoster virus
to sum up so far
herps are tiny skin coloured blisters
chicken pox gives you red spots
if you were born after 1980
you will have had a jab of
zoster immune globulin
or more likely
a jab of
live attenuated varicellar vaccine
in other words you get vaccinated against
herpes zoster and not herpes simplex
if you were born before 1980
not a precise date
you likely have had chicken pox and
are therefore likely by the time you get to
your sixties
to experience
shingles is a band of spots around your body
mostly not head or limbs
mostly on your back
since not a lot of people who were
pre-school in 1980
have yet reached their sixties...
they would be like , in their 40s or younger
we cannot say for certain that
vaccination against chicken pox
however 1980 was the date for universal vaccination
and there are no reports we have of anybody vaccinated at
an earlier date developing shingles
here's the question
what is it about the vaccination
that gives better protection from shingles than
getting chicken pox over with early?
herpes simplex is a right nuisance
having it once
you will likely have it over and over again
often in the same place
it probably erupts in response to
there is something fundamentally different between
the responses to a viral infection
somebody who has been infected
and somebody who has been vaccinated
if you vaccinate somebody who is
immune suppressed
they will
depending on how seriously they are
immune suppressed
behave as though they have been infected
and pregnant women are naturally immuno suppressed
and transplant patients are artificially immuno suppressed
and sick people are immunosuppressed because
their immune systems are pre-occupied with their illness
healthy, non-pregnant people
react to vaccination by becoming immunised
they are presented with an infective dose
and their immune systems move to
destroy the invader since it is not
recognised as
non-immunised individuals do not respond in this way and
the virus settles in and
divides, multiplies
funning how divide and multiply mean the same thing in medicine
these primitive things - there is debate about whether they are
life forms
increase in number by budding and dividing to increase their numbers
and so their numbers multiply
they divide, their numbers multiply
because they are present in large numbers
and when they are active - if not alive
they have defences against destruction
the immune system reacts not by killing them
but by
ejecting them, expelling them, by
walling them off in the
blisters and spots
in essence
your immune system develops an immunity to
fragments of the virus
not the entire, functioning virus
and that applies whether the damage to the
the contents of the jab
was intentional or not

that's the simple version
here's the complication
when somebody takes a blood sample from you
or you have an accident or a major operation
somebody will put a canula into the back of your hand
so that things can be added to or taken from your
blood circualation
most vaccinations will carry the letters
they are not for injection into a vein
IM stands for
intra muscular
by putting the vaccine deep into a muscle
you put it into a nerve
you aim to deposit it
beyond the
blood-brain barrier
herpes zoster occurs when the
varicella-zoster virus is
re-activated from its latent state in
the posterior root ganglia
inflammatory changes occur in the sensory root ganglia
parts of the nerves of the spine
and in the skin of the associated dermatome
imagine the gills of a fish
imagine a primitive version of a fish that has
several gills on each side of its body
imagine that your body - torso, the bit that isn't
the head and limbs
is a set of gills all glued together
it is divided into
areas of the surface
each served by nerves that emerge from one each of the
gaps between the bones of your spine
The inflammation sometimes the posterior (rear) and anterior (front)
of the grey matter, the meninges - reference meningitis
and dorsal and ventral roots
back and front roots
and that means
nerves don't have a blood supply
there is a
blood brain barrier
that keeps the immune system separated from the
nervous system
and these viruses
hide behind that barrier
there are things in the
central nervous system
that your immune system has not
clocked as
auto immune diseases such as
multiple sclerosis
are when the immune system
breaks through the
blood-brain barrier
if something along the lines of a drug or a hormone
crosses the blood brain barrier into the CNS
as with psychoactive drugs
that may trigger the dormant virus to multiply
and you get a flare-up
the virus may reach the top of your immune system's
to do

here is the fundamental question
but first the American Passenger Pigeon
in America the passenger pigeon was
perhaps a nuisance
perhaps tolerable good eating
whichever it was
hunted, shot
there were two schools of opinion
some thought that it as a species was a part of
God's Creation
and thus
no matter how many you killed
God would always replenish the stock
the American Passenger Pigeon
like the Dodo
was hunted to extinction
and so to viruses
viruses have been around a long time
you may say
if there are a number of similar viruses
and one becomes extinct
it won't take long for
one of the similar ones to
evolve into the missing, lost, species
this would be God's chosen mechanism to correct the damage
it doesn't happen
in isolated island communities
Australia for prime example
vacant ecological niches
are evolved into by
what is available
animals with similar traits bur completely different
genetics fill those slots
and animals with similar genetics
develop appropriate traits
we mean
under restricted circumstances
pygmy versions of species that are much larger
in the world in general
God doesn't
put things back
and so to the core question
how have we been able to
small pox
but other viral diseases keep coming back
we repeat viruses have been around a long time and have evolved over
unimaginable periods of time
as such, intact, they have developed defences that mean that
their hosts, humans and other hosts
do not naturally destroy them
we, they
wall them off
excrete them
our immune systems will only attack
bits of viruses
in a sense
we contain things
mitochondria within our cells
bacteria within our guts
that we accept as
as commensals
as separate species whose presence in our bodies is
beyond helpful
we have come to accept pathogenic versions of
bacteria and viruses as
welcome passengers
but if our immune systems are presented with
fragments of the harmful ones
they can be persuade to attack and destroy them
chicken pox parties
there are instances where
Mother Nature
know best

say you are a British prince and you visit
the USA regularly
in the UK the age of consent is 16
in the USA it appears to vary from state to state
here's a question
it is always said that
ignorance of the law is no defence
we think it may be
Carmel in California where
parking a vehicle
pointing against the direction of the traffic
that is crossing the road to park
is an offence
UK people have never heard of
J walking
crossing the road on foot
other than at a designated crossing point
there is a story of a British author
being arrested by a plain clothes cop for J walking
and assuming that he was being mugged
is it disrespectful
to fail to bone up on
petty local by-laws when travelling?
petty to the world, clearly very important in a locality
Ricker has a load of
boredom busting projects on the stocks
he has a bottle of honey and apple vinegar
with mother
he has a plan to pour some of this into a jar of cider
cider is apple juice that has had its sugar turned to alcohol by
cider vinegar is cider that has had its alcohol turned to
vinegar by acetobacter
the 'mother' on the vinegar label indicates
there is live acetobacter in this product
there appear to be some sort of concept wrapped up within the idea that
the lives of teenagers who have had sex
are ruined
in the way that acetobacter
transforms cider or beer into
do we remember Jesus on the cross being offered
wine tht had turned to vinegr?
or commodifies
young women
renders them only fit for
the marriage market
if they remain
extraordinarily ante-diluvian
a concept from before the flood
as in Noah and his Arc
that aside
our Ricker loves cars
the strange fact is
he has only ever bought one car
he paid fifty seven pounds for it
because that was all the money he had in the bank
to buy another car he would have needed help from his parents
and his dad didn't want him to have a car
and his mam wanted an estate car not a sports car
and the car Ricker was shown and couldn't buy was
a Triumph TR4
and what is more it was
ex Angus Ogilvy
we have no clue who Angus Ogilvy was but
he was married to a Royal
there's a passage in
The Other Victorians
where the client in the brothel reckons
he would far rather get himself up some lass who was
still dripping from some buff young stud
than some old codger like himself
it is hard to see
even within the world of sex workers
how having a Royal up ya
reduces your market value

over and over
people want to point out that some bloke is
a jerk
and they loose sympathy from the likes of us by saying
look, he has sex, makes him a jerk

15th November 2019

Piper Alpha was an
North Sea Oil Rig that exploded on 6th July 1988
around 161 people died
around 61 people survived
it was the inspiration for
James Cook Regional Major Trauma Centre

As far as we remember there is a product called
lumpwood charcoal
we guess it stands alongside
charcoal briquettes
when you buy charcoal for your barbecue
you have a choice but charcoal that is
recognisable bits of tree probably costs more than the
bricks of charcoal
we are guessing that the bricks are made by
compressing sawdust and wood shavings
into blocks and then
heating them very hot in a kiln where there is
not a lot of oxygen or air
we said
to smelt iron you need
elemental carbon
carbon that is just carbon
not a compound of carbon and something else
as in carbon dioxide
carbon + iron oxide = carbon oxides + iron
that's iron smelting
here's the magical thing
iron ore burnt with wood
gives roasted iron ore
iron ore burnt with charcoal
gives iron
iron ore burnt with coal
gives roasted iron ore
iron ore burnt with
gives iron
the cost of wood for charcoal production gets too high
industry moves on from
turning wood into charcoal
turning coal into coke
here's the next magical thing...
Bran Sands sewage sludge dewatering plant in Redcar
turns sewage sludge into
hard dry pellets
these are hard to distinguish from the
compressed wood shavings pellets that people
buy to feed into their
wood burning stoves
the product from Bran Sands can be
carbonised - converted to elemental carbon
in the same way that
wood pellets and blocks can be carbonised to
turn them into
smokeless fuel
barbecue fuel
given that the Redcar blast furnace has now been
converted to
direct coal injection
it does not have a need for the product of
Bran Sands to be carbonised
it can be fed in directly
and that's yer carbon neutral iron and steel
we have noted that the BOS process is
making steel from iron is
fuelled by burning the excess carbon out of the iron using
an oxygen lance
which is why Redcar has an
air fractionation plant
built by BOC
British Oxygen Corporation
but no owned by Leintz
having in between been owned by
Air Products
back in the day there was this Sam about Redcar
Charlie Clore has given his son a chemistry set for Christmas
Redcar is what they call a
vertically integrated primary steel production kit
the town owns it
different companies own different bits of it
Bran Sands belongs to
Northumbrian Water
and the product that could be used to smelt iron is
currently sold as fertilizer

11th November 2019

North Lincolnshire (numbers) North Lincolnshire(%) Yorkshire and The Humber (%)Great Britain(%)
All people>BR> Economically active
79,900 75.6 77.4 78.9
In employment†75,200 71.1 73.8 75.6
Employees†65,200 62.4 64.2 64.6
Self employed†9,800 8.5 9.3 10.7
Unemployed (model-based)§3,800 4.9 4.5 4.1
Economically active
43,200 80.7 82.2 83.5
In employment
40,500 75.5 78.3 79.9
34,700 65.8 65.5 65.4
Self employed
5,700 9.4 12.5 14.2
2,700 6.2 4.6 4.2
Economically active
36,700 70.5 72.6 74.3
In employment
34,600 66.6 69.3 71.3
30,400 58.9 63.0 63.9
Self employed
4,100 7.5 6.0 7.2
2,000 5.5 4.4 3.9
Source: ONS annual population survey
numbers are for those aged 16 and over, % are for those aged 16-64
numbers and % are for those aged 16 and over. % is a proportion of economically active
Scunthorpe is in this local authority area
It is not an unemployment black spot
add 3,00 to the unemployed...
it goes up to just over 10 per cent
that would be on a par with the North east of England - five or ten years ago
now 75,200 in employment
2,000 unemployed
close steel works
72,200 in employemnt
5,000 unemployed
it's hard to accept that all the local businesses can't
'limp along'
on 72,200 in work
until the departure of the black snow flakes
attracts new employers
4,600 of around a quarter of a million people in Cumbria
are unemployed
1,100 out of 68,000 people in Copeland
are unemployed
Allerdale which includes Workington has
has 97,500 people
of whom 1,600 are unemployed

We're considering the recent
dog whistle politics decision of
central government to OK
the first deep mine coal pin
since the last one closed in the 198s
we start with the trend or fad amongst the
chattering classes for
wood burners
each home owner gets the warm comforting glow of
a wood fire
and their neighbours get
the smog
one of the things we have not touched on as yet is that
the the days of coal
the miners did a filthy dangerous job
but their wives and kids lived a bucolic idly
in pit villages deep in the verdant countryside
with loads a money
to spend in the local co-op
there is no consideration for the poor sods who
had to live in the industrial towns where
the soddin' coal was actually
we don't think that a mine in West Cumbria will be
much of a burden to the locals
we think it's hugely amusing that the developers' idea of
being a good neighbour is to put the
stack yards inside a couple of huge
we all know what their life expectancy is
what we think that government is
willfully avoiding is the question
do we need coking coal?
here's the historical precedent
back in the day there were three or four uses for
chopped down trees
timber for construction
fuel for space heating - homes mainly
charcoal or the likes of iron smelting
bedding - as wood shavings - for animals and ale house customers
a low grade pub was called a spit and sawdust
ignoring the last - joiners still supply stables
we still need timber for building and furniture construction
we use a lot of other things than wood burners to heat our
homes, shops, offices and factories
at the heart of this little diatribe...
we use coke not charcoal for
metallurgy - smelting and heating metals
it is apparently beyond the imagination of government to realise that
we now have direct coal injection for ironmaking
and that coal can be substituted by any form of
elemental carbon
we have said
far too often
we have that big blue
Bran Sands sewage dewatering plant to provide
carbon neutral - recycled - elemental carbon for
iron making
there is no way anybody is going to let the
direct coal injection plant in Redcar stand idly by and
re-start the coke ovens
even if we use coal it won't be
the more expensive coking coal
dewatered carbonised sewage sludge or cheap coal
nobody will be paying for expensive coking coal
and paying to run coke ovens
in the future
so what is the problem understanding that
for industrial metallurgy
coking coal is as redundant as
we have no quibble with the idea that the Tories will want a
conservative to replace
Rory Stewart ex-MP
for Westmoorland and Lonsdale is it?
by forcing through approval for a coal mine
against the wishes of the local people
every body want jarbs
at any price
and the price is...
immigrants from Poland to do the jobs
and then
where they gonna live?
bring jobs
deepen the housing crisis

we understand that the Chinese are buying
British Steel
and that probably includes Lackenby and Skinningrove
and so perhaps opening up the coal mine is a condition of
that deal
e are seeing more and more elaborate schemes designed to
kick modernisation down the road
the insensitive will see the deal as
hey we save jobs in Sunny Scunny and we
create jobs in west Cumbria
no brainer
since it can be seen as
protecting jobs at Lackenby etc
perhaps we should let it go
the people of Scunthorpe will have to wait a
couple more decades
for clear skies
and an end to
black snow
we don't doubt that some will complain
government loan guarantees for
preserving old smoke stack industries
no loan guarantees for
the polyhalite guys
it's what Teesside has got used to
at lest it won't happen here

here's the question
why are the Chinese willing to put up the money to
sink a new pit in Cumbria
and not to install direct coal injection at Scunthorpe
and the answer has to be...
the blast furnaces in Scunthorpe are
unsuitable and too small to justify an attempt at
and that probably also applies to
Port Talbot
Redcar has one enormous blast furnace
the other places have maybe four each
diddy little ones
Redcar has one direct coal injection plant
feeding one blast furnace with a capacity of
3 million tonnes of iron a year
Scunthorpe would need to run all four blast furnaces
each of which would need its own direct coal injection plant
to avoid using coking coal
in order for the four together to produce
3 million tonnes a year of iron
this proposal is the equivalent of
parking the mayoral limousine on the lawn outside the
chauffeur's house
having the mayor turn up to events
on the back of a bin wagon

There's a classic puzzle we have not heard
for a long time
you are on an island
it about a quarter or a mile long
and 100 yards wide
there is a strong breeze blowing from the east
sharks are circling the shore
lighting with no rain sets fire to the
tall dry grass that covers the entire island
no hills, no trees, no buildings
no boat, surf board or raft materials
the fire starts at the east end of the island and you are
west of the fire front that stretches
from side to side of the island
how do you survive?

have a little think
the answer is the other side of these pics of
how to avoid getting squished by a train

you take some grass and light it in the fire
and carefully walk to near the west end of the island
and set fire to the grass there
by the time the fire from the east reaches you
the fire in the west will have burnt out
the way to control bush fires is
not with water but with
fire breaks
dig up or burn the fuel near the thing you want to protect
there will be no
when the fire front arrives and the fire front will stop

sometimes a core belief in a community or
is so deeply ingrained that it is
people - especially in 'blue collar' neighbourhoods
are attached to the concept of
'a job for life'
outsiders may think that that is limited to
financial security
in the minds of the people who cherish it
it means much more
essentially these people believe
without thinking about it that
the police only ever arrest
having a 'job for life' is a licence to
do whatever occurs to you
I'm a union man
amazed at what I am
I'm not very hard
but the sight of my card
makes me some kind of
super man
you'll not get
I'm part of the union
you'll not get me I'm part of the union
you'll not get me I'm part of the union
'till the day I die
it's like the likes of
President Mugabe
clinging on to power for fear
impeachment if they retire
in other words
as today police officers are
immune from prosecution
in the mid 20th century
members of mass labour unions
expected that
this protection extended to them
the loss of that
is what is hard
not putting food on the table

there was a young lad in the 1970s who for a short while
taught science at Gillbrook School in Eston
for a long time we have had
remote controllers
on electronics
that use an invisible light beam to communicate with the equipment
it's all voice controlled now we understand
what few if any remember is that the very first popular
remote controllers were
they send out a dog whistle kind of sound that the kit could 'hear'
but not people
it meant that you didn't have to point the controller but
it drove the pets crazy
so this lad's dad was a copper - a police officer
when he came home he would
deliberately drop his keys
onto the hearth - fireplace
because he knew that doing that made a sound that would
change the channel on the TV
this is the kind of grinding low level coercion that people
refer to as
controlling behaviour
and it is the
organisations, clubs, unions, teams that people
mostly men
belong to
that foster this behaviour

below we quote some stats that are discontinued
we understand that there are place in
The UK or GB that are not yet converted to
universal credit
we don't understand the current status of the
benefits that are being phased out
could use which there
the major working age benefits were
JSA job seekers' allowance
ESA employment support allowance
working tax credit
PIP personal independence payments
child benefit
maternity pay??
working tax credit was the most recent to be introduced
it was generous at first
it was a negative income tax for people in work
it only paid out if you worked
16 hours a week or more
disregarding universal credit it should have been
eliminated by
the minimum wage and the living wage
since it was designed to top up wages to those levels
and was therefore seen as an employer benefit
not a worker benefit
JSA was designed to keep body and soul together
whilst you looked for work
it replaced the dole, pancrack etc. etc
ESA is one we don't exactly know about
it would be simple to think that it was paid to
people on the long term sick either
whilst they were seeking work
whilst they were doing
taster sessions at work
it was probably just
1 a higher rate of JSA for people with needs
associated with their illness
and 2 carried with it
some preference for job vacancies over people on
simple JSA
get somebody off ESA you save more money than
getting somebody off JSA
PIP was for people who didn't have a hope in hell of working
we say that, but as in The Bone Collector
the employer of a suddenly disabled worker may
keep on a key worker and somebody in work
may find themselves entitled so PIP
and it is people who were on PIP who have the majority of
problems associated with Universal Credit
all that is complicated by mothers - usually they are of working age
and how many children, is their support from the fathers etc. etc.

we know that minimum wage for
under 25s is
we guess that the difference for under 25s between
JSA or Universal Credit
minimum wage is
pay peanuts and you get
see below

It's strange how sometimes old ideas pop up
Ricker remembered this term
He was thinking about the Durham University
vice chancellor
who was friends with musician
John Lord
and in his mind he was thinking
what a dosser
and then he thought
how appropriate
vice chancellor of a university
a dosser
a doss-house was a
cheap lodging house
a place to lay your
in the long ago TV series
A Very Peculiar Practice
was it Davidson?
the All Creatures Great and Small crew...
were playing the doctors at a university
and the inspector remarked that
the previous week he had been inspecting
Catterick army camp
same difference
somewhere to
warehouse the yoof
can't see why Durham didn't want a complete dosser as their
Vice chancellor
but they sacked him because
they are a Russell Group university and
they have to keep up appearances
and do astro physics and that
we should explain
John Lord was a very famous musician on the level of
Fleetwood Mac
some group of that ilk
and he was dying of cancer and
the VC played the violin and had been the
UK BSE tsar
and so Lord thought an assocition with the VC may cure him
didn't work
talk bollocks about BSE
is not a route to a cure for cancer
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
is a form of
grass staggers
due to
reducing the butter mountain by
restricting the number of head of cattle a farmer could keep
and the farmers turning out butter like
fois gras - duck liver patte
by force feeding the cattle
you see, funding for a bloke who comes up with an
like cladding at Grenfell
that points away from
faulty regulations
disinformation about BSE...
leads to
bastard food banks and
childhood obesity
and kids being stuffed like ducks or is it geese
and getting type 2 diabetes and such
and oh no it couldn't possibly be because
this is a very important issue...
a great many obese people have in their lives a person who is
referred to as
a feeder
a feeder is a person who derives satisfaction from
over feeding another person
the joy of giving gone awry
there are difficulties in arranging and running
family therapy sessions
but some benefit can arise from recognising that
the obese person may not be the only party in need of

Alun Cairns and the rape trial...
was the judge accusing the politician of
perjury - telling lies on oath
or simply telling
The truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth
in an inconvenient context
was the judge criticising the witness because he
didn't GET WITH the programme
the scheme to jail as many men as possible?
and placate the lying conniving wimin of the world

right now we are well behind in the activities of
Richard Rawlings
but we saw him at the American F1 Grand Prix 2019
a man that went on about
marries a granny?

Hartlepool Population
Total 2018 93,200
Female 47,700
Male 45,500
Mates aged 16 - 64 28,200 62.00 per cent
Females aged 16 - 64 29,200 61.20 per cent
Economically active 41,500 70.90 per cent of the 62 per cent
males unemployed 2,300
females unemployed 1,700

students 2,800
homemaker 4,400
long-term sick 5,700
retired 1,500
other 1,400
we wonder whether that means
in prison, in custody
wants a job 2,300
does not want a job, 14,300
number of workless households 8,900 North East, 170,600 Great Britain 2,919,800
number of children in workless households H 4,400 NE 81,800 GB 1,259,00
claimant count
all people 3,385 Males 2,105 Females 1,285
what we want to point out here is
Claimant count means
available workforce
does not include
ineligible through savings, through being supported by a worker etc
and so the available workforce in Hartlepool is
aged 18 to 24 765
aged 25 to 49 1,850
aged 50 + 770
think on that every time somebody says
this scheme will bring 500 jobs to the town
who the hell is going to DO them?
people are not willing to take on the under 25s
due to risk of exploitation of the vulnerable
or the over 50s due to
short return on training investment
Hartlepool has 1,800 people claiming and or age for
a new employer and
and 5,700 on long term sick
now we see a change
time was
long term sick meant
industrial disease or industrial injury
now it tends to mean
mental health problems
and when you bring, if you bring, new employment to the area
not because you need help to provide goods or a service
take into account that Hartlepool has
7,500 residents with
no qualifications
4,800 with other qualifications
45,100 with NVQ 1 and above
NVQ2 and above
NVQ3 and above
14,400 NVQ4 and above
guess which wants are claimants...
to say you would be fishing in a very small pond full of
bottom feeders
would be about right
unemployment in the North East would be reduced if
existing, established employers
took on a handfull each of the
terminally bewildered
not trying to staff an entire enterpise
off the dole queue
total claimants 11,140
pre universal credit?
These stats were discontinued in November 2016
these are the stats for that month
Job Seekers 1,730
Employment Support Allowance and incapacity benefits 5,530
Lone Parents 1,090
Carers 1,920
other on income related benefits - is this income support? in work benefits? 240
disabled 530
bereaved 110
main out of work benefits total 8,580
thats a few on JSA and most on ESA
Source Department of Work and Pensions
relates to working age claimants
think there's unemployment in Hartlepool?
think it's find strapping work shy lads?
think again
even including the yoof
you'd be lucky to find 500 candidates

looking back to the NEETs is it
teenage and early twenties
Not in Employment, Education or Training
The concept of NEETs is born of the
and for those who are not classified as
it is the extension of
Raising of the School Leaving Age
in the 1970s
and that coincide with
The Health and Safety at Work ACT
essentially employers said
if you want low accident rates
we ain't employing kids grew some smarts
and now...
the expansion of the universities is a response to
maybe these youngun's should get their
sex lives behind them
before they come work for us

7th November 2019

we know that women change their
hair and makeup
and they change their names
sometimes because they marry
hence there may now be no
Carloe Zagrvitch
on the internet these days
You may ask yourself
why would a government be willing to
find a grant of several million pounds for
Janice Webster to arm Tanya Nelson into
discrediting our Ricker
and where does the LSE
London School of Economics fit in here?
Around the time that Ricker was first arrested
he had a role
he was
Chair of the Friends of the Earth Teesside Project
Recently we think we saw Jeremy Labour man
ask a journalist
something along the lines of
who's side are you on?
The whole thrust of the
FoE Teesside Project was to
get industry to duck down below the parapet
knock off the rough edges
curtail the flaring - burning off of waste gasses
switch from coke to something less filthy mucky
all along it was known that
just as a lot of people are attracted to
lifein the emergency services by
fast vehicles using blues and twos
blue flashing lights and two tone air horns
people are atracted to heavy industry by the thought of
being able to press a button and cover the local community
with a cloud of shite
and their response to a request to
cool it
is almost always
if you don't let us play
it'll cost
the people who play with speed boats in the Med not
industrial kit on Teesside
have decisions to make
if they have a clapped out old plant
it does not matter to them how polluting it is
the point to them is
we can buy new kit for
for instance
clean energy plant
off the shelf at
wholesale prices
if we want to keep the old bangers going
we have to have spares
hand made
at enormous cost
getting a derogation over emissions levels is easy
getting a Walterschlachel Valve Gear
out of a museum
not so much
we have no idea how to spell Walterschlachel
but it's a part of a steam locomotive
on the one side
subsidies to keep coke works open
on the other side
subsidies to develop wind farm technologies
same money
differently spent
and thus
Infant Hercules
rust belt
here's the thing
if you put all those coke oven workers and
thermal cracker operators
on full salary and bonus to
sit at home
they would pine for their toys
Vera Baird wasn't interested in their toys
she was only interested in
keeping men out from between women's legs
and hence, Ian Swales as the
anybody but Baird
and he?
Redcar's own
Dr. Beeching
sod the big guys
let's have everybody running around in Transit vans
and in a town with empty shops
build more shops
on railway land

and... last month
Network Rail put up the fence
Ricker asked Vera Baird to put up
all those years ago
so the trains can go a bit faster without
squashing louts

and the LSE?
so they came up to Redcar for a meeting with
Ricker and some vox pop local residents
and decided
they should have a meeting with
local unions first
consult the industry
not the people

6th November 2019

19th November 2002
The new Minister for Europe, Dr Denis MacShane, will complete a tour of the North East by
visiting the University of Teesside's showpiece Virtual Reality Centre this week.
The Ministerial visit coincides with the University's annual graduation ceremony and
the 10th anniversary of Teesside being given University-status.
Over the last decade, the Middlesbrough-based University has received £20m of
EU funding towards its £60m campus transformation.
Of this, the VR Centre has received over £4m from Europe.
Dr MacShane will unveil a plaque on the ground floor celebrating
the Virtual Reality Centre's recognition by ONE NorthEast as a
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Centre of Excellence and
the decision to designate the VR Centre as a Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Real Time Interaction Centre.
The Minister will then congratulate the VR Centre on winning its first
£1m commercial contract,
in keeping with the European-backed drive to encourage technology transfer of
the University expertise to support local companies.
The contract being celebrated involves creating a virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
for Darlington-based offshore and subsea specialists, CTC,
which will help to train operators in laying and retrieving underwater telecommunications cables.
Finally, the Minister will see demonstrations of the VR Centre's work inside its giant Hemispherium,
including a virtual walk-through of the planned Middlehaven docklands regeneration project and
learn of plans to create an even bigger virtual reality facility as part of
Middlesbrough's DigitalCity project on the Middlehaven site.
Janice Webster, chief executive of Virtual Reality Centre at Teesside Ltd., said:
"It is great that the Minister can help us to celebrate being recognised as a Centre of Excellence.
This is real recognition of our contribution in helping small and medium-sized enterprises to
benefit from the expertise in virtual reality applications available here at the University of Teesside.
"European support throughout the five years existence of the VR Centre at Teeside has been invaluable.
And I have just learnt that we have been chosen as the only UK university to join
a new EU-funded consortium of universities using VR to support the design industry called
Information Technologies for European Advancement," she said.

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, pronounced vermal or by its initials, originally—
before 1995—known as the Virtual Reality Markup Language) is a
standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics,
designed particularly with the World Wide Web in mind. It has been superseded by X3D.
Speaking back to the day....
that is around 2001
Our Ricker signed up to do a master in multi media at The University of Teesside
Up until the time he signed up
there had been a VRML module on the course
when he signed up he chose the VRML module amongst others such as Director
When he turned up for the class the first class was cancelled
at the second class the tutor was
Tanya Nelson
Tanya Nelson was working for Janice Webster
at the third or 4th session Tanya approached Ricker and asked
do you mind me assessing your work
Ricker said that would be fine
then the university informed Ricker that he should withdraw from the VRML module
on the grounds that it was now only available on the B.Sc. course
This should have removed any question of an improper relationship
clearly somebody did not agree and apparently threatened Tanya with the suggestion that
if she did not lodge a formal complaint that Ricker's presence on campus was
stressing her out...
the matter of the improper relationship with a student would be revived

Ricker's first attempt at having a girlfriend was with
Gwynneth Dakers
she lived in Hartlepool and her dad
who owned and ran
Dakers chemists in the town and was in
Hough Bowmen
an archery club in the town
she lost touch after leaving to work at
Just sayin' Ricker has Hartlepool background
over past decades much of the discourse over education in the UK has been about
what children should NOT be taught
In neighbourhoods where almost all children leave education at 16
it is easier to see school
as somwhere where children are sheltered from adult life
not prepared for it
switching to Eston
Ricker recalls one 14 year old female
she was
'back at school'
she was 14 and achieved all the landmarks in female life in her neighbourhood
got drunk
had sex
had a baby
life's targets all achieved

5th November 2019

likely to rise.
Claimant count by sex - not seasonally adjusted (September 2019)
(numbers) Hartlepool(%) North East(%) Great Britain (%)

All people 3,385 5.9 4.3 2.8

2,105 7.5 5.3 3.3

1,285 4.4 3.3 2.4

Source: ONS Claimant count by sex and age
Note: % is the number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of area aged 16-64 and gender

Claimant count by age - not seasonally adjusted (September 2019)

(level) Hartlepool (%) North East (%) Great Britain(%)
Aged 16+
3,385 5.9 4.3 2.8
Aged 16 to 17
0 0.0 0.4 0.3
Aged 18 to 24
765 10.3 6.2 3.9
Aged 18 to 21
450 11.2 6.6 4.2
Aged 25 to 49
1,850 6.5 4.7 3.0
Aged 50+
770 4.0 3.2 2.3
Source: ONS Claimant count by sex and age
Note: % is number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of the same age
We would have to conclude...
What we really need to target in Hartlepool is
Yoof unemployment
the schools turning out
snowflakes who are not fit for work

anybody who trawls these web sites will
probably find that we have done this story before but
we work on the idea that if a problem becomes topical
we can revamp it for a new readership
as the platform evolves
the McDonalds boss sacking topic
it is interesting that the woman from the law firm
Slater and Gordon
on the BBC did not expound the real problem
we will reprise the saga of
Doctor and Janice Webster
at the university of Teesside
our Ricker came in after they were a couple
Dr. Webster was an expert on
at some point he was both
Director Designate of Teesside Polytechnic
computer visualisation consultant to
Teesside Development Corporation
he began to skip attending either job
perhaps he was ill
he was definitely ill
perhaps his illness was
alcohol related?
Janice, his wife worked at the University - polytechnic
people would ring Dr. Webster and ask where he was and
Janice would always say
he's at the other job
he was home
eventually when Janice was out at work
Dr. Webster slipped out and banked the
severance cheque
Janic was livid
well let's tell a little story
one day Ricker and some other people had a meeting with Janice
she decided that she would hold it in
The Board Room of the Polytechnic
she also decided to tell the assembled that
the polytechnic's no smoking policy
did not apply to the board room
she was treating the institution and its facilities as her own
because she was the wife of the Director Designate
This is the problem with the likes of McDonalds and
intra mural relationships
women - gold diggers or not - who
swan around a corporation saying
do this, don't do that
or my boyfriend will
sack you
If Ricker were vice chancellor of
The University of Teesside
could the university trust Tanya
not to do that?

4th November 2019

Kes is a fictional character on the American science fiction television show Star Trek:
Voyager portrayed by actress Jennifer Lien.
Set in the 24th century, the series follows the Starfleet and Maquis crew of
the starship USS Voyager who are stranded in the Delta Quadrant,
far from the rest of the Federation.
Kes is a member of the Ocampa, an alien species that are telepathic and
have an average life expectancy of nine years.
She joins Voyager's crew in the pilot episode alongside her Talaxian boyfriend Neelix.
During the show, she works as the Doctor's medical assistant and
develops her mental abilities with Tuvok's assistance.
Lien was removed from the fourth season to allow for Jeri Ryan's introduction as Seven of Nine.
Essentially, Kes was an elf cut blond
14th December 2019 is
a Sunday
We think that it will be the day that
TransPennneExpress trains
begin to run
to and from
Redcar Central
but it may be the following day
Monday 15th
and so
just in time for some last minute
Christmas shopping
there is a good chance that this will happen
but this is the railways so don't blame us
if it doesn't
Far less certain is the appearance of
Redcar central
at the top of destination boards at
Kings X
in London on or around
19th May 2020

In this era of
charge inflation
we assume that the
prosecution authorities will be pressing for
the coroner to bring in verdicts of
unlawfully killed
on the Vietnamese migrants
we would argue that serious consideration be given to
the woefully underused verdict of
how you can argue that the dead did not know that
their mode of transport was
irregular to the point of
downright dangerous
is hard to fathom
we know about
survivor guilt
we know that for decades now there has been a culture of
there is no such thing as
an accident
this ignores the truth of
randomness in the universe
do something thousands of times without incident
then one day there is some slight un-noticed variation
and disaster ensues
this brings in the concept of
you own a home
there are millions of them
tens or millions of them
and every now and again
one of them is hit by lightning
if you are insured
your loss is compensated with the premiums paid by
the people who's homes were not hit by lightning
in that sense
by extrapolation
people who are killed or injured in
road accidents in which speed is a factor
should be compensated by the fines paid by people
caught speeding who were not involved in an accident
this is why it is unhelpful to target the drivers who
are unlucky enough to see fatal consequences to actions
millions of people take daily
we are not distinguishing the
unlucky from the reckless
because we say
two things
psychos are not responding to rules
we must apply them more rigorously
we can't clamp down on or target
known psychos
because that would
infringe their human right to have
the fact that they are psychos ignored by
law enforcement
we are refusing to distinguish between
some guy who was nearby when somebody died
and serial killers

There are many concepts that exist but do not have
wide currency
if you have lived in certain circles over the past decades
you will be familiar with the concept of a worker being
kicked up stairs
when a worker has done good work in their youth
and they become something of a liability...
in the UK they are
kicked upstairs
removed from the workplace, the shop floor
and given an office on a higher floor because
they have useful, perhaps vital, contacts within the industry
but can't be trusted 'on the tools'
in Japan such people are referred to as
window men
paid to sit at a desk and look out of the windows
sometimes these days there is a crossover with
celebrity culture and influencers
and the term
brand ambassador
has gained currency
from time to time undercover journalists have run
where celebrities have been conned into
fronting entirely bogus campaigns
there are two major drivers - perhaps three - to the promotion of
fake news
celebrity endorsements
endorsements comes from
signing the back of a document - usually a cheque
to authenticate it
dorsum being back
as in dorsal fin on a fish
second shock horror content, is this really the
sign of the apocalypse
and thirdly
secret knowledge
reliable sources haven't told us this
because they are keeping it from us

computer have a number of elements
including memory and processing and input and display
memory comes in two broad categories
read only memory and random access memory
RAM means information can be stored and accessed like
a book with an index
ROM is a form of RAM but
its contents are fixed so it is
very like a book with an index
as opposed to a web site where the same
URL unique resource locator or location
can lead to different information
day to day
many form of dementia render the human brain
read only
and so
if you insist on equal numbers of
men and women in top jobs - roles designed for
demented old men
and you parachute these women into these roles
thye have ancient wisdom that is
not relavent to the role they have been assigned
and they may have lost the ability to learn
they may regard learning as
beneath their dignity

living in an industrial area we have made a discovery
we will not seek out the stats
anecdotal evidence...
when a lot of people died from
industrial injuries and the effects of work related toxicity
elderly single people tended to be
now with all the men's sheds and the like
we talk about of aged men and loneliness
we have something interesting to say about why
in the absence of work
women die younger than men
for those who know or care the idea revolves around
bar bodies

we are now running into a Philip Pullman season in the UK
His Dark Materials has been televised
that prompts a disclosure about
Ricker and Tanya - not the one in the library
When Ricker was told that his friend Tanya had died
his reaction was that 'his' Tanya had died
her parents' Tanya had not died
you would have to know about Ricker and Tanya to guess this
Ricker has aged
Tanya has changed quite a bit as women tend to do
when Ricker was young there were a number of TV series
under the umbrella title
Star Trek
so when Ricker's Tanya died it was in the sense of
she's dead to you
perhaps we will research the true story but
given the appearance and demeanour of Ricker's Tanya
he relied upon the Star Trek
was it Star Trek Voyager?
and now we hear Philip Pullman taking about
a successful death leading to becoming
diffuse and at one with the universe
as was the fate of Kes
Tanya's family dispersed Ricker's view, perception of
his friend Tanya
and a part of what they did to do that was to persuade her to
change her name from her mother's name - Robertson
to her father's name - Nelson
and her father and her mother's brother were
police officers
and we move from that to
the concept law enforcement have of
they see a very important line between
assault causing life changing injury
assault causing, actions associated with, death
in the deep beer sozzled mind of the typical cop
an illness or life changing injury is
a punishment from God
and so the perp is acting as an instrument of
God's Justice
somebody who is implicated in a death is
usurping God's power of life and death
animals to be eaten should be killed
people should die of
natural causes
by the hand of God
a family should feel shame if a family member suffers
life changing injuries
if somebody is killed - rather than dying at God's hand
some sacrifice to God is required to offset the hubris
execution or life imprisonment
to appease God on behalf of mankind
not to provide closure for the family
they do not say
we only investigate deaths if the victim's family
ask us to
so 'closure' for the family is bollocks
and then we come to the Sam concept
I want to make babies for you
I want to protect their immortal souls by
injuncting you not to speak to them about
and Ricker being thrown off university courses for
treating education as something other then
rote learning
latter-day scriptures
in other words
scientific and technical literature has to be
compatible with traditional teachings
and regarded as an annex or addendum to Holy Scripture
We forget the title of the comedy about the priests of
Craggy Island
Father Ted
but we remember the meeting between the
Roman Catholic priests and some Anglican clergy
and the RCs were not smoking and the CofE
Church of Englands
were smoking
and this referred to how the two churches respond to
and to science
The RCs are not interested in the evidence
they do what the Pope tells them to do
the CofEs take an interest in the new evidence
and them choose to ignore it
rather like the monks on the North East cost of England
faced with Viking invaders
EXPECTED God to protect them
because they were
True Believers

31st October 2019

The pale blue is
Bran Sands
sewage sludge de-watering plant
it takes shipments from Hendon
not the one down London the
Tyne and Wear one - we think

We guess the plant with the red and white chimney is the
waste to energy plant

under the white slab at nine o'clock
that is a bridge parapet
Redcar British Steel
The trains stop
about once a week
sesurity won't let you leave the platform

and these are three
dockside cranes
and constitute
Tees Port's Container Terminal

Some time ago there was some disquiet about the council
Redcar and Cleveland Council
re-surfacing the back lane behind the houses in
Corporation Road
between The West Dyke Road roundabout and
Redcar and Cleveland College
on the South Side
Those houses - including the one where the mayoral car is kept
have front gardens at least twenty feet deep
and yet
those properties carry with them
marked out, on pavement, parking places at the front
switch now to
Coatham Road
between Christ Church and the Cricket ground
these houses too have a paved rear road access
mostly to garages in the back yard or garden
their front yards or gardens are less than six feet deep
they have on street parking bays
out front, in Coatham Road
Here's the thing
if you examine the level crossings at either end of
Redcar Central Goods Yard
the one at the up end - West Dyke Road
is far more sturdy and newer than the one at the down end
Redcar Lane
The class 68s and the class 800s, Azumas
will be crossing West Dyke Road
but not
Redcar Lane
in the New Year
direct trains from and to
Manchester and London
will be generating more and more closures of
West Dyke Road Level Crossing
still there courtesy of
former MP Ian Swales??
and more and more the question will be
should we have a
make way for oncoming traffic
as on
Majuba Road
or should we have the busses and bin wagons
re-routed via Redcar Lane?
or should we just scrap the on street parking on Coatham Road?
However, before The Middlesbrough Evening Gazette decided to
join team Swales
they published a letter from our Ricker that suggested that
Locke Park be converted into a roundabout
to the extent of making
Locke Road Railbridge one way southbound
the section of Coatham Road in question one way east bound
and Kirkleatham Lane Railbridge one way north bound
None of which would have been necessary if the council had
stumped up for
Locke Road Railbridge
to be widened.
and so,
since we are having a General Election
we have a Tory Tees Valley Mayor
two transport projects a bit cheaper than
Teesside Airport
Widen Locke Road Railbridge
demolish the charity shops at the far east end
south east corner of the pedestrianised part of
Redcar High Street East
the terrace between the High Street
the former police station on Lord Street
and build a new, proper
bus station there

This is one of those
Newton Moments
I'll write it up when I get time
We are not here going to get into detailed discussion about
the exact nature of
kosher and halal
don't eat pigs and only eat from animals that were
fit and healthy until the moment you killed them
It's public health law written into a religion
the point we want to get to is this
unlike crocodiles and lizards and vultures
that are differently equipped
we should eat animals when they are in the prime of life
almost without exception
we eat plants when they are dying
we harvest fruit and veg in the autumn - the fall
when they are dead and leaving seed to be
the next generation the next year
there is a classic example of exceptions that prove the rule
if you see a tree that has dead leaves on it
leaves that are dead but have not fallen in the fall
you assume that that tree is dead
unless it is beech or hornbeam
beech trees do not appear to have what the expert call the
abscission mechanism
they crry their dead leaves through winter
presumably for insulation against cold but running the risk
they will be caught by strong winds and fell the tree
or rip off a branch
we do not judge fruit and veg on the basis of the
health of the prey
and we need to take a lot of care over selection of fruits to eat
no simple hallal or kosher rule to distinguish
elder berries
deadly nightshade
and damn all diversity of plant species to the
deserts where
Holy Scriptures
were written

28th October 2019

Sometimes it seems wrong to pick over a tragedy
we are deeply baffled by the Vietnamese horror
This woman knows she is dying
and yet she can text her mom to tell her she is dying
at what point did it not occur to anybody to
text the driver and say we need the doors open for a spell?
If the driver was contacted and told things were going wrong
and he did nothing...
he must have been oblivious because otherwise he would not have
completed his journey and opened the doors
outside the cold store
he would have checked the truck
found the bodies
dumped the truck
gone on the run
it almost seems like
the Golgafrinchian B Arc
somebody put the people they didn't want to make it
in the truck that
well you would say....
the driver wasn't in on it
and that's why nobody had his number
how would you hire a driver and not know how to contact them
in transit?
It seems very clear that the driver who opened the trailer
didn't haul the trailer across Belgium
It is a bit like a game of
pass the parcel
The first problem is gaining a public understanding that
refer trailers are self sustaining - free standing
and tractors and trailers swap all the time
in this instance
the trailer may well have been moved from the
Belgian dockside
onto the ship, to travel alone
by a dockside
PC Plod's approach seems like
posting a letter and being able predict
whether it will be delivered by
Postie Pat
Postie Sam

We often praise the versatility of the English language
however, the recent ISIS exercise point up a major flaw
and refers back to Ann Ming
the use of the word
to refer to
adult offspring
somebody in their fifties
looses a grown up child and the write up gives the impression of
the death of a toddler

25th October 2019

And now we present...
a pair of the UK's most
expensive lawn mowers
These Reliance and one of the 'new' second hand replacements for
The Pacers
sit in the somewhat short and neglected
Middlesbrough Station passenger sidings
current TransPennine Expresses
avoid by using the Whitby line as a pretend siding
and the Whitby line?

This is
James Cook
James Cook university Hospital's
dedicated railway station on the Whitby line

and some of the trains that stop here run all the way to
without a change
via Middlesbrough and Hartlepool
originally twin track, now single track

This is an attempt to demonstrate the scale of
James Cook

the thing is,
that unit doesn't even include
medical physics
that's elsewhere on site
on the same campus...
This lot isn't a part of South Tees University Hospitals Trust
This lot is
Tees Wear and Esk NHS Trust

and that's what replaced
St. LUke's
Roseberry Park
is the north half of the campus and it is
The mental health trust
This thing is
fucking humungous
off the main mall there is
Marks and Spencer
W H Smith
a huge cafe
not pictured
the regional spinal injuries unit
not pictured - as seen on TV
A and E
on telly it may appear that the helipad
is over the road
the road on TV is the
internal circulatory road
Marton Road is
behind you
as you look down from the helipad - designed to be capable of taking
all the SeaKing helicopters
air sea rescue owned - all at once - when built in ?? 2003
to take the evacuation of an entire
north Sea oil rig
we challenge anybody to
James Cook A and E
immediately inside the
ambulance entrance.. 4 resus bays
casualties awaiting surgery?
upstairs to ward 34
as Teeside deserves
it is primarily designed to deal with the consequences of
industrial accidents
on any imaginable scale

23rd October 2019

It's quite a sobering thought that
at any given time
one in a thousand people in the UK are
in prison
that means one in 500 men
The media foster the idea that locking people up is a bit like
once anything disappear down a drain
it no longer exists
and if a perp does time the victim will be healed
finding out who the perp is may offer closure
the growth of categories who
can't be named for legal reasons
we end up with
human warehouses and no real closure
add to that
Criminal Records Bureau checks
and their successors and we run the risk of having
more people of working age with a blemished CRB check
than people with an unblemished record
and that is
a major driver for
women only professions
and a women only profession becomes
a low pay profession

21st October 2019

We are here attempting a second chapter
We remember the concept
A veneer of Respectability
what we feel we are beginning to see in the
North East of England
a Veneer of Desperation
we have not written about this before but
we suspect that when the National Government
took control of business rates
at first
in essence
government grants were matched
the lost rates
not local need
any attempt to match funding to need results in
stories about
money being taken from industrial and post-industrial areas
and given to
the likes of
to be politically acceptable
the re-balancing will have to be gradual

On 1 April 2013 a new system of business rates retention began in England.
Before April 2013 all business rate income collected by councils formed
a single, national pot, which was then distributed by government in the form of formula grant.
Through the Local Government Finance Act 2012, and regulations that followed,
the government gave local authorities the power to keep up to half of business rate income and
transfer half of it centrally, to central government.
The central share is then distributed to councils in the form of revenue support grants.
The other half kept by local authorities are then subjected to
tariff, levy, top-up and safety payments depending on the financial position of the council.
According to the government the change gives financial incentives to councils to
grow their local economies and increase their income from business rates.
At the same time the new scheme has resulted in more risk and uncertainty.


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