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Photo Essay on Kirkleatham Ward, Redcar
Photo Essay on the return of
Zetland Lifeboat

we want to do a bit more of the
uplifting story and
we include two pictures of the same plant
taken at different times
to show that
the plant is
actually growing there

brave heart
uplifting in these difficult times

Tees Valley, UK
Good enough for
Government Work

Oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive
watching UK law enforcement is like
watching a weaver
slamming the shuttle from one side of the loom
to the other with no consideration of
what they are producing

a seafront tattooist in Redcar has this
[M]ODIFIED girls
as part of the graffiti on her car
perhaps both of her cars
both minis
one says
my other car is a real mini

we think there may be a web site called
counting dead women
what we understand is that in the UK
on average
each week
5 men
2 women
are unlawfully killed
if in a particular week
a truck load of illegal immigrants are
added to the total
you can see that in a 'typical week'
the numbers will be a little lower
the BBC is supposed to be a
responsible broadcaster and any suggestions of
are rejected in the same way as
criticism of the police for
not doing what they are told
but doing
something vaguely similar
and here in lockdown we see a parallel activity from
the BBC
there is no sport but we still have sports bulletins
in a week when no women are unlawfully killed
the gap, the vacuum, must be filled with
an appeal for information about a
female death that happened
several decades ago
there is a
woman murdered slot
and it must be filled

4th May 2020

Here's the plan!
Whenever we update this file
the updated version will appear first
perhaps not by very long
Our Street
the slot in the template

we made reference earlier to
The Blair Administration
asking Law Enforcement
What laws would you like?
whatever the answer
it boils down to
laws, rules and regulations that are
easy to enforce
irrespective of the harm, benefit, relevance to
the Public Good

27th May 2020

It's called
Group Think
it's also called
fear of missing out
we've tried to be nice
to drop hints
to use
nudge think
here is your scenario
the one you haven't thought through
kids in Primary School
a dozen or so at a time
one in the pack is
snottered to hell
picking their nose
blowing there nose
putting their hands in their mouth
you send them home
no prob
would you ask them to
wash their hands in your school
before they leave?
another kid shows no particular signs but
is infected and has been
picking their nose and putting their hands in their mouth
when you say
scrub your hands
it suggests
to the kid in us that
hand washing is a
vigorous activity
so if you are a kid you
turn the taps
water splashing everywhere
then the kid
adds virus to the splashing water and
the kids using the sinks
either side of them
breath in the deadly elixir
stick to the alcohol wipes
if you have a religious objection to
spectacle cleaning wipes use
iso-proply alcohol
test to see if that works

26th May 2020

interesting to see how so many really nice people
in the media
have never heard of
Barnad Cassle
Barnard Castle
some got it as
Castel Barnard
confusing it with
Banborough were they?
just to put the record straight
it has, for news purposes, a
Young Offenders Institute
that used to be an RAF base
Dominic Cummings
There's no fool like an old fool
when an older man marries a younger wife
there is a tendency for him to regard her as a
a Princess
perhaps as a mistress
rather than a partner
for those who can afford this it has been in the past
if you are regarding your wife as your daughter
and her child as
your grandchild
especially if you work long hours
you can become
wildly over indulgent
of your little family
if the wife is, on top of this
a first time mother
all logic goes out of the window
most people won't know what a
PeLiCon crossing is
it is a pedestrian light controlled crossing on a highway
central York is a very busy place
one day Ricker was about his business in York
and about to use a pelicon crossing
this bloke came rushing toward him
setting off to cross the road
against the lights
and shouting
I have a child, I have a child
as though the universe would hear him and re-set the lights
kiddies can really mess with your mind
some call it
Baby brain
we have to make allowances
up to a point

25th May 2020

Oh Ricker in danger of having his
thunder stolen
a native T-cell
is a T cell that has
differentiated in bone marrow and
and then been tuned up in the
the thymus is a gland in the chest
we are not in the business of going
too deep into detail
simly because we can
there's a chicken and egg problem here
B-cell lymphocytes produce antibodies
T-cell lymphocytes are the cookie monsters
there are loads of types of T-lymphocytes and they
are born in the bone marrow and
go to uni in the thymus
as we get older our thymus shrinks
as does our brain
a major part of
is that our brains become
read only memory
as opposed to
random access memory
and so
the University of the Thymus
stops recruiting fresh tutors
and they concentrate on
how we fought the Boer War
the chicken and egg thing is
1 the egg came first because
the first chicken egg was a
mutant version of something that
wasn't quite a chicken
2 you get CoViD-19 if you are old
you have a shrivelled thymus if you are old
you don't need a blood test to know that
your thymus will have dementia compared to
how it was thirty years ago
counting T-cells
may be a semi non-invasive method of telling
just how far your thymus is
but an x-ray or scan would do that

18th May 2020

we are not going to dispute that
is a pandemic
it could be said to be
an epidemic
in each country where it is occurring
what is interesting is that
to describe something as
pandemic - as an description, and adjective
as opposed to a noun - a thing
is the same as describing it as
kosmos - the world
polites - citizen
both cosmopolitan and pandemic mean the same as each other
and the opposite of
endemic means local
it has come to be used to mean
but it really means local
and so..
why the yearning tp describe CoViD-19 as
a pandemic?
we have not seen the headline yet in print
but we see it in the mind's eye of sub-editors
pandemic contains the essence of
the very stuff of headlines
the Greek,
honestly when we say that we don't know
how much modern Greek differs from Ancient Greek
but we assume we are meaning Ancient Greek
the Greek for
and as the medical English is
an osmia
a nosmia
and for the same reason that it's
an apple
a apple
and presumably plastic surgeons have a term for
Cirano de Bergerac syndrome
is that correct
straight off the top of Ricker's head???
there will be a medical term for
having no nose
if we were inventing one
is Greek for trunk
a problem there because
animals with a trunk
isn't Greek
nasus nose
if it's medical, if in doubt
assume it's Greek
given our Ricker's beginnings he can say
with certainty
all I want for Cwismas is
me ma two front teef
so I can wish you
a Mewwy Cwismas
without a
fore proteros
tooth odos
without pre-maxillary teeth

there has been a little comment on
that what is sauce for the goose in the sense that
whatever the logic behind deciding that
the population must be protected from
that protection is
'really bad news'
for a whole lot of other infections
and whatever objections there may be to
'un-natural medications'
antibiotics, vaccinations etc.
the antivacs don't seem to have got their act together
to any significant extent
to oppose
behavioural public health actions
lockdowns, track and trace etc>BR> clearly they have objected but for some reason
the mainstream media have not
allotted them
equal time and exposure
on this occasion
and so several infections may
go the way of small pox
as colateral damage
as we write we stand at almost two thirds through
the original 3 month CoViD-19 lockdown
at this point we are thinking about a time
fifty years ago
and one third of the way from
the start of the UK NHS and the present
and so we are looking at some of the things that were written
at the twenty five years in, stage
Cyril A Clarke
was then
Head of the Department of Medicine and
Director of the Nuffield Unit of Medical Genetics
University of Liverpool
he wrote
Human Genetics and Medicine
genetics is of increasing importance in medicine
because more is known about the basic facts of
and partly because
with the control of many infections with
public health measures
genetic disorders
are relatively more frequent than they were
end quote
this was a serious doctor and scientist
speaking to us from hs time
this will stand some textual analysis
DNA and RNA stop being
mystery stuff
between 1952 and 1962
if like Ricker you studied these things in the 1970s
you did two separate genetics courses
taught by different lecturers
the old guys taught
Mendelian Genetics
the genetics of
what gives
Mendel was a priest who bred peas
wrinkled and smooth peas
and the young guys taught
Molecular Genetics
the story of how it works
nobody taught about how to do
Gene Editing
and so our Dr. is one of the old guys
and so his line is a bridge between the two camps
his line is
1 infections are now under control and so
they are not
thinning out the genetic defectives
'relatively more frequent' means
say one in a thousand children born
have a genetic disorder
say nine out of ten of them
die from measles before they reach school age
and only one in a thousand kids without a genetic disorder
die from measles before school age
people over the age of five who have
genetic abnormalities will be
few and far between
but if you remove infections
they will make up an increased proportion of the population
2 from the molecular camp he picks up on
now that we know how genetics works
and we can see that
things that run in families are
real, physical, chemical differences
we cannot say that
people with non-infectious diseases
got them because they were unlucky
or because their parents were poor and
couldn't feed them properly
he concludes that the
new era role of genetics is to
prop up
genetic counselling
and this is the area between
knowing how genes work
and this is being able to
detect genetic errors at an early stage and
convince prospective parents to
go for a termination
most right thinking people would say
and we are not entirely sure we can
number Phil the Greek amongst these
most right thinking people think
we should eradicate pestilence - infections
and not the genetically enfeebled
and so
in a sense
Watson, Crick, Frankline and Wilkins
and the gene editors
we had an era when we developed
techniques along the lines of
invitro fertilisation
that's fertilising human eggs in a glass dish
not up somebody's chuff
that being
in vivo
within the living
we have no evidence that the folks who have
campaigned against
antibiotics and vaccines
were in fact
modern day Spartans
in Ancient Greece
the Athenians - people who lived in Athens
were the softies
and The Spartans - people who lived in Sparta
were the toughies
Athens - Edinburgh
Sparta - Glasgow
so the legend goes that women in Sparta would leave their
new born babies out exposed on the hillside above the city
for a night
and if they were alive next morning
they were worth the trouble of raising them
the professor was dealing with
nature does not sort these kids any more
because we have done away with infections
1 we have to learn how to
1a we have to pay for
lifelong care for the defective who 'should have' died
in infancy
Gone and never called me Mother
populations - communities with
high infant mortality rates will have
low CoViD-19 mortality rates

however this is not so simple
1 Hardy-Weinberg
2 Huntington's Disease our man had that down as
Huntington's chorea
Hardy-Weinberg states that with certain provisos
if two contrasting genetic traits exists within a population
they will continue in the same proportions
from generation to generation
the major proviso is that
the two traits was not subject to
selective pressure
and so
brown hair, blonde hair
but not brown hair, red hair
nobody fancies a ginner
we exaggerate
to switch from Huntington's
to pre-mature male pattern baldness
some genetic defects
don't manifest themselves
until after you have bred
to be more serious
you think you could handle a dose of that guy
but you don't realise
he and his (your) kids will be
full blown demented
before they is fifty
nobody expects the young women of
the 1970s to have faith in
gene editing
and so they were not keen on
tests for the likes of
Down's syndrome
our man had quite a list
Anencephaly, a no brainer, one in five hundred
you do know why you have ultrasounds during pregnancy
cleft palate four in ten thousand
cleft lip, with or without cleft palate
one in a thousand
club foot, one in a thousand
congenital heart disease, six in a thousand
there are only three common birth defects
that are more common in girls than boys
dislocated hip
curvature of the spine
both six times more common in females
spina bifida
just more common
and a 4th
just more common
manic depressive psychosis
four kids in every thousand
three girls for every two boys
and a 10 to 15 percent chance
if you produce one nutter
all yer kids will be nutters
whether or not you is normal
there are more psycho women than psycho men
women are just
better at it
the reason for genetic defects being more pronounced
in males is that
for most species, not just humans
males are experiments
the natural process is for a community to
breed from
most of its females
and very few of its males
the essential female role is to
cop a dose of the
most impressive bloke they can get their hands on
but over time
rather unimpressive specimens have
developed the likes of
to give the male dross - failed experiments
a chance to breed
in more natural conditions
women want two types of men
the impressive ones to
harvest a dose from at the appropriate
time of the month
and a gay guy
to act as a wife
for the remainder of the time
and by contrast....
one per cent of babies...
equal males and females
14 per cent chance
all your kids will have it if one does
and an interesting aside
in the UK there are normally
half a million nutters walking the streets of the UK
and they've all been under house arrest
for the past two months
where are the mass graves?
have they been better behaved during lockdown?
schizophrenia is now called
nobody has said anything about whether
lockdown is
we would guess it is soothing for
we saw one case where
one bipolar subject has got by with
two months of Sundays
an interesting side line here
Never in a month of Sundays
back in the day
people had children as a
an unhelpful child - not doing chores
would be described as
cheaper to keep a week than a fortnight
applied to horses too
and so
the work value of an adult daughter
versus the work value of a wife
when a man sought permission from a man to
marry his daughter
the father would agre to
offer his daughter's hand in marriage
in exchange for
the groom working a month of Sundays
for the Father-in-Law
the trick was
a month of Sundays isn't
the Sundays in a month - 4 or 5
it's 28 to 32 Sundays
the groom would work on the father-in-law's farm
or in his business
on 30 Sundays - his days off from his
weekday employer
to compensate for the loss of chores from the daughter
somewhat different from
I has two of everything
I told you when I wrote
but now I've one of
nothing at all
Paddy McGinty's goat
her trousseau
eaten by a goat
so we have
month of Sundays
take this good for nothing wench off my hands
and I'll pay you
please marry this bitch
so her younger sister can get married
Taming of the Shrew
Kiss me Kate

to return to the Hardy-Weinberg law
this is the reason why there is almost always
a replacement pathogen when we
eliminate a threat
the idea is
every species has an range of
ever present
understudies - potential replacements
we introduce a selective pressure
the proportion of the
traditionallly dominant variant
goes down
and the proportion of the traditionally sub-dominant variant
goes up
and if it was previously at
almost undetectably low levels
we think it is a new mutant variation

the most important thing about
and in particular
medical science
is that almost everybody picks up
a smattering along the way
a little knowledge can be dangerous
setting aside the plot lines of
zombie movies
people who have paid a little attention to
news stories over the years....
think about all those kids who race go carts
from the age of six
and then have a super licence
before they have a
public highway driving licence
and how they can relate to sharing the road with
people who passed their test at the
20th attempt in their late fifties...
it is difficult to have a
meeting of minds
and so
how do folk who trained as doctors
to be one up on their pharmacist parents
relate to problems in medicine that
don't relate to drug selection?
and how do real deal bio-medical scientists
time was...
people with bio-medical science degrees
weren't allowed to be members of
The Institute of Biologists
because they were
lab technicians
how do real deal bio-medical scientists
get inside the heads of
clinicians and lab tecs?
it ain't easy
and so you have to put your
couch potato head on
and think
what related news stories have I seen that these also people
will have seen?
and Ricker has come to the conclusion
had the light bulb moment
the epiphany
if you know sod all about immunology
and you were asked to recall a news story about immunology
what would be the first one you can remember
it strikes Ricker that a recurring theme in
immunology news stories is
the Boy in the Bubble
kids who don't have an immune system
or more recently have had it deliberately destroyed
to counter an auto-immune disease
if you were a boy in a bubble you would be
helpless in the face of any infection
we hear that story over and over again
and so
the amateur or dilettante immunologist thinks
I have a functioning immune system but
if I haven't been vaccinated against
the specific pathogen I face today
then I am as defenceless as
the boy in the bubble is
whatever infection he meets
and hence the headless chicken dismissal of
all forms of defence that
don't involve

11th May 2020

it's often a bit uncomfortable trying to define
one definition is
if I can't be
King of the World
somebody like me should be
often the people of a country, population whatever
who have a
despotic leader
are divided about his or her
qualities and suitability
and so another definition of democracy is
as at present in the United States
anybody born here
can be elected President
but not more than twice
not for more than 8 years
the real difficulty with democracy is when a nation is faced with
complex, nuanced, decisions
it is interesting that perhaps
newspapers grew out of
people who wanted to influence public opinion discovered
literacy amongst the masses
and discovered printing
and put them together
and then people got a taste for
news and opinion
and began to be a target market for
and to sell advertising you have to sell copies of views
and so
newspapers developed the technique of reducing every issue
into a startling headline
quite what the link is between that and
police officers needing to have the mental outlook of
newspaper sub-editors
escapes us
that having been said....
setting aside police officers and newspaper editors
people are mostly willing to divide life's gristle
always look on the bright side of life
problems for the pub
problems to leave to the experts
most people don't have a category
problems that must be
dumbed down
and every now and again Ricker writes something that
has a complex back story
and then gets interested in the details
hence recourse to
The Electron Microscope in Biology
A. V. Grimstone
assistant director of research
Department of Zoology
University of Cambridge
in 1968
all viruses are exceedingly small
but some are smaller than others
a few of the larger ones can just be seen
in the light microscope as minute dots
but their shape cannot be made out
and nothing can be seen of their
internal structure
before the advent of the electron microscope
the shapes and dimensions of viruses had to be
deduced indirectly
for example
by determining how fine a filter they would pass through
or studying their rate of sedimentation in a centrifuge
gap in quote
specimens which are to be studied in the electron microscope
have to be supported on something
and this obviously cannot be a glass slide as in a light microscope
since this would be opaque to electrons
we'll paraphrase from here
they used small metal grids about 2 to 3 mm in diameter
normally made of copper
the holes in the grid being 0.1 mm in diameter
these were normally made by a process very similar to
chrome plating
electrolytic deposition onto a suitable substrate as he says
and as 'sheet' of nitrocellulose
was laid over the grid to be between the sample and the copper
the sample is obtained by
putting the tissue in a blender
he says homogeniser
and then a centrifuge to get rid of the dross
wash and centrifuge at least three times...
suspend in saline - salty water
put a drop of virus rich saline onto a grid
allow it to dry
in order to obtain satisfactory images of virus particles
some method of enhancing their capacity to
scatter electrons must be employed
in 'staining' for the electron microscope
consist of certain salts of heavy metals
lead, uranium, or tungsten
which have high atomic numbers
from example dunk it in
uranyl acetate
mainly these 'stains' will be taken up by
and so
for viruses
what they do is
flood the grid and
the virus particles will be
islands in a lake of stain
and the electrons get through the virus
and not through the surrounding
dried up lake bed
the 'plating' method we touched on earlier is called
in a vacuum chamber you vaporise a chunk of metal
imagine a tennis ball
imagine a spot light shone on it from an angle
a sort of shadow will appear on the side of the tennis ball
opposite to the source of the stream of metal particles
and some sort of image can be had from that
the metal that hits the virus
doesn't hit the grid
so if the virus 'falls off' the grid
there will be a virus shaped gap in the layer of metal
deposited onto the grid
none of this is
an every day tale of virus folk
going about their evil business
all about deducing things from
it is known from chemical analyses that
most virus particles consists of nothing else other than
a protein coat
and a nucleic acid core - the genetic material
as we have said
soaps and detergents
cut through grease
fats, oils lipids
you need a
biological washing powder
with added enzymes
to destroy proteins
or strong alcohol
viruses are not built like
they are not chocolate coated
they just look like it
the book contains a real electronmicrograph of
a human wart virus
they look an awful lot like the pictures of
corona viruses we see on the news on the telly
we should note at this point that
a virus is ninety odd per cent either
and Watson and Crick did not deduce the structure of DNA
by bunging a sample into an electron microscope
they got
Rosalind Frankline
to crystallise the material and do
X-ray crystallography on the material to
provide them with the data they needed
would the
I'm the Professor of Virology at
Betty's Tea Rooms
zip it
shut the fuck up
the best way to explain how viruses get
multiplied, reproduced is
it's like somebody clicking on
send all
when sending an email
you think you are sending the whole email
but you are sending a copy to each of the addresses in your
contacts list
it's no more complicated than that

we are sensitive about making public statements about
the private lives of public figures
but an old fool can get emotionally involved in an apparent
Ricker does think
Ant Partridge
does not appear to be making much of a job of
making Helen Stanley happy
such an attractive l
and self confident lass
when she first appeared
on our screens
not so long ago
we depend very much on what
our Ricker can remember
but we do have some recourse to reference material
we note that wikipaedia head their entry on
coronavirus with a
transmission electronmicroscope image of the virus
not the current one but similar
and we had earlier said we did not know whether the
artists impressions on the telly
were based on transmission or reflection
so now we know
and we know that the environment in which
these snaps were taken
is very hostile
vacuum, electron bombardment etc.
we would suggest that what is in the images is
actually the result of
contrast in the image deriving from
some part of the virus absorbing more or less of
a stain
probably a heavy metal - top of Ricker's head, osmium
introduced to the viral sample
before the sample was placed inside the microscope
a ghost in the machine
Ricker knows a bit more about
herpes virus than corona virus
and a basic distinction is that
herpes is DNA based
and corona is RNA based
nobody seems to have settled on an antiviral for corona
but acyclovir is used in herpes cases
what we want to explain here is the likely best case scenario
regarding antiviral drugs
the mode of action of Zovirax is that the trade name?
is that you ingest the drug
your body converts it into something else and then
we get to the Lego analogy
Lego bricks depend on having as one may say
a male and a female surface
a knobbly side and a cavity side
when you add a brick you press the cavity side
down onto a knobbly surface and the two bricks stick together
if you are - for instance - making a model of a
fuel filling station you want to
entrance from exit and so you lay down a
perimeter wall
you could just lay down standard bricks
but you may wish to make a neater job by
choosing the thinner - often white - bricks that
have a cavity side and the knobbly side is replaced by
a nice neat smooth surface
the mode of action of acyclovir is that it is converted in the body
flat topped bricks
when the virus is forcing the host cell to synthesise more
of the virus DNA
the cell picks up the drug product
instead of the regular DNA component and thus
a synthetic stop is put to virus production
and here is the prime issue
the drug stops or hinders new virus production
it is not lethal to the virus
other mechanisms need to do the
clear up
the work of removing the already existing virus
and frankly
if that does not happen
as soon as the drug dose runs out
we are back where we started since
no damage has been done to the
complete, entire, virus particles in the body
and so,
the 'best hope' for a drug
as a stand alone
is to put a patient into a
I'm not currently manufacturing virus
so long as the drug is being administered
but other more toxic drugs are being researched
yer quick dirty solution is
bung patients drugs such as acyclovir and
measure the drug titre to look for an effect
but as to
saving the life of the patient
they ain't dying from corona virus
they are dying from
pneumonia/general organ failure
like the waitress said to Ricker when he ate the
watercress on his plaice and chips
you're not supposed to eat the decorations
prompting the question
how many customer's meals had that watercress
already been on?
but the point is
pneumonia WITH influenza
plaice WITH watercress

here is an important concept
just as, as soon as, a sperm enters an egg
it is no longer a sperm but a part of a
egg plus sperm equals zygote
so as soon as a virus particle enters a host cell
it is partly
note partly - no conscious thought so
no intent
no partiality
it is partly dismantled
go again
it's all up to the next gen(eration)
from then on
and so...
naturally the new particles
mass house invade
the next door cells
but eventually this
street party
comes to the attention of
the authorities
the immune system

if we set aside the big things
protozoa, fungi, etc.
that can infect us through
or be injected by insects such as
the immune system has three targets
cancer cells
viruses are only a problem when they can find a suitable
host cell
bacteria and cancer cells
need a food supply but not necessarily a host cell
viruses spread
they invade more and more host cells and
take them over and destroy them
bacteria and cancer cells
one cell
one lone bacterial cell
in the absence of an immune system
and the presence of food
in an environment such as
temperature, absence of UV light, etc. etc
to which they are adapted will multiply
like rats in a barn
and so will cancer cells
cancer cells are rogue versions of you so they
are adapted to living in your body
they, in the term
multiply by division
one lone cell switched to
proliferative mode
usually, but not always by
a foreign body - asbestos fibre, calcium deposit
cutting them off from contact with their neighbours
loss of
contact inhibition
they can't detect a neighbour so
they ' assume' a void or wound and
multiply to try to bridge the
phantom gap
most if not all
brain tumours
in nature
they are related to
malfunction, errant mode change, in
the scaffold cells that regulate the
physical structure of the brain
of actual
nerve cells
the immune system has what the espionage community would call
back passages
that would be< R> back channels
in the world of diplomacy
we have a blood circulation that connects everything to
the immune system
but also provides nutrition to everything
including pathogens
the body also has a
lymphatic system
it drains fluid from all over the body and feeds it to
the immune system
and it contains little or no nutrition
and things we don't want
bacteria, viruses, cancer cells
wind up in the Lubianka
the lymph nodes
but surgeons
remove the Secret Police dungeons
when they find - breast cancer, arm pit nodes
and after that
your immune system no longer has any
comcentration camps
for rogue operators
what the chance of
cleansing lymph nodes without destroying them??
the cancer cells didn't
in the lymph nodes so their removal is
at best
collateral damage
bacteria and viruses in your lymph nodes would probably
not lead to their excision

we know how keen
(Billy) Bunter ( of the Remove)
is on
Oxford University
the nearest we could come today is
The Oxford University Press
unfortunately for Bunter
it is a monograph published by OUP
but written by
A C Allison
in 1974
when he was
Head of the cell pathology division of
the Clinical Research Centre of
the Medical Research Council
previous to that he had worked at what they then called
Mill Hill
The National Institute for Medical Research
and so to quote
just a little bit
In 1955, Christian de Duve
and other scientists working with him in
gave he name lysosomes to a group of
microscopic organelles
located in the cytoplasm of animal cells
They are distinguished from other organelles by
three major functions they perform
1 They digest material taken into the cell
this may be food in th case of protozoans
or bacteria in the case of
slip out of quote here
Greek phagein to eat, kytos hollow
an amoeboide white blood corpuscle
that ingests - swallows - foreign particles
the big lumbering cookie monster of the
immune system
or the Kodiak Bear
capable of ingesting
fungal filaments
the phagocyte engulphs the foreign matter and
its lysosomes
digest them
return to quote
2 they break down parts of the cell
or even all of it (after cell death)
3 they release the enzymes they contain
outside the cell causing extracellular breakdown
as in
resorption of tadpole tails
end quote
our Ricker knows stuff
'cos he's read books
sperm have a special type of lysosome
they use them to drill a hole in the wall of
an egg to ge inside
none of that
glass tube and pointed stick you see on
when they doin'
fertility treatments
the point is
people and also people and
as Durrell would have it
My Family and Other Animals
are not
sitting ducks
when we are healthy
we have defences
very good ones
very good, not perfect

regular readers will know
we like to delve into
words and word meanings
the period of British History between
the two World Wars
is interesting
in many ways but today we would contrast three eras
the period between the
Napoleonic Wars
and the Boer War
was the period of
Industrialisation in the UK
the period of history from
The Boer War - the war between
the British and the Dutch
over South Africa
was the period of
votes for working men
votes for women
the period 'Between the Wars'
the Interwar Years
terms for the period between
the First and Second World Wars
was different
some will recall tales of
The Press Gang
people being forced into
Armies and Navies
but the 'victims' of such pressing were
likely lads
people having their
furlough is, leave of absence
Dutch - verlof, permission
because the Great War
later known as
The Second World War
came after
The Industrial Revolution
and was the first war after the industrial revolution
it killed a lot more men - almost all casualties of WW1 were male
and so the protagonists introduced
a form of semi-universal conscription
people had reserved occupations if they were
in more modern terms
essential workers
World War I
was the first war in which
there were utterly unprepared patriotic call ups
followed by conscripts
'old sweats'
and when the army - in particular
carried out
Induction Medicals
they were utterly shocked at the
poor state of health of volunteers and conscripts
compared to
that sudden discovery of the
general poor state of health of
Joe Public
was the motivation behind the push
the endeavour from 1919 to 1949
to set up
The National Health Service

the word we are working on today is
1919 influenza pandemic
deaths due to
but what does it mean?
inappropriate nutrition
One Hundred Years Later
an infectious disease epidemic in the UK
due to
shortage of food
too much of the wrong food
all these Leftist activists
got a problem?
shovel some cash at it
give the benighted 'maw monay'
to buy processed foods
don't offend them by
teaching them how to

imagine there's a charity called
Cancer Research UK
imagine that at one time in their history
they had a commercial arm that
ran charity shops
and imagine that at one time they had two sections on their tills
and 'head office' bought in
New Goods
to be sold alongside the
second hand donated items
imagine a quite successful shop in Scotland
in Glasgow or Edinburgh
and each autumn the manager of that shop
had to do a ring around other shops in the area
to try to off load
thousands of pounds worth of
New Goods she couldn't sell
guess what they were
Christmas cards
why could she not sell them?
because her shop was in
a Jewish enclave
didn't stop Head Office sending her boxes and boxes of them
every year
no matter what she said
and who she said it to
so let's move on to a more biological example
some people breed rabbits
most people who breed rabbits produce them for food
but some people are
in the fancy
they breed rabbits because they make pets and they
can be bred for their appearance
and a classic style or breed of rabbit is
The Dutch
it has a particular fur colour pattern
normally they are mostly black with white bits
say somebody brings out movie that features a rabbit character
that has a Dutch pattern but the black bits are
the breeders would suddenly have an unexpected new market for
brown and white Dutch rabbits
they would need to
suitable breeding stock
institute a
previously unpopular and little bred from
brown and white Dutch rabbits would suddenly be
in demand
you design a medication that
kills the normal versions of a virus
you clear a niche
for a slightly different version of that virus that
never really showed up in tests because
it was crowded out by the version that
fitted to niche better and
hadn't before
encountered the medication
bring in the medication and
the minority version
blossoms and
you THINK you have a MUTATION

We remember things you don't
most of you
a very very long time ago
there was no such thing as
human immunodeficiency virus
and no such thing as
we forget what that stands for
could be
auto immune deficiency disease
or acquired immune deficiency disease
there was no AIDS
but there was a relatively expensive
sold as a slimming aid
in an instant
and up until last year there was
corona beer
and other things with corona in their branding

4th May 2020

many people are familiar with the line from
Monty Python's
Life of Brian
He's not the Messiah
he's a really naughty boy
what is less often reprised is the converse
a sketch where
John Cleese
dressed in business suit, bowler, brolly
and brief case
enters a terrace house
and two of the team are dressed as
fishwives, old biddies, old women
and one looks up and says
oh your boy's home
and the other attempts to
oh we forget the term for
stroking or chuckling a baby's cheeks with fingers...
and there is some comment about
oh hasn't he grown
who's a big boy now?
are you eating your greens?
and eventually the Cleese character in exasperation says
I'm Her Majesty's Secretary of State
for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
please do shush
of course this is not the original script
but you get the idea
there is a similar story
probably true and oft repeated
woman leaves work on maternity leave
and a few years later
she feels it is time to re-commence
hosting dinner parties
and so she invites her husband's boss around for dinner
and she thinks it is all going very well
until she suddenly looks down and realises that
she is cutting the meat on the boss's plate
into tiny toddler sized pieces
and as a third in the series...
Ricker used to bank the shop takings at
the post office in Thirsk
and he used to chat to one of the tellers
one day she said
I'm off on my maternity leave now
off to do something
she referring to raising a child
some women - perhaps we are thinking of the likes of
the lawyer Ms. Allred and similar
perhaps we are thinking of our own
Vera Baird
what shall we say
their experience of men
if they have any
is of a person who
isn't home during the day
to them - in their formative days
a man is a person who
goes missing for a living
how hard can that be?
women should be allowed to do that too
and then when they get into
the world of work
that isn't - like school - about
neat handwriting, addy ups, and takie ways
they decide that if they can
photocopy a script
these days email a script
and book a 'plane ticket
they should be allowed to
direct a movie
and they are oblivious of the
other women who have been
ankle biting their movie director fathers since birth
and making their own movies - at home
schools tell pupils
learn this text
off by heart
and you will be entitled to
rule the world
and those teachers seldom encounter the
recitationists they have produced
when they are still
stocking shelves
thirty years later
nobody should be surprised by the stories of
young adults
is the current version
Young Welsh and Minted?
young adults remembering how their teachers told them
you'll never amount to anything
your exercise book is blotted and
you forgot your lines
what gets you to
either the bottom or the top
in teaching
is sod all use anywhere else
and we can draw these two themes together in
The Life of Ricker
see, when he was young he owned nothing
he had the use of quite a lot
but his parents OWNED these things
and they had the right to
bin or sell anything Ricker depended upon
and after Ricker's dad died it all belonged to his mam
she had had a shop of her own
a sweet shop in one of the windows of
her parents' haberdashers shop in Tyne Dock
before she was a teenager
when she became a widow she decided that
although she would really like to own and run a
she had a son and no daughters
and so
selling the house to
pay for her son - Ricker
to train as an optometrist
would mean she could
own and run an opticians' as second best
and Ricker had a degree in zoology from Durham University
so the training should be
a walk in the park
however her assessment of
an optician's being on a par with a hairdresser's
was a major bone of contention in the industry
the thing is
at the time there were
a lot of independent opticians and the Co-Op
ran a lot of optician's shops
to put it bluntly
at around 1980 in the UK
the majority of opticians
both the dispensing opticians - DOs
and the ophthalmic opticians - OOs
in work, had trained in
technical colleges
some time in the 1970s
optometry was introduced from the United States?
and optometry - being and optometrist - was
a graduate only entry profession and
the technical colleges were
all of this was the 'official' line
the reality was that
as time went on 'the powers that be'
who were paying for eye tests and specs
wanted more emphasis of
detection, prevention, and cure
not simply
this meant that these new university courses
introduced a boat load of
training related to the detection of pathology
and to remain in business as opticians
to be an optometrist
you couldn't be simply
a refractionist
a refractionist is somebody who can
test the optical qualities of eyes and
prescribe corrective lenses
up and down the country
there were thousands of little shops
labelled opticians
that dished out specs little better than
ready readers
the legalisation of the sale of ready readers
was probably calculated as pressure on refractionists to
sharpen up their game
offer more than specs that 'helped'
and so, most optometry students being
the sons and daughters of
went home with all these tales of pathology
and mum and dad - mom and pop - refractionists
were ageing and under pressure
from the government who paid them and
Dolland and Aitchison who employed
anybody who was qualified
no special consideration for
keeping it in the family
and so
time and again young people
still in the early 80s on full grants
not paying fees
would get home one day and find that
dad had sold their
the business they had expected to inherit
to D and A
the man from Del Monte he say
on yer bike
last we checked
D&A is now lost as a brand
and owned by
Wallgreen in The States
and operating as
Boots Opticians
and the only other place you can get your eyes tested is
something of an exaggeration
but running an independent optician's shop tends to be
a second string in a household and very
high end
get yer prescription from Boots or Specsavers and
have it dispensed in a
boutique opticians
life's too short to wear boring specs
some will remember
Are you being served
on a day when Ricker was at another branch
the actor who played Mrs Slowcome
went into D&A in Guildford and asked if they had any
of her trademark outrageous specs
nothing in stock came near

we have been having a think about social norms
we are thinking back to the
dawn of the age of the teenager
we are thinking that some of the
first teenagers are now
generation curtain twitch
perhaps they are the people who
due to family pressure
missed out on the
Swinging Sixties
so to go back in time
as today
teenagers like - slightly noisily - roaming around in groups
they are simply spilling
playground norms
onto the streets
but as a group matures
within that group, gradually, increasingly
the question may be heard
do you know what's
green and hairy?
the answer was
a gooseberry
if three people
two males and a female
two females and a male
were walking along together
this was a single that it was time for
two of them to become
a couple
and the gooseberry was the unwelcome third party
and a lot of the activities of the
metoo movement bear analysis of
how sure are you that your ministrations are welcome
to either party?
is the elephant in the room
not fear of sexual exploitation
threat to social norms and conventions
are you
protecting the woman - or man
or, at a deep level are you defending the likes of
Arranged Marriage?
over and over we have seen a failed theory defended with the
it's only failing because
it isn't being applied WITH SUFFICENT RIGOUR

a long long time ago
there used to be a thing on the BBC TV news called
we don't know what the K and the G stood for
KPMG was a firm of accountants
when our Ricker was a little boy - under 11
his dad used to go to work
nd he would talk about his work
and Ricker didn't know what to make of it
there were the daily tales of
Paddy and Hill
but from time to time Rcker's dad - Tommy
would mention
Pete Marwick
except that Pete Marwick wasn't Pete
it as probably
Peat Marwick
was probably the middle bit of
George was Tommy's chairman
and his sons, Hillary and Patrick? Paddy
were Tommy's fellow executive directors
and we assume from this distance that
Lancaster was a non-executive director
and Peat Marwick were the company's auditors
all of which is fine and dandy
but here and now we have a tale of Lancaster
it appears to our Ricker that....
oh we need to step back from Lancaster
St Peter's School, York
Ricker's half brothers
Peter and Gordon
were pupils at St. Peter's
the school that never celebrated bonfire night because???
Guy Faulkes was an old boy
we don't burn Old Peterites, even in effigy
Gordon, Peter, and Ricker all went to
Sir William Turner's School
allowing for a time slip...
Gordon was a moron and got thrown out
and St. Peter's took him on condition they could
have Peter too
Ricker, some years later, stuck it out at Coatham
and so
St. Peter's got Peter into
Brasenose College
but there is a twist
it was wartime - second world war
and BNC were billeted on some other college
you can work out which one from the next bit
but it may have been Christchurch
what we can tell you is that
BNC were billeted on the college that has
Tom Tower
and this is where Pete's career took its first setback
he was given the room to the left - right next to
Tom Tower
as you look up from the quad
all his time at Oxford
Pete couldn't study
for the sound of that
blessed bell
well, anyway that was Pete's excuse for getting
a lower second
and so
National Service after Oxford
navigator on a destroyer on the
Russian Convoys
probably not
whilst Gordon did his National Service before Leeds University
in the pay corps in Bournemouth
and then after Oxford and the Navy
gets the lad a job at
Maxwell Batley, solicitors
at the time they were at
Bevis Marks
it's a street in London
later London Wall, later still
Chancery Lane
the Lancaster story has a second part
Lancaster had spoken for young Pete
and the reports he got back were not all good
one day Lancaster said to Tommy
either at a board meeting or in a 'phone call
'if that lad of yours can't stop his wife
ringing him at work
they're going to have to let him go
Kari was in a difficulty
Pete was one of the brightest legal minds
of his generation
did the paper work for the merger of
The National Provincial and Westminster banks
The NatWest
and Kari was a nurse from
Tronyam - that's Trondheim - in Norway
so you see the rather tenuous link with the Russian Convoys
she had been working in London but had no links
with London nor England beyond
nursing and Peter
you are not wise to strand a typically
highly strung scandy blonde in a foreign land
it ended in more than tears
it ended in ECT
they had a boy and a girl and stayed married for
a very long time - decades
but ECT
stands for
Electro Convulsive Therapy
at least - so far as we know - she didn't get the full
frontal lobotomy
we could detail Gordon's
Hello Girl wife
Christ, this goes back so far into ancient history
right at the start if you had a telephone
it didn't have a dial
or a keypad
you picked up the receiver and a woman said
hello, what number do you require
a Hello Girl
'spose that was what you picked up if you were
a squaddie in the pay corps, in Bournemouth
so Ricker's brothers' wives
put Ricker right off girls
right from the start
first kiss some podgy little kid called Pamela
when they were 8
first 'girl friend', they never kissed
Lizzie Brown when they were ten
things never really improved after that
as the horrors of his own family
played out against the background of
the girls in his class entering
neat handwriting competitions while he was
trying to pass the eleven plus
we should explain
the mixed gender primary school class were
half aiming for
The Boys' Grammar
and half aiming for
The Girls' Grammar
shall we say
gender differentiated entrance exams
the boys sat the eleven plus in the assembly hall of
the boys' grammar school
it was invigilated by boys' grammar school masters
who presumably marked the papers
so we assume the converse happened to the girl candidates
just an exercise in
which girls do we want to teach
boys weren't competing with girls
girls weren't competing with boys
and the girls' grammar got girls
into higher education perhaps even further education
about as often as the boys' grammar got a boy into
Oxford or Cambridge
these days
anybody with
basic secretarial skills
can have a First Class Honours Degree
and if they don't have basic secretarial skills
they are
special needs, vulnerable, on the autistic spectrum
so they get a Higher National Diploma in being very trying
trying very hard
and an Olympic Gold Medal in
tossing the bean bag
they call it Botcha

we know that whenever anybody reads anything
the bit they don't read is
the caveats
we know that using analogies is risky
when we say
it's LIKE this
but it's NOT this




and so...
although a virus is like a sperm
the most important bit of a sperm
that a virus does not have is
a flagella
it does not have an
outboard motor
it does not have
independent motility
wherever it goes
something has to take it there
a scudding cloud of aerosol excretion
an inward breath from a new host
who got too close to an existing host
before gravity made that cloud
hit the ground
or a breeze swept it away
once in the new host the virus will look for
cells to parasitise
it will enter the first cell it lands on
it will not
go house hunting
to get deep into a host's body
the process the host should be using to
transfer it to the
fiery pit of hell
we know as
the stomach
has to go wrong and deliver it to
the Elysian Fields of
the lungs
some people have a problem with
the gag reflex
that is responsible for this
valve based control
as we are on what a virus is not
we will take on board slightly failed analogy that we are
aware of but have not yet used
if you have the good fortune to live now
in the era after the invention of
the microscope
you live at a time when
it is technically possible to create a
pollen count
because there is such a thing as a pollen count
the administration of amateurs
can't we have a virus count like the pollen count?
pollen grains survive
around a million times longer than virus particles
and they don't exist within
gravity sensitive
water droplets
we can't expect to find
viruses in air samples
as we find bits of carbon and pollen grains
for all practical purposes
the source of viable virus is
breathing in somebody else's contaminated breath
Hit the ground
That quick, that close
However, indoors.....
Legionnaire's Disease
different problem
bacteria in water tanks
being distributed to the air in a confined space by
the air conditioning
a virus
could not survive as a bacterium can in a water tank
air conditioning can
fight gravity
and keep an aerosol in the air
longer than in an indoor setting where
the air is
indoors - gravity
outdoors - gravity and breeze
indoor with air con - swirling air that
keeps a virus airborn for much longer

we do at this point have a little time to
consider the future
we have to recognise that thoughts building a business
in North East England
are dominated by considerations of
how will this sound in court
The local law enforcement are so short of
'real crimes'
to put into the databases they submit for funding
that everybody who
picks up the 'phone
to the police
or communicates in any other
'acceptable fashion'
acceptable fashion does not include
oi mate, over 'ere
instantly becomes a client
with a
crime number
or these days if the call is about
'a group of youths'
a dozen different crime numbers
for the database
whenever the
CPS - Crown Prosecution Service
there are locally several layers in law enforcement
plods, wooden tops
Judges, of various degrees
plods can add to the coffers in the mode of a
traffic warden, issuing a penalty charge
if the matter is one for the courts
normally the plod will
report the incident
and after detectives have had their
go at the time sheets over it...
the CPS will decide on
whether to prosecute
the decision will be based on the
merits of the case
did the prisoner break the law
but the real decision is on
what are the prospects of conviction
and so most often the judgement is not of
what happened
who was involved?
women have to go a long way to get seen as
somebody magistrates or a jury would
like to see in jail
especially as it is very difficult to keep from them
the answer to the question
does she have kids
and this plays into the concept of
getting your retaliation in early
we have seen less publicity about the fact that
when a woman takes up with a man she is
entitled to access his
police and criminal record
for a man
even asking for a 'phone number
could be regarded as
there is an absolute assumption that
how do you know that a character in a
Disney cartoon is female
the long eyelashes
bat your eyelashes
the absolute assumption that
any character with long eyelashes
is pure as the driven snow
and so any sort of
web site based on
ideas and concepts
has to restrict itself to
things already in the public domain
However, in the midst of the
steamroller effect of
due process
there is no invitation to
demonstrate that something published
was already in the public domain

These very local and specific
web site names were set up and maintained
to promote the wellbeing of the people and areas
to which their names refer
in the absence of any sense that
it is safe to do business
under North East Law
a different strategy is necessary to have any hope of
making money
especially if you are deemed by the
local law enforcement and
educational establishment
as somebody who
should be down London
that strategy is to
select, own, and
fatten up for sale
a URL that some corporation may one day decide to
buy for a lot of money
our Ricker has a suitable URL
it has been hacked
we are pretty sure it was hacked because it was
involved in the data breach at
a very long time ago and the details
sold around
it may have been hacked because it is valuable
however, we are willing to invest a little in it and see
how safe it now is
the hack is quite a simple one
it is a variant on the
distributed denial of service
instead of flooding the web site
it sends endless emails to an email address
over time
in this case
instead of a person sending an email to this address
getting an obscene reply
they get a message that
the sender's message has been rejected because
the recipient's in box is full
having time on our hands
we may explore this dilemma
that is whether to make any further investment in that URL

at the heart of this is the question
back in the day
as soon as a schoolteacher got a boyfriend
let alone got married
she was expected to 'retire'
and there have to be two major justifications for this
1 being married to a schoolteacher may be seen as
offering a man
privileged access to children
2 such jobs as were made available to
single adult women
were reserved in small numbers for
women who didn't have a hope in hell of
getting their hands on a man's
pay packet
these ideas stand like
abandoned bridge piers in a river
tempting modern day people to build
castles upon them
if we refer to the
Home Secretary Priti Patel...
we have in some sense the category of
a woman who NEEDS her job
because she has no man
and therefore
to keep her off the streets
prevent her from becoming a sex worker
she must
alongside the likes of police officers
we forget, The Emperor's wife
be beyond reproach
as a probation officer once said to our Ricker
'it's illegal to disagree with an MP'
but only if the MP is female
the whole
women only short lists project
would need to have some element
preventing a
revolving door
having a woman in post
is seen as more important than
having a capable and accountable person in post
our society in general is affected by this
but the publicity falls to the
make weights
and damages the prospects and reputations of
the decent ordinary women who could
make their way without special consideration
and without having to pretend they don't like men

some of these datelines go just a bit wrong
because it is a faff to publish a file
and so we build up a few items ahead of time
as at 28th April we were saying this..
many 'cultural traditions' can have their origins lost in
the mists of time
and when they do they gain in gravitas - believability
and so we will tell the story of
The Salvation Army
we could be wrong about the name but
this particular 'church'
was founded by a married couple
who may have been called
they were not responsible for the name
The Salvation Army
they were a married couple and at one point their son
one of their sons?
was a stroppy teenager
he didn't want to work in his parents'
version of a Methodist Church
he wanted to join the army
so they re-named their church
The Salvation Army
so that he would stay
that much is interesting but currently The Army
has a motto along the lines of
Blood and Fire
we forget
what we want to point out is that motto or not
They had a slogan
the slogan related to their offer to
the indigent poor
the inhabitants of the most appalling flabella style
is that favella?
slums in the likes of London and Manchester
we now have the
Firebrand Preacher Sam
he says
Jesus said
You are fishermen
I will make you fishers of men
I will save mankind
and the heckler says
do you save women too
Yes, yes women too
Good, will you save two for me for
Saturday night?
that being the Sam
the slogan was
Soup, Soap, and Salvation
that's what the Salvation Army traditionally
offered to the 'homeless'
and from this develops the idea of
1 pack the bellies of 'the poor' with
fatten them up
and 2
clean them up
so the God will prefer the look of them
if you can get the smell off them
they will loose a lot of their
you take an association with
God and The Bible
and weld on your own
untested medical theory
and after a hundred years or so
people assume that your quackery
is in The Bible
since nobody ever reads more than a hundred words
of The Bible at any one go or ever in their lives...
people mix up
quotes from The Bible
quotes from Shakespeare
quotes from random other sources
and we have no idea who came up with
cleanliness is next to Godliness
but it's a pretty universal
that dirty things are infested
clean surfaces must be
we will introduce a bit of commercial promotion here
free of charge
we said about silver being
antiseptic and turning things black...
Carron Phoenix Bali Granite Composite
kitchen sink and drainer
Sanitized Reg. Trade mark
real granite composite embedded with
silver phosphate glass
to prevent 99 per cent of bacteria from
on the soap angle
taking Booth Junior's approach into account
encouraging the poor to use soap
was more about encouraging volunteers to
walk amongst them to help them
with less recourse to
smelling salts
nosegays or whatever
rather than any genuine belief that
soap and water are the answer to
the plague
and in the tradition of
Chinese whispers...
washing just your hands
won't cut the stench by much

27th April 2020
many many people are familiar with the concept of
being stuck between
a rock and a hard place
we see this reflex deployment of
child abuse and the murder of women
whenever the police and their cohorts
want to attract our attention
for 'children are being abused'
oi, over 'ere, listen to me
and certainly not
excuse me, can I have your attention?
that aside
along with their
scum of the earth
anybody sez anything I don't understand...
I'll 'ave 'em sectioned
or branded a
we are will inject the Welsh for politician here
the Welsh for Member of the Assembly is
whiney dog
and for once we must note the spelling
Auf Wiedersehen Pet
other than the police impostor syndrome
that is
I'm way out of my depth here so
time to kick some shins
this problem of the
whiney dog wimin
when our Ricker was a little boy
according to his mother
telling him later
she refused to smack him when he was a todler
he enjoyed it too much
these days
ninety odd percent of men who have a job have
what a century ago would have been described as
a bobby's job
and is now termed
a desk job
men in general don't get up at four o'clock in the morning
to go to work
not expecting to see hearth and home ever again
and so the concept of the man as
the provider
having martial rights
has largely evaporated
but in some sense there is a lingering concept of
if she likes sex so much
maybe I should
give her something she doesn't like so much
in return for her
bed and board
maybe I should beat her up like I do me mates down the club
and so the rock and the hard place
one the one hand
the home where she gets beatings not sex
and the workplace where
she is constantly plagued by her
impostor syndrome
want the man who beats you - physically - out of your home
or the man who beats you - intellectually - out of your workplace
and so often it appears that
ousting the capable from workplaces
is cheaper and easier than
a one adult per home, policy
and here we reflect the concept
I would like to treat my cubicle at work
as if it were my home
to be Queen of all I survey
the world has a feeling that it is more appropriate to
socially engineer the workplace
than the home
and so
professions and workplaces develop
wimin only
and in the van (guard)...
universities and schools
setting the mould for all future generations
is the satisfaction of
when physically beaten
or when subject to
non physical coercive control
coercive control - something women are past masters at
can never be accused of

we wish to skim a line between
properly researched and peer reviewed
something people can understand that
doesn't drive us into the ground with
the fact checking burden
in that context, first
the platisma muscles
are involved in nodding your head down
but they mainly
open your mouth
and are to that extent, technically the
antagonists to the masseter muscles
but here we want to fly a kite
about the relationship between viruses and people
viruses don't PLAN anything
think of a virus as a fashion item
you design it, you make it< you put it on sale
and it either flies of flops
it has no conscious involvement in
how popular or successful it is
what we are not going to research is how to classify
Corona virus 2019
some corona viruses are
'flu viruses
some are
common cold viruses
we, as opposed to the specialists in this field
don't know the difference between
the common cold versions
and the influenza versions
their genetic codes will have been published but
life's too short
if you were designing corona viruses
and NOBODY is
you may feel that the common cold versions are
more successful than the 'flu ones
the lame brains of the military bent
may think that the 'flu ones are
'more successful'
because they do more damage
what you have to remember is
these are parasites
and successful parasites
do not kill their host
like mistletoe
and sometimes
like corals
it's hard to tell which is host and which parasite
for example an alga living in an animal that can grow
a calcified shell
we know that in the past all sorts of biological weapons research
has been disguised as
Research into the Common Cold
but The Common Cold does not bother us much
and so we don't try very hard to defeat it
it's not smallpox after all
a common cold corona virus triggers in us
the streaming cold
reaction that protects us from
well not from the virus parasitising our nasal and oral cavity surfaces
but protects us from having that class or virus
penetrate into
our lungs
where is can do real damage
by treating lungs tissue
in a way that it is 'designed' to
fit to
treat the more robust
tissues of our nasal cavities
in this theory we define
a 'flu virus
a virus that slips - inadvertently - through
the defences that
trap and corral
a corona virus we would otherwise classify as a Common cold virus

and so, grasshopper...
we should consider
the wart
there are viral and fungal infections
of the skin
that never venture deeper into the body
than the skin
consider a person who has a cough and or a fever
amd suspects they have CoViD-19
and test positive
and recover from their symptoms
the corona 2019 virus was trapped in their nose
and some other virus was in their lungs
giving them their symptoms
they would, could develop immunity to that
other virus
Corona 2019 would be like a wart to them
never seen by their immune system
and so they harboured the virus but
only after they symptoms subside..
do they become
infected with it
because the virus eventually slid down to the areas of
thinner, more delicate membranes
much closer to blood capillaries
in the lungs

24th April 2020
Newcastle University
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
are doing some interesting research
they are taking samples from sewers
and testing them for
Corona Virus 2019
1 presumably to protect the operatives of
Northumbrian Water
working in their water treatment works an sewers
2 if they are finding traces...
it gives the lie to the idea that
soap and water and detergent
and other things put into sewers
destroy viruses

stands for Gross Domestic Product
it refers to the monetary size of the
turnover of the - British - economy
we have been told for decades now that
the vast majority of economic activity in the UK
consists of
service industries
particularly financial services
particularly in London
and hence it was a no-brainer to
shut down the
industrial sector
when a contagious disease problem arose
here's the question
if all the people involved in
service industries
and let's remember, even if the media forget
there are service industries such as
architecture, industrial design, etc. etc.
that are neither manufacturing nor financial
if all these people are now
working from home
completely unaffected by the lock-down
why should GDP shrink?
we suspect that we will have to wait some time for the
April to June 2020 figures to be published
but they, HMRC, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs will
already have the March numbers and soon have the April figures
we are guessing that
London Locals
will have lost their jobs - well their work
in sandwich bars and on the transport network
but a lot of that work will have been transferred to
commuter towns

we've had a thought
Our Ricker's had a thought
when the history is written
he is wondering
will CoViD-19
be referred to as
summer 'flu
it does seem that a lot of people have not been able to
shrug it off in spring
on the other hand...
people with mild to moderate 'flu
in the past
have never been told to
stay in doors and pretend that it's still
what about
hay fever as a natural antidote to influenza??
it is a fact
perhaps an irrelevant, misleading fact
but it is a fact that most of the people who are dying from
are the people who are being
from it
second fact
the shielding isn't working
disputed fact
the new treatment does not work as well as the old one
feed a cold
starve a fever
one interpretation of that is
if you have a mild infection...
build yourself up, chicken soup and exercise
if you have a serious infection
go lie down in a darkened room
it's pretty clear that almost everybody who gets CoViD-19
gets a mild illness for at least week
and that does bring
differential treatment
into question
do the people who go on to develop a serious illness
handle the mild illness differently?

as at 22nd April 2020
we have not seen any pictures or footage of
healthy looking people who have
died or come near to death from CoViD-19
and most of the people who have been described as
having no underlying health issues
really demonstrate how
being overweight to the point of
morbid obesity
and having undiagnosed type two diabetes
counts as having no underlying medical issues
we should just run over the problem
take the throat of a typical adult male
we expect to see an
Adam's apple
if you can't see it - overweight
but that is not the main issue here
put your thumb one side of the larynx
the Adam's apple
and the fingers the other side
between thumb and fingers you have the larynx
and some skin
and two muscles...
the left and right
they have to do with pulling your head down
when you nod
you can hardly feel them at all
they are really quite thin sheet muscles
if you are not very very very fat
if you grip your throat at one side of the wind pipe
so that you grab
skin, fat and platisma
between thumb and fingers
you can get an idea of the double up thickness of a
platisma muscle
there is a similar pair of muscles at the sides of your face
the masseter muscles
these close your jaws
ths sort of sheet muscle is the sort of muscle you use
to breath
the diaphragm
The diaphragm has a problem
it is used to expand the lungs but
it is not attached to the lungs
in the way that the masseter muscles are attached to
yer jaws
the diaphragm is arranged like
two analogies here
one more universal than the other
the more universal one is
a washing line
or the cable on a suspension bridge
lungs above the cable
guts below
to breath in the diaphragm contracts
and becomes
more like a plate
and less like a bowl
the place where you put fat in is your belly
more than anywhere else
if the bowl of the diaphragm is
constantly full of fat
the muscles that is like a plate and not
big strong and thick like
the muscles in your limbs
eventually gives up
the more restricted analogy is
ratcket straps truckers use to
strap a load onto a lorry, wagon, truck
or anything
a point is reached where
if the load was not a
solid box
but a huge spring
no matter how tightly you cinch the
ratchet strap
the spring will not compress at loading
as much as it might in transit
because the other large flat muscle of your tum
your six pack
will be fighting the diaphragm
to try to compress and move
yer fat gut
flabby six pack - flabby diaphragm
and that is not the only option
when you buy and eat
beef or any other meat, lamb, pork
you can move your ribs
closer together as you rib meat
your inter costal muscles
we need another analogy
consider a bucket
consider half a bucket
half cut away vertically
consider the bucket handle
with the half bucket
upside down
that is your chest
your chest if the half bucket is
nailed upside down to a wall
the wall being your spine
half bucket upside down...
when the handle swings free it
approaches the wall
your ribs sag down and towards your spine
now forget the half bucket and
imagine a stack of bucket handles
attached to your spine
in the middle section
the T spine
the thoracic spine
if the top handle stuck out horizontally
because it was fixed to your clavicles
collar bones
and there were muscles in between each
bucket handle, or rib
and the next
if the muscles contract the handles, ribs
move closer together
and the lower ones move
because they are separately attached to your spine
at the ends
the middle bit of the handle
the sternum - breast bone
away from your spine
inflating your lungs
not if there six inches of blubber
encasing yer six pack
it's another price we pay for
yer pigs is designed to carry their blubber
between their legs
below their guts
humans don't go in for crawling around on
all fours
so our breathing is affected by
blubber that weighs on our ribs when we
lie on our backs
inhibits our puny little inter costal muscles when
we want to move our ribs away from
our spines
being overweight is a whole hill of bother
a pre-existing medical condition

for a variety of reasons
various health and wealth statistics are
collected a variety of areas with conflicting boundaries
we have s glimpse of
North East and Yorkshire
having quite a high number of people in hospital
due to Corona virus illness
around the 2,000 mark
and probably a very similar number of deaths
on the other hand
James Cook the regional trauma centre for
Tees valley and North Yorkshire
to late April 2020
recorded 130 CoViD related deaths
and we have an explanation for that
North East and Yorkshire includes what we could call
The Leeds - Bradford area
the culture on Teesside is....
the target is a home of their own for
every adult
the culture in the Leeds - Bradford area is
security in numbers
big extended families including several generations
sharing a kitchen, sharing a bathroom
social distancing work a treat on Teesside
not so much in
West Yorkshire
and so...
not so much an ethnic but a cultural split
and not so much a
rich - poor split either
as so often
functionally illiterate
are not
really good at taking advice
they, as they say, are best
nudged towards thinking that
best practice

we think of
Jimmy Nail
we continue to fail to spell
Aufhueidesein Pet
and we consider the
troops stationed in Germany after the Second World War
and the contractors working in Germany later
and we see the logic in the idea that
the culture in
North East England
to be aligned
and with culture....
the fate of infections
we consider
the contrast between
take-away food culture
cafe culture
we consider a stratum in society where
many people eat take away
don't have a dining room at home
eat on the fly
en-suite bathroom facilities
and consider their life style
the most challenging for an infectious epidemic
and of course
beer halls
when Germans socialise
they tank up on alcohol

back on the 20th April
the BBC in North East England
produced a report expanding on a
news item about the
independent elected mayor of Middlesbrough
that they had broadcast the previous day
we have referred before on the idea that
a third of the residents of Middlesbrough are
functionally illiterate
we have also commented that we believe that
it is our understanding that
everybody in North East England - including Middlesbrough
plus most people in Yorkshire
who are on benefits
are on
Universal Credit
how the hell is anybody on Universal Credit
who has been on Universal Credit
for months if not years...
going to have their finances affected by
the CoViD-19 epidemic - pandemic?
they have no job to loose
they are exactly where they were at Christmas 2019
so how does some
'think' tank
come to the conclusion that
Middlesbrough will be the UK town that will be
hardest hit
by CoViD-19?
there is only one answer that makes any sense whatever
this think tank must think that Middlesbrough
has the crown for
the black economy
working for tips
guvvie jobs
that is not a helpful suggestion
and you know what
what with VAT and Tax Returns
if the people of Middlesbrough
have been spending more than they have had in
in benefits and declared income...
perhaps that is where the idea came from
and here's the thing
goods bought in Middlesbrough shops
could be bought by anybody if paid for by cash
but credit card, debit card, and on-line purchases
especially if for delivery to Middlesbrough addresses
will inform the picture of
local wealth or poverty
wherever there is a big hospital on the patch of
a small local authority
if you divide the number of CoViD deaths
around 150 for James Cook
to 20th April
into the population of Middlesbrough
and not into the population of
Tees Valley and North Yorkshire
you get quite a high per capita death rate
they know you know
the government like
there used to be a big deal with the likes of
South Tees
people used to buy things
out of the catalogue
20 or 38 interest free payments
100 payments with added interest
and the stores had their own delivery vans
Blue vans called White Arrow
had a white arrow on a blue van
and you could tell coppers and the steelworkers didn't buy from the catalogue
what their wives did with the
another matter
they bought from
Binns, Newhouses, Wright's Tower House
Tower House on Linthorpe Road was demolished and it's
McDonald's now
and one of the others is called
never was no House of Fraser
nor Harrods
on Teesside
anyway you could tell coppers didn't buy from
the catalogue because one day in the run up to Christmas
a White Arrow van was hi-Jacked
in Grangetown
and the parcels taken
and the copper investigating said
loads of kids won't get their Christmas presents this year
you fail to deliver...
you have to re-deliver
Ricker's brother Peter's best mate was
boss of the NatWest and got
cashiered for
the Blue Arrow Affair
easy to confuse...
when he was a lad Ricker made twenty five quid 'cos
his brother was so
dog with two tails when he first got his
Couttes Bank account that he sent Ricker a cheque
for his birthday - just the once
just to prove to his - their - dad that he had
made it
Couttes no longer belongs to NatWest
couldn't have Couttes - one branch in Charring Cross Road?
belonging to the government

we don't know this....
we understand that
in mid April 2020
the current owners
is that Ineos? no idea, Huntsman?
the current operators of
Olefin 6, previously known as Olifine6
on Wilton International, in Redcar
shut it down
due to
they only have - by reputation -
ten days storage capacity for
petroleum products
we have not herd that they have decide to
do routine maintenance during the CoViD scare
but they probably have

20th April 2020
we don't normally take the trouble to say
told you so
but we have to point out that we have said
don't rely on soap and water as a defence against
and that advice must be taken in tandem with the
undisputed decision and advice that
clinical gowns
cannot safely be
to a safe usable condition
it's a worry
that those who advocate
soap and water
are very firmly amongst those who
do not back up their 'advice' with

we are at this time looking at
old farts' predictions
about CoViD-19
and what we see right now is a sub species of the
The Army demands re-armament funding to prepare to
re-fight the war we just won
this particular version is also a version of
'out of an abundance of caution...'
we will recall the worst thing that is remotely similar
that has ever happened before
and assert that
History is about to repeat itself
and the problem with this is illustrated by
shall we say
The Tay Bridge Disaster
what we can say about that is that the bridge that was built
in a little English valley a while before the
ill fated version of the Tay Bridge
dodged a bullet
there's a town on the M54 a bit north west of
Birmingham in England
we could say the town is in Shropshire
and a part of it is called
and the whole of it - the town - is called
New York, New York
so good they named it twice
New York City is in The State of New York
London, England
New York, New York
and so
The Iron Bridge, is in Ironbridge
THE Ironbridge
and from today's perspective
we could say that The Iron Bridge is lucky to survive
for one very simple reason
it was built from a kit of parts that were cast
in shapes almost identical to
the shapes carpenters would have cut oak trees into
to create a kit form bridge
what the people who built
The Iron Bridge did was to
build a wooden bridge kit and
instead of erecting it
they used it as a pattern to create moulds
into which to
cast iron
because they knew nothing else
and cast iron does not react to
forces, stresses and strains
the way that oak does
and when the idea was scaled up to create the
first, ill-fated Tay Bridge
it got blown away
with great loss of life
because it needed storm force winds plus
a massive passenger train running over it
to destroy it
and so the subtle difference between
those who fail to remember history
are bound to repeat it
those who fail to STUDY history
are bound to repeat it
the members of the
old farts' society
are presently absolutely convinced that
because the
influenza epidemic of 100 years ago
came in three increasingly worse
the current pandemic has to have two more
even worse waves
and that they will come before a vaccine
can be developed
and hence
We're all doomed
the Chinese epidemic came after thirty years of
economic boom
not thirty years - Boar to First World - war
the European epidemic
comes 12 years after the European economic bust
the economies and the peoples of China and Europe are
probably in the best state of readiness to confront
a pandemic
that could be imagined
no sense here of nations on their knees
awaiting a
coup de grace
South America?
who knows but not China or Europe - including the British Isles
there is no doubt that this pandemic
requires a response
although the threat is the same - almost identical
an influenza virus few if any people have
immunity to
but ninety odd percent of the people in its path
bear no resemblance to the
folk liberated from
Belsen concentration camp
or who survived the construction of
The Bridge over the River Quai - Kwaii
but what is the relative health quotient of
a secret smoker - Bullingdon Club former member
and a concentration camp survivor?
we need to fight today's battles not those of the past
in medicine as much as in anything
we see people die on training exercises
yomping over the moors in
SAS selection tests
these were, are fit people, doing just that bit too much
like Douglas Adams or Andrew Marr playing squash
this being a Prime Minister business
isn't difficult enough for me
I'll do it on ten Churchillian cigars and two bottles of brandy a day
just like yomping with twenty stone in my back pack
without water and in 30 degree heat
and so
out of an abundance of 'caution'
we have to say
The Chinese are lying about there being no second wave
we must remain locked down until
either there is a second wave in Europe
we develop a vaccine

we are trying - not very hard - to remember
in the past did the media refer to themselves as
The Fifth Estate
they see themselves as a part of government
what they clearly do is to think
1 that their boss should be richer than any politician
Lord Rothermere, Condad Black, whoever, should be richer than
The Rees Mogg clan
to mix generations
2 that senior politicians and administrators should be
even lees well educated and dense than their
op. ed. scribes
and so
with the BBC...
when Tweedledee is indisposed
they fill their news schedule with
clips of Tweedledum
and we note that
'cos thiis a war on
there is no Points of View style analysis of
what the punters think of the
output of the propaganda machine
when there was a real war on there was ITMA
Its That Man Again
in which context....
we will delve a little deeper into
immunology 101
we consider the merger of
police and fire services
'cos there's nowt ta do
cops are issued with cruisers
and told to
go play with the traffic
when they take over the Fire and Rescue Service
they don't want the actual emergency service people to
continue to watch telly and do fry-ups
between shouts
they want them to cruise the streets too
in their big red trucks that can't get down your street
the immune system...
some things can be picked up in a blood sample
think of those things as
police cruisers
let's just say
young people
always up for a bit of action
bored with soaps
always on the Twitter looking out for some fun
older people
engrossed in soap opera story lines
need to hear the big loud clangy bell to
get them off the sofa
the immune system
keeps the
Big Guns
tucked up safe the th garage until
the minions twitter back with some sort of alarm
what we have to think of when regarding the immune system is
a DJ or MC
disc jockey or master of ceremonies
who has junked the CD - compact disc - collection
and does requests from
the big big problem with the immune system is
auto immune disease
when we are born be have - our immune system has
access to every
lets step back here
imagine that for every product of living activity
there is a poison
imagine that actually there are not many poisons but each poison is
confined, secluded, locked away
by a door that can be opened by any one of
an almost infinite number of keys
we have tried to explain the concept of
imagine that some of the keys that are capable of
releasing the Wrath of God
are bits of YOU
or more exactly
are replicas of
bits of you
to stay alive
to avoid auto immune disease
you need to
destroy those keys
before they lead to them causing you yourSELF
being destroyed
and there is a developmental period when
a window in time
your immune system comes into contact with
has its key destroyed
any future contact with bits of stuff that were
present at roll call during that window
will not
set off the alarms
the problem with this is that this roll call is not
very early
as an example
sympathetic ophthalmia
if some of the contents of one eye are
released into the blood stream through trauma or disease
your immune system can launch an autoimmune attack on the
fellow eye
and destroy that too
so, but
people keep recording
New Music
it has to be added to Spotify
say there was some sort of
Chinese Wall
Spotify in China and Spotify in Europe
somebody in Europe makes a request to a DJ who has
an all zones access to Spotify
she play some weird stuff
and everybody covers their ears...
but what if it's
an ear worm
and the crowd can't get it out of their heads?
major bummer
and so...
the reason why young uns can be exposed to a novel virus
and not pack out their blood stream with
as older folk would is
they's chilled bout this
they got it covered
they know the combination for the lock
no need to clog up the roads with
big red trucks
immunology 102
most of us
got a spleen
it's a very bloody article
get a whack in the guts
and your spleen is the major candidate to cause
internal bleeding
so lot of trauma victims have it out
'co folk don't drop down dead without it
it does a thing
yer spleen does
a ot of people - surgeons
regard the spleen as not much different from
the appendix
a bit or a liability and no use to God nor Man
yer spleen is the re-cycling depot of your
blood circulation
our Ricker had an enlarged spleen
and so did his mam
and he had this interesting conversation with
Keith Barker
a GP
Ricker sez
when I was still growing I had splenomegally
Keith sez
you can't have had a spenectomy
there would be a scar
I didn't say splenectomy, oh never mind
before Ricker gave his mam big floppy tits
by his requirement for milk....
his mam didn't like
swimming cozzies
her ribs - especially on the left side
stuck out
further than her tits
she had had childhood infections and splenomegally
at an age when her ribs were just
green sticks
and were moulded out into a bulge by her spleen and to some extent
her liver - on the right hand side
and so
get an infection when you are young and your spleen and liver
clear way the mess - the evidence
get an infection when you are older and
you will have heard of
sclerosis of the liver
not non digestive components of your insides are
spleen, pancreas, liver
they are the support system for your blood supply
and they all get sclerotic
and their work rate falls
pancreas problems - main symptom, diabetes
so in the elderly
infection leave
more debris, for longer, in the blood stream
and that can be detected and
it can cause micro embolisms
minor blockages
in the lungs and the brain
hastening death
and so
just because you can't find debris from an infection in
the blood of the young
does not mean that they do not have immunity to that pathogen

it's a bit frustrating that some
cultural references are universal
and some are very generation specific
so taking the universal idea of the
Swiss Army Knife
and the generation specific equivalent of the
Thunderbird 2 pod selection sequence....
where is your Spotify?
your cloud storage?
it is in your
bone marrow
all that pluripotetiality
wide range of possible options
lies with the 'mother cells' in your bone marrow
and as we said to damp down autoimmune disease
we destroy keys
but perhaps we should say
door bells
when you
develop immunity
during an infection or as the result of an
you cause a proliferation of the specific types of
antibody production cells in your bone marrow
they don't continually produce antibodies
there are just more mother cells sitting waiting to produce
the antibodies that are needed to tackle a particular
so you can't measure enhanced immunity from the
of the antibody in circulation
you can only detect
and as we say
a healthy spleen will do good tidy-up
you see there are generations of
bone marrow cells
granny cells don't produce antibodies
mother cells produce daughter cells that
produce specific antibodies
immunity consists in having more mother cells
primed and ready to produce
huge numbers of specific daughter cells
at the drop of a hat
whenever that darn varmint shows its face again

14th April 2020
Ricker is old enough to have enjoyed the
'Kids Show'
as defined by the cast of
Mont e Python's Flying Circususus
The Goodies
the never quite made it as a partner in
Terrybly, Terribly, Boring & Dull
Tim Brook-Taylor
we like to do a Matt Cartoon style pun
if we were Matt we would draw this
drawing together Timbo and face masks

A muffled titter ran around the theatre
as played by
Marty Feldman
draw your own cartoon

we recall the old Sam about schools
schools are wonderful places
when the kids aren't there
and so to the police
now that the streets are empty
falling over themselves to do
foot patrols
empty streets don't
puncture their dream world

and of course we are being lied to
we don't need mass graves for virus victims
they are for the thousands of
women and children who are being
massacred in their own homes because they
have men in them

1960s definition
the schmuck who earns your child support
2020 definition
the daft cow who earns your child support
wimin need wives 'cos
they've had men banned from all the
paying jobs

one of those strange examples of circular reality
has recently happened to our Ricker
he got a snail mail paper letter from
James Cook
not the actual James Cook but
the hospital named in his honour
and it was a copy of a letter originally written to
somebody else
it wasn't a mistake
it had been snail mail CC'd to Ricker
on purpose, a courtesy not a leak
and it had the prime recipient's details
lightly crossed through
what was interesting about it was
it was from a
hospital consultant
included in the top right hand corner
the email address of that consultant's secretary
and the nature of the circularity?
a comment from a then soon to retire, male, psychiatric nurse
to our Ricker
a question
how come you CC'd this email - original to the then local MP
to your GP - general practitioner
how did you get his email address?
erm, he gave it to me...
to speed up communications....
and the reason for this comment is
the complete fiasco of the
CoViD-19 death rate reports
doctors have
believe it or not
it really is true
through which to
communicate with medical databases
how the fuck does somebody die and not get the death
registered the same minute via the data logging system
and yet we have something like Friday 10th April
980 CoViD-19 related deaths registered in the UK
over 700 of them did not happen between
5.00 pm on 9th and 5.00 pm on the 10th
they happened up to several weeks earlier
because the NHS still hasn't implemented
fax registrations - 24-7
billions of pounds worth of
and the actual information depends of a
nine to five office clerk
and a typewriter
and so to
security and confidentiality
at what point do the
powers that be
determine that
you need security clearance to
a doctor's emails
but NOT TO
know where to send them?
these are examples of the way that attitudes
snap from one extreme to another
another example is how the hacks want to
disclose secrets
the bozo from the media asking
when are you going to disclose those stats
and the patient boffin having to stand there and not say
they are, and always were and always will be
on the government Office of National Statistics web site
without any security clearance
you fuckwit

all of which leads us back to the constant theme of
just how long our Ricker
has been knocking around
because we have another of his
back in the day examples
the first computer language he learned
in any depth
in fact it may have been the first language he ever learned about
his first experience of computers was at
Sunderland Polytechnic
but at Teesside Polytechnic he definitely started with COBOL
and the story was
if you were a computer programmer in those days
and with COBOL
you worked out what you wanted the computer to do and
with a pencil you filled in
data sheets
then you swanned off home leaving the data sheets
in the office
and the
data entry clerks
transcribed your program(me) instructions
Jacquard cards
and somebody
fed them into the card reader
actual cardboard sheet cards
into the guts of the
main frame
and you went to your
dumb terminal
and issued a command to the main frame to
run your code
and when it didn't work
you wrote some more data sheets and ordered up some more cards
and there came a time when
new fangled
high level languages such as
BASIC and PASCAL came along and you
entered and edited your code for
digital storage
right there at the terminal
and a room became vacant in the polytechnic
the one where the data clerks had worked
and there were
or there would have been redundancies
if the union hadn't negotiated
natural wastage severance
amongst the data entry clerks
and so...
we have fax in hospitals
Dolly and her friends
know how to use a fax machiene
and aren't ready for retirement yet

something that has struck us is
these runners and bikers
are supposed to be running and cycling
for the good of their health
but they can't do
social or individual distancing
for the good of their health
a lot of them do look really quite fit
we do wonder how long it would take some of them
to achieve the
fat bastard status
that got the Prime Minister
a hospital bed
if they gave up
what we can't understand is why they
if they are
adrenaline junkies
have not caused a world wide
rowing machine shortage
we conclude that a lot of them are not
out for the good of their health
out on the pull
like a game of musical beds
if you ain't got a partner when the music stops...

and another thing
for all the world it does appear that this crisis
discloses a lot of 'medics' as
undercover journalists
who have gone to all that trouble to qualify and get jobs
in the health service
in order to
have a platform from which to attack the Tories
however caring and keen to spend other people's money they are
would you recruit any of them
from down the pub to help you
fix, fettle, mend your car?
they seem to all be
why haven't the government fixed this yet merchants
like AA, RAC, Green Flag, operatives who tow you to a garag
200 miles from home...
they seem to be utterly clueless in matters
scientific and medical
and overflowing at the gunwales on
social injustice

this is a very accurate but not very relatable analogy
to all these medics
their 'work'
science, medicine, etc
is like
figure skating
and politics is
ice dancing

half a century ago the UK was a very different place
there was and still is a particular
Religious Minority
Jehovah's Witnesses
they were and are a minority
back in those days being a representative of
a minority
was not a recipe for
fame and fortune
we do not know the numbers
but we do reckon that there have always been and still are
a whole lot more Moslems than JWs in the UK
we refer to fifty years ago because at that time
the Cathy Come Home tendency amongst the
chattering classes
recognised JWs as a minority but
designated them as
a minority suitable for persecution
not a elite
just a minority with deeply held beliefs
insisting on having 'their children' withdrawn from
lessons on evolution
was not the sticking point
the cause celebre was
JW parents denying their children
blood transfusions
on instruction from scripture
the contrast with today is the
culturally dominant minority - Islam
we have seen very simple science
alcohol based sanitisers
soap and water
and the chattering BBC
and the
'there are no winners here'
Prime Minister
we get scientific evidence for
copper killing pathogens
and no evidence about the relationship between
pathogens and soap
well it is interesting
ancient peoples cleaned their skins by
rubbing on oil, fat, or grease
and scraping it off complete with top layer of skin
here in the absence of the Internet we are
into our Ricker's mind and not his books...
they scraped the oil and skin with a
not in the OED oxford English Dictionary
not the printed version anyway
they scrapped the mucky oil off with
a locust's leg
and then a locust-leg shaped implement
and then
they discovered that if they mixed
wood ash
from the camp fire
into the oil
it worked better
and wood ash is an alkali, a caustic
and soap was born
and then, when they found water
in bathing quantities
they discovered the lather
all very good but all about
not anti-sepsis
not about
treating wounds
one of the earliest wound treatments were
Stockholm Tar
that is a particular moss
sphagnum moss
what is quite interesting is the origin or the word
a'l col
the power of
to turn eyes into those
huge great things
them a rabs fall for
powder of antimony for staining the eyes
the first
eye shadow and kinda
like English women in the 17th ? century?
trying to make themselves
pale and interesting
by using lead white as foundation on their faces
and rotting there faces in the process
how we got from
to alcohol we don't know
antimony - toxic
alcohol - antiseptic

if you accept that
200 Sunday 5th April deaths are not recorded until
Monday 6th
and not reported until
Tuesday 7th April
then - give or take a handful
we have had in the UK
650 CoViD-19 related deaths per day
for nearly a week we see no evidence that
hospital bed occupancy has done anything other than
reflect that
perhaps at around 6,500 at any one time
there seems no reason to presume that this
the behaviour of the UK population
in respect to CoViD-19
will change, suddenly or otherwise
and we would remark that the average number of deaths in the UK is
15,000 per week
and at present we have
12,000 per week
and we would expect this lower than aerage number in
and so CoViD-19 has not affected the death rate
and this is between four and five percent of deaths
being of people who have tested positive for
CoViD-19 in hospital

what we lack at the moment is numbers for
How many exhibits in the
Walt Disney Memorial Twilight Zones

it really so so fortunate that
hacks and politicians have such
short attention spans
they really do seem to think that
the world would grind to a halt if
there were no Prime Minister
at this point we think we should pick up another
little problem with
a little knowledge
people are saying
you can't destroy a virus by freezing it
because we store them by freezing them
here's the science as opposed to the 'science'
when you put something like food
into your domestic freezer
that something will cool quite slowly
and eventually freeze
and when you take it out
it will slowly thaw and
the instructions on your frozen food will say
don't re-freeze once thawed
and that is because
many - most? - items of frozen food are
flash frozen
if you run a lab and you want to preserve a
well for instance
a sperm sample or somebody's eggs
you flash freeze them by
dunking them into
liquid nitrogen
and the water instantly freezes into
tiny tiny little ice crystals
if you bung a slab of meat of a turkey
into your freezer at home
it takes hours for the meat to freeze solid and the
ice crystals are huge and
they burst the walls of all the cells they
grow in
destroying their
we don't KNOW that freezing food and gear at home
destroys viruses
but it's a pretty good bet
and we wanted to add a note about the word
do you know where it comes from?
cow pox to protect from small pox
or more directly
vacca Latin for cow

6th April 2020
we should try to draw attention to a conflict between
government and industry
CoViD-19 is a SARS infection
seeking a vaccine for this corona virus is like
buying a speed gun to outfit law enforcement that
can only clock the speed of
Ford cars
so that each cruiser - patrol car - has to be outfitted with
a different, separate speed gun for
every make and model of vehicle it may encounter on the road
it is engineering specificity
that takes time

we have no idea how to spell the name of a
male grooming product that was popular with
footballer style influencers in the 1960s
but if we say
anybody who was around at the time will understand
there are any number of products available to counteract
frizz or fly away hair
and they can be described as
hair oil
we talk below about the little hairs that sweep dirt out of the lungs
well they won't do much sweeping if they have been
to use the terminology of the 1960s
plastered down with (hair) oil
and that - in the lungs - comes in the form of
vaping oil

people associated with Oxford University are so
bowed down with the weight of their
arrogance and self satisfaction....
it will be interesting to see their reaction
if they never, ever, get around to
testing and approving the
antibody testing kits that
the government has bought for them to
play with
in the sense that Oxford University is a
it was interesting to see
turn to
Brand Dyson
rather than industry experts
for help with ventilators

betya don't know what
tobacco mosaic virus
like we said
viruses can cause variegation in green plants
and so...
if you put elements of a pathogenic virus into
the genetic code of a TMV virus and infect a crop of tobacco
you can harvest something that can be injected to
forewarn and pre-arm the patient's immune system to the existence of
that pathogen
it's not exactly necessary to get BAT
British American Tobacco
to do that but
if they want the positive publicity
to set against the negative around the probability that
the CoViD-19 death rate amongst smokers...
is relatively massive...

we have actual death rate figures for last weekend
Friday 260
Saturday 209
Sunday 180
Monday 393
and so some may say
Monday! a surge
if you add 209 and 180 and 393
and divide by 3
you get 260
and why/
team leaders
and so
junior doctors don't switch off life support
until after they have consulted with
so consultants call life support
just like they call resus
and you get a backlog
Monday morning
for Tuesday's numbers
back to 260 come Wednesday?
looks like a plateau to us

here goes with a comment on
medical advice by
vox pop
a vox pop is an insert into a report that
the voice of the people
and these days to avoid accusations of
'upsetting somebody'
they are rarely if ever followed by and
expert rebuttal
we mine the magic mind of our Ricker for a classic example
The first time there was a fire in the
the Channel Tunnel
Trans Manche Link
between Dover and the mainland
all the lorry drivers who were involved
were packed off to a medical centre for
chest X-rays
and this medical centre was in France
and the drivers - a lot of them
were British with primary care doctors, GPs, family doctors
in the UK
so they were handed their X-rays to take back to the UK
for their primary health care practitioner to
add to their files
so yer 20th century equivalent of Dan Johnson
grabs one of these truckers and his X-ray
and the driver holds up the film to the camera
a bit like the
Dunblane Whinger
more recently flashing his hip replacement X-ray
at his mobile...
and declares
look at all that black
me lungs is full a soot
despite modern X-rays being
because medics are used to reading
X-rays in
bones show up white
and spaces show up black
last week we had some
CoViD-19 survivor
bleating on about the black bits in her lungs
on TV
without correction

here is another problem
The problem of
in the UK a patient's notes can be marked DNR
DNR stands for
Do Not Resuscitate
and the point is that most patients with DNR on their record
a judged to be patients who would spend
one or two months in intensive care
and then die
and so
confronted with a patient in arrest
you have two categories to put them into
medical arrest
traumatic arrest
it is morally acceptable to
resuscitate a patient in
traumatic arrest even if they are DNR
so their heart stops because
a screen falls onto them in bed
or Sunderland score a goal
it is much more questionable to
watch them quietly slip away
and set about shocking them back to 'life'
throughout this episode
people will have DNR added to their records
what the government are seeking to do is
flag up very clearly that this will not be because of a
shortage of ventilators
and at a final reckoning
the government will want to see and show statistics that say that
the rate of DNRs did not increase during the crisis

30th March 2020
as it goes, perhaps quite randomly
long long after
Walt Disney
died his name lives on
what we don't know is
given that he had his, or some of his,
remains cryogenically preserved
so that he could be thawed out and
brought back to life
at some future
life imitating art
re-creation of one or more of his movies....
we are beginning to wonder whether there will be tanks for
other forms of
liquid air
installed at
the London City Airport
so that city types can vote after
Hotblack Desiatoo
spending a year dead for tax purposes
they get thawed out to return to their
yachts in the Caribbean
so far as we are concerned the purpose of
intensive care
is to give time for the connections
business, family, social
to put the deceased's
affairs in order
before filling in the
date of death box
in all the significant documentation associated with their demise
there is a concept in medical science
our Ricker's experience only stretches to a
the concept is
the heart-lung preparation
more human versions include
brain dead
back in the days of
freak shows
there was a real live
Headless chicken
somebody had decided to kill the chicken for the pot
by chopping off its head
it kept wandering around
they were taken by this and
decided to drop food into the open gullet
it lived for quite some time
however, in all probability a technique was devised
to produce living, walking, headless chicken for
the paying public to gawp at
just as the media observe
The Nightingale Hospital in East London
this is not
dead man walking
this is
dead men rotting in hospital beds
death warmed up
you can keep these 'alsopeople' 'alive' for a couple of months
eventually they will need
ecmo, dialysis,
ECMO, Extra Corporial something or other
the walking dead may remember this as a
heart-lung machine
its PROPER use is during heart surgery
to take over from the heart and lungs whilst they are being operated on
The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
use a version to keep children alive whilst they wait for a
transplant donor
they are mostly what are called
Berlin Hearts
to return to our current patients...
and they will still die from
multiple organ failure
morally, you should not put a patient on
life support
unless you have a clear plan about
what TEMPORARY problem you expect them to overcome
in the next three to four weeks
however, we have enough tales of
people waking from deep natural comas
how IS Michael Schumacher the F1 motor racing ace, doing?
to muddy the waters
but here is one important difference
the people who
come round months or years later
were quite young, fit and healthy at the time of
their accident
and in a sense
could have snapped out of it at any moment
most of these victims could at best
snap back out into
deep dementia and disability
not so easy
so we say about these people
on ventilators
are they awaiting a
lung transplant?
what we see is people who are waiting for
the straw that breaks the camel's back
for how many of these people will it be
an infection
for how many will it be
a fall
for how many will it be
Sunderland failing to get demoted?
and it is this
and not
two versions of the virus
that makes the difference between
a couple of packs of paracetamol
and a ventilator

our estimate
based on published government figures is that
the CoViD-19 disease outbreak in the UK will peak
on 7th April 2020
and that on that day
1,250 people will die from the disease

we are told there may be 20,000 deaths from
that means that the projection is that
by the time there have been
10,000 deaths
we will have passed the peak
there was an aeroplane called
The Something or other Clipper
it was probably a Boeing 747
and it landed on a Scottish village called
and it is assumed that that happened because
there was a bomb on board
and it landed at the end of a particular street
if it had happened on a Saturday afternoon or
on a day when one of the local children was
having a sleepover
one home or garden could have had a dozen members of one family
on site at the moment of impact
that would mean that the deaths would not be
evenly spread throughout the community
discounting the passengers and crew
there would be to that extent some element of
the random
in the death toll
that's very different from saying
this corona virus
settles in a person's lungs
if they have rubbish lungs they are at high risk
it is pretty rubbish to say the
probability of someone with good lungs dying from this
is the same as a person with rubbish lungs
if we simplify and add the number of people with
COPD - chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
and cystic fibrosis
we get a number pretty near the number of people at highest risk
and so
a country with so many million people has the prospect of
suffering so many deaths
population size relates to death toll
two differences
we have listed reasons for COPD to include
chemical and particulate intrusion to the lungs
at the 'moment' when CoVid-19 hits a country
the two factors are
what proportion of the population have COPD for historical reasons
how good has that country been to that date
keeping people with COPD alive
in a 'developing country' or war zone
you get COPD, you die
PDQ - pretty darned quick
and so in a country with a poorly developed healthcare system
you won't have many candidates for a
corona 19 mediated death
most of them will already be dead
and so an underdeveloped country may be
rated 'more successful' at dealing with CoViD-19
than a developed country

although this was intended for publication on
30th March
it was written earlier
and down to the next
30th March
this was written on 28th March
because some complete
lame brain
we understand his father has been diagnosed with dementia...
is now chair of the health committee of the
UK House of Commons
we have to have
why aren't we doing what they are doing
not science based
health policies
and so we have the shift to the
mushroom management method
keep 'em in the dark and
feed 'em bullshit
and so we
that we are being fed figures for
number of people admitted to hospital
1 with respiratory distress - breathing problems
2 testing positive for presence of the SARS corona virus of the year 2019
3 dying on that date
and they give us an arithmetic series
24/March - day recorded, or day published??
25 march 463
26 March 578
27 March 759
28 March 1019
if we project this arithmetic series we get
29 March 1358
30 March 1693
31 March 2103
1 April 2588
2 April 3073
this is an arithmetic series
no reference to medicine or biology
the 'problem' is
you cn take a span of any number
a classic is
number of vehicles on UK roads
if we assume as above
exponential growth in
number of vehicles on UK roads
we won't use real numbers
can't be bothered to look them up
if we set up a series like this
2 million in 1950
4 million in 1960
8 million in 1970
16 million in 1980
32 million in 1990
64 million in 2000
you will see that
like sheep in Wales
there would be more cars on the raod
than people in the UK
by the year 2000
it didn't happen
quell surprise
in the current case
so long as you restrict your data gathering to
people admitted with respiratory distress
you will run out of people with
COPD, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, etc
long before you run out of
All Patients Admitted
which is why there is a peak
some will die some will recover
most will recover without joining the data set
the fact that they don't join the data set
because they come in with a broken leg etc.
gives the impression that the
policy has worked

30th March
Bring out yer

The Victorians had a word for it
sickly, infirm
solicitous about one's own health
person disposed to live the life of an invalid
Tees Valley version
can't work
'ave you seen the muck in 'ere

most of the people tested for
presence of Corona 19 in the UK
have been tested on admission to hospital
most have proved negative
the number testing positive is
most of the 9,500 people testing positive
and so
the bulk of 9,500 admissions were positive
and less then 500 have died
we expect
more of the people who are admitted to test positive
more of the people who die in hospital to test positive
the proportion of both admissions and deaths are
expected to reach around 80 per cent by the end of the summer
the questions are
will there be more hospital admission
will there be more hospital deaths
averaged out over the next six months
the overarching question is
will the virus lead to more deaths over six months
or will it lead to
a normal summer death rate
concentrated into mid spring
and here is the final question
what are the Chinese doing with those
massive hospitals they built in a fortnight?
turn them into exhibition halls?
hire expo
don't build more hospitals

no government can make life
entirely fair
it is clear that the current lockdown is being applied
mostly to those people who are easiest to lock down
however it needs to be remembered that the people who will be
most heavily affected will be
people operating in the
black economy
their goods and services will be in greater demand
but also much easier to observe
perhaps there should be a little app that
pops up and asks
are you sure you want to use the word
in a country with a population size and type of the UK
we expect around 2,000 deaths per day
the pandemic is more ar process than an event but
in the grand sweep of time
it is reasonable to consider it alongside other
when we consider the difference between
died with the virus on them
died from the effects of the virus
it could be helpful to consider
deaths at the time of another event
just to illustrate the difference between
cause and effect
there will still be people alive who remember the
first moon landing
it was around 50 years ago
consider the period
two weeks before the moon landing
two weeks after the moon landing
in that time
2,000 people a day died - probably
and so
30,000 people dying that 'month'
some of them will have passed away
not knowing whether the mission went well
some of them will have heard the
good news
before they passed
learning about the outcome of the project had
almost no influence on their
length of life
or time of departure
but some may have had a
I can rest in peace
kind of resignation
and this virus thing has a similar dimension
died with the virus, died from the virus
consider our Ricker's dad
Ricker made a batch of
elderflower wine
Tommy liked it
so Ricker and his mum decided to
give Tommy a glass of the wine
once every day
and not have any themselves
the inevitable happened
Tommy died less than a week after
the wine ran out
most routines will somehow
eventually be broken
lucky socks disintegrate
etc, etc
if there are
2,000 deaths a day in your country
it is when suddenly there are
3,000 deaths a day
that you should consider that
something is up
as we write...
around 40 people a day
are learning about the moon landings
before they pop their clogs
it's a worry
but it is also worth remembering
the whole exercise is designed to
protect the health service
not to
defeat the virus
in a sense the whole exercise is like
moving to
big school
and discovering
or perhaps we should say
even wordsmith Tweedledee
has discovered
antigen and antibody
but oh so sad to see him try to sell
Hobbit Talk
from his
old uni, Oxford
to the experts at a press briefing
there's this
how shall we say
Blue Skies Thinking
paper published by some people at Oxford
what do you think about that?
No, Prime Minister

one thing we can predict...
by the time this is published...
if the normal death rate for the UK is
2,000 deaths per day
if, IF
the death rate for April, May, possibly June
3,000 per day
in July and August it will be
1,500 per day
we will have
run out of critically ill people
sometimes to some people the actual age of
The Wisdom of the Ages
can be a surprise
we are thinking of all these
young hacks
on the recieving end of
reader opinions
and not knowing what lis beneath some of the assumptions
one of the major things that people seem to be having trouble with is
why is a meeting of three people
just as much of a risk of
cross contamination
as a meeting of 300,000 people?
the reason why older people have trouble with this
is that if you were really quite young during
The Cold War
just after the end of the Second World War
you picked up quite a bit of
nuclear physics
and the concept - without going into too much detail
was that a
Nuclear Device
was that The Stranglers
anyway the basic idea of
how to set off a nuclear device was to
use an explosive charge within the payload of
Enola Gay
we can never remember the name of the second bomber
an A bomb and an H bomb
well in an A bomb
you have two intricately formed lumps of
fissile material
with a space between them
and behind each an exposive charge
and to set off the bomb you
detonate the two explosive charges
and this forces the two lumps of fissile material
and the combined mass of the - weight of the
new single lump
exceeds the critical mass for that element
and the device
goes critical
as the reactor at Chernobyl did
wham, bang, thank you marm
that's where the oldsters get the idea that
there is a safe
rather than a safe distance
we should say
Chernobyl was the result of a
wonder what would happen if?
whereas the more recent
Japanese reactor disaster was the result of combined with
storing spent fuel in the roof space
instead of sending it to
for reprocessing

It's sometimes interesting to listen to what
people say
and gain an insight into how their minds are working
take two concepts
social distancing
self isolation
it appears that on 24th March
most mobile 'phones
not particularly, subscribers
were sent a text saying
self isolate
to tell of Freudian Slip is when
people come on the telly and say
stay at home and wash your hands regularly
in how many of those people - who say that
is that a tell indicating that they see a virus as
an example of
spontaneous generation
if you are isolated at home
you are in one of two groups
you have the virus
you don't have the virus
what the heel does
washing your hands
have to do with
swapping groups?
see we create waste
we void waste in urine
people such as
Howard Hughes
who drank their urine to avoid
loosing vital essences
were unwise
but they were failing to get rid of
something newly generated
waste from their blood
by-products of their life processes
we don't
we allow them to
they have to come from somewhere
in whatever quantity
no matter how small
we need
the seed

it puts one in mind of the question
why is the barnacle goose
called the barnacle goose?
before people understood
there was a time in the year when there were
an a time in the year when there were no geese
and so people searched for something that
resembled barnacle geese
and they found that barnacles had the same
black and white stripe pattern
so they concluded that
the geese hibernated as
or all died and left barnacles as

Here we have a CoViD-19 case study
before this particular virus
got out of China
woman in her 80s spent
seven weeks in hospital with
last week she returned to hospital with pneumonia
and died within three days
could the hospital spare a bed for another seven weeks?
did they find a virus on her that wasn't there a couple of months ago?
did she get less intensive help
second time around
did she die from CoViD-19?
if so was that
Primary due to the virulance of the disease
or secondary to
increased pressures on the health service?

and all the while we have the
Bolshie Yob Tickoes
who make up the medical profession...
peeling labels off supply boxes to
'generate' evidence that
The Tories are Killing People
but are they?
are they saying
if you don't let us stop treating yer granny
you may be dead from the 'flu
by Easter
we are all familiar with
tears brimming
tears rolling down cheeks
what most people don't consider is that
tears are constantly flowing and
draining into our noses
and so they take virus with them
whether or not we
touch our faces
and this is why they contain
lysozyme the enzyme that damages pathogens
and as we know
the rate at which tears are produced
hence a streaming cold
the eyes are more delicate than the stomach and so
major pathogen destruction occurs in the stomach
if we are considering what happens in
what shall we say
the harbour of our body
rather than the port
enclosed be not genuinely
a distinction between
The Coast Guard
The Harbour Police

we said earlier that
grey squirrels may be using squirrel pox virus
as a weapon against red squirrels
to move to a plant based example
most people are aware of the concept of
variegated greenery
and some may know that flowers
are known fro a major part of their beauty
being down to having a virus on board
indeed many variegated plant varieties are subject to
reverting to plain green
if they loose their virus
and gardeners have to cut out the reverted bits to
maintain the virus infection
at the very least we can say
viruses are not
inevitably lethal

23rd March 2020

as we write
we have no idea when these words will be published
we have a couple of observations on the concept of
The Playing Fields of Eton
We have this idea that rich people pay a lot of money to
have their children well educated
the consequence, the concept not appreciated
is that the 'Best Schools' are
Military Cadet Training Establishments
they do not prepare their pupils to
understand the world
but to
re-fight the Napoleonic Wars
the other point is informative trivia
The First Hospital in England to declare itself
Full due to CoViD-19 illness
is situated on
the Playing Fields of Harrow School
not Eton
it is right hard by
Harrow School Swimming Place
over the road from the actual school
again we see real world evidence that
illness is the bedfellow of wealth
not poverty
it is often the arrogance of wealth
in face of healthy living guidance
that puts most strain on the health service

we are going to outline three scenarios
we know some people will say that we are suggesting that
all three will happen
to quote the great
Edd China
you can't argue with stupid
we set up three scenarios that
1 Corona Virus number 19
is just another name for the 'flu
2 Corona Virus 19
arrived from space and will wipe out
all life on Planet Earth
3 Corona Virus Number 19
is a virus that has been kicking around in a
geographically isolated region
and it has been spread by
increased trade and tourism
well number 3 may be true but let's pretend not
the bane of anybody trying to use
USE not Create, collect
is that the rules for compiling them are
always being changed
so you are rarely comparing like with like
so trends may be glitches or artefacts
what appears to be a disruption to a trend may
in fact be a disruption to data collection methods
and so here we pretend that we have a
pure time series
numbers that record the same thing in the same way
all the way through
here's the test
are the numbers of people dying with the infection
1 rising
2 steady
let us say that we are confident that there is
only one way the new infection can kill people
in this case
by oxygen starvation due to
inflammation of the lungs
what we have in the real world statistics as published is
this person died and we found the 'new' virus on or in the body
the test used is not the old fashioned bacteriological test
take a sample and smear it on a Petri Dish
and see what grows
the test being used is essentially the same as
DNA profiling used at crime scenes
DNA profiling as developed in
Nottingham or Leicester
is a crude version of what is now used
we do sequencing now
they did patterns then
and probably still do for
Law Enforcement purposes
but that is a side issue
what matters is the CoViD-19 test is
very sensitive
and we get that result in the stats
we do not get that broken down into
the general headings we would expect in
an autopsy
a post mortem
we get
was the suspect there
why or how did the victim die
and so to our three scenarios
we have a concept of
excess deaths
if we take people who died of respirtory failure
we expect more to die in the winter
than in the summer
that in a sense is counter intuitive
we would expect from logic
as opposed to from experience
that all that pollen and hay fever and such
would mean more deaths from respiratory failure in the summer
than in the winter
but it is not so
and so...
how do we calculate the
excess deaths from CoViD-19
if between 30 and 40 people dying each day from
lethal respiratory disease
where found at post mortem to be
smeared with
alder pollen
or grass pollen
or corona virus number 19
we would come to a different conclusion from if
on day one we found 30 dead people with CV 19 on them
and on day 2 we found 60 dead people with CV 19 on them
and on day 3 we found 120 dead people with CV 19 on them
here's the bit that's difficult
if we had a serological test - blood test - for
CV 19 antibodies
we could test the dead people's blood
and see whether they
died whilst fighting CoViD-19
or whether it was
an innocent bystander
that deserves thought and investigation
This planet is chugging along reasonably well
not in terms of how well it is being managed
but in terms of how much less badly it is being managed
than it used to be

at times like these we do reflect on the
the default position of
the press and the authorities is
notwithstanding the
Cult of the Pulitzer Prize
is this the big one
is Armageddon upon us?
the default position is
anything 'green' or ecological will
cost jobs
and any consideration of
any discussion of
matters medical
is done for the sole purpose of gaining
sexual gratification
since most male police officers have not yet
discovered the existence of
let alone the purpose of
the little button just above the
joint between the legs on the
Barbie Doll
they are married to...
they assume that
sexual gratification is a
purely male thing
and so matters related to
children and medicine
can safely be handed to
The Ladies
since they will just
kiss it to make it better
and so there is a medical crisis and
men in sheds
decide the answer will be
a better mouse trap
like sending the men off to
boil some water
during childbirth
send the men off to
make ventilators
while the
clean up the mess
Ricker's Gran died when he was 4
it was Christmas Eve
like not the day
like 8 o'clock in the evening on the day
his mam was visiting her mam
and the excitement killed
Ricker was 4
but he had a half brother who was old enough to
have a wife
and that wife was a nurse
and Ricker's mam and her step daughter-in-law
spent that Christmas Eve
Laying Out
Ricker's Gran
so she was fit for
the Menfolk to see
ans so Ricker knows he has to produce an
engineering based explanation to
viruses and immunity if the explanation is to have any
cut through
with the press
imagine then
that you are working in the
shed at the back
of a world famous museum
and an artefact is brought in that must be preserved as is
but you are to try to get it working
think of a model of an old steam engine
you need a drive shaft the connect
two part of the mechanism together
if you are lucky
the two ends will need a rod of the same diameter
and you will have that in stock
your day will go smoothly
if you are 'unlucky' or lucky if you are
looking for a challenge
you will have to select some over sized rod or bar and
turn down each end as appropriate

when we say
when we throw our hands in the air and cry
not everything in medicine is about
we do not mean
The Universe is and always was and always will be
exactly as God created it
we have faith in Darwin
whether or not the universe is a
supra galactic super computer
evolution in the 'real world' does not happen at the
speed of a weather forecasting computer
evolution grinds wondrous slow
humans involved in
animal husbandry and plant breeding
can speed it up with
un-natural interventions
adult supervision
in nature
major genetic changes are
almost always
we know that in some parts of the world
before the introduction of
world wide click of the mouse
social media and before that
the movies
in some parts of the world
the flatter a girl's face
the more likely she was to
in other parts of the world
the larger and more prominent her eyes
the more likely she was to breed
and so
geographically anchored diversities evolved
this is in contrast to
islands where
only one bird
for example a finch
finds its way there and
lfe is hard and
yer basic generic finch struggles but
the weirdoes
find a niche
and each family in its niche gets more and more weird and
eventually evolves to a point beyond
actually fitting in in the mother family

virus particles are not
crews by teams of
little green men
the selection process for them is rather
one sided
although some of the
bomb disposal expert humans
will blow themselves up in the process
over quite a short time
the variants of viruses that
humans can tolerate will persist
and the variants that humans cannot tolerate
go out of production

that being the overall picture
although most people will come to terms with their new
slightly modified
more nearly
some individuals will
whenever they encounter a
kryptonite medallion
go into
anaphylactic shock
remember kryptonite was not toxic to humans
we would love to get the message across that
evolution is about
and survival of the fittest
suffers from the fittest means
the best fitting
not the biggest and strongest
and so to return to our museum example
if each model fits on a table top
and the technician is offered
a tree trunk
by stores
the technician is not going to
SELECT the tree tunk

from time to time we come up with an idea that
needs writing down before we forget it
this idea is about
keeping your distance in groups
most in the developed world people get the opportunity
whilst children
tp play with
thinking more about the more powerful magnets
to keep them strong
they are supplied, as toys, and otherwise
with a
there are two main styles of magnets
horse shoe magnets
bar magnets
horse shoe magnet has a single keeper
installed between
the poles - the ends
bar magnets are stored
in school science labs at least
in pairs side by side, head to toe
with a keeper at each end
with a good strong magnet
it is quite a job to remove the keeper from the
poles of the magnet
it's an amusing little game to
put the keeper on a table
and see how close you can bring the magnet to the keeper
without the keeper flying through the air to
jump into place on the poles of the magnet
as so with a virus
it's like throwing a crisps or a mint into the air
and trying to catch it in your mouth
get the distance wrong..
and your treat ends up on the floor

16th March 2020

Our Ricker does not watch
Last Tango in Halifax
for a very short time
Ricker's sister was a fellow pupil with
Anne Reid
at White House School
in Kirkleatham Street, in Redcar
White House school, white bricks, Pease
been there before

one of the more
lines promoted on TV is
this pandemic is nothing whatever to do with 'flu
if you have been recommended to get this year's
'flu jab
and you haven't
for God's sake
go to a pharmacy - not your GP - and get one
your body is not
like a parking space
you can have more than one infection at the same time
even if the 'flu vaccine is no help whatever with
CoViD-19 - of which we are far from certain
you don't want CoVid-19 and 'flu together at the same time
a lot of this talk how shall we say it
you may have only carrots and no beans
in a farmer's field
but that does not mean you can't have
carrots, bean, spuds, and asparagus , and
God know what else
on your allotment - kitchen garden
and worst of all
do not
deliberately expose yourself to the likes of
the 'flu
in the hopes that it will keep CoViD-19 out

here we are going to apply a motoring analogy to
the viral pandemic
in the UK
almost everybody recognises the term
as standing for
Ministry of Transport
an MOT
or an MOT test
is a test to generate a certificate to say
a tested vehicle is fit for use on public roads
and naturally MOT has become more widely used for
an in-servce check of fitness
the thing about an MOT is that it is entirely
safety orientated
and so there are two sorts of classification of failure
a vehicle can fail because it has so much bodywork rust
that it is beyond economic repair
it could fail because it needs a light bulb replaced
it will not fail if it has
scratched, mildly dented and surface rusted bodywork
a car will not crash as a result of being
a very unfashionable colour
or having disgustingly dirty seats or carpets
despite its new MOT we will scrap it anyway
those are the people we need to protect?
obsessing about protecting fit and healthy 80 years olds
from having a temperature for a week
should not be used as an excuse for
letting a bunch of folk with dementia
drown in their own saliva
say you have a village in which over a period of ten years
thirty people die
say twenty of those people had
a Ford motor car
this is a very weak link between
having a Ford car and dying
it is very easy to test a patient who is very ill
to check for one particular virus
and fail to check for any others
if you leave a number of cats
home alone
and your furniture is damaged - scratched to death
in the absence of CCTV
do you blame all the cats?
in all probability you blame the cat that
most recently joined your household
and so we are
underestimating the number of infections
and over estimating the influence of the new virus
in morbidity and mortality of patients
what we should be looking for - in China
four months down the road
chronic effects
a change in the level of health of the survivors
we have the medical histories of the victims
there are few accounts of
people who were fit and healthy before infection, dying

ther is no validity whatsoever to the idea that
anybody over the age of 70
who contracts the virus
will die
or even need more than a couple of packets of
paracetamol and some honey drinks
all the people who have died WITH the new virus
have been over 60
does not lead logically to
everybody over 70 who contracts the virus will
need to be put on a ventilator
the first question journalists should be asking is
what proportion of people who were over 80 and
living in Wuhan
six months ago
are alive today
and how does that compare to the proportion who
survived the corresponding period
in previous years
that answers the question
is dying from this infection
related to being elderly?
since this virus is the new cat in the household
is it destroying
all the furniture
or has it just just taken exception to
one particular cushion

The problem we have in the UK with the
why aren't we doing what them other people are doing
is that they have dug up
Passover thinking
a viral infection is not a
a cloud that will sweep across the land and leave
a shower of rain
avoided by ducking indoors
the virus, the infection, is not
out there
it is in other people
and all this cleaning is of minimal value
in the worst case scenario
it will always be in them
even after they are immune to it
you too need to be immune to it
we cannot rely on it
mutating to a more benign form
we have to learn to live with it
and anything else the
gastronomic adventurers dig up for us
that is the risk
we will take three viruses
small pox
human papilloma virus - HPV
human immunodeficiency virus - HIV
small pox is a simple lethal viral infection
right from the very start
the very start was that
having a bout of cow pox
gave you immunity to small pox
the basis of inoculation and vaccines
most viruses take over a cell
> a cell of a bacterium, a plant, an animal, a person
and rather in the sense of a
home invasion
take over the facilities to breed
like a burglar getting the baby sitter pregnant
HPV does something different
it digs up the garden and plants hash
it doesn't
borrow the facilities
it turns up the heating
it switches the cell into a
proliferative mode
so far as we know
HIV targets cells in the immune system
when we say that we don't mean it
what we mean is
the cells that HIV is able to break into
happen to be cells involved in immunity
they probably swallow it in a way that other cells don't
just doin' their job
like bomb disposal experts
and get blown up by a virus no other cell would go near
it's tough to build up immunity to a virus that
goes straight for the military
we don't know which of those
CoViD-19 is
it is Probably PROBABLY quite a lot like
but not exactly the same as
the sort of virus we can keep down to a
harmless level
we may even get lucky and
do a small pox on it
we don't know YET
we think it is time to do a bit about
regarding the current pandemic
we have been told that the source or epicentre or
patient zero
was associated with a
live food market
separately we have been directed towards
pangolin scales
we have a virus
it is spreading because there is no
herd immunity to it
almost anywhere in the world
the appropriate contact tracing exercise would be to
identify a community - anywhere n the world where there was
a herd immunity to this virus
a place, however large or small, where
almost nobody got sick,
whether or not they test positive for the virus
and then you do on that population
serological - blood - tests for antibodies to the virus
and then you cross reference to any
'novel' foodstuff that has recently begun to be
exported from that place
foreign country or enclave
to Wuhan
it is clear that to stop this happening again
Naturalists should be
out there
collecting samples from all manner of wildlife
so that their viruses can be characterised
and vaccines put on the shelf
BEFORE some crack pot, arty farty, chef
decides to put
yet another
on the menus of the world
and we wish to distinguish
Gordon the Moron Ramsey
who applies new techniques to
dependable food stocks
vox pops
why do the BBC think that they should inflict
their 'rushes' on the public
just to 'prove' that they are not censoring public opinion
regarding testing for
the CViD-19 disease virus
there are two tests
the swab - nose and throat swab - test
and a test not being done yet
the serological test
the swab test tells us whether you have the virus
that's it
it does not tell us whether you have the disease
the serum test will tell us
whether you have or have had the disease
there is no test, and never will be a test
that tells us whether you are
susceptible to the virus
there are no people who can be identified as
likely to get the disease
except categories such as
and as we said
too weak to cough
vulnerable people can be identified by their
not by a lab test

we will now try to give a relatable concept of
a carrier
you have a body that has
in a sense this could be seen as
surfaces - your garden
insides - your home
most people who don't want their home
infested with wild mice
will at the first sign of visiting mice
lay down traps and poison
most people would not set them around the
boundary of their garden
your body does not do that in terms of
anti bodies
the immune system is
and so any virus on YOUR surfaces will be
safe from your immune system
however, as we have said
safe from the immune system
but not safe from
drying out , ultraviolet light etc.
so there is a vestibule
nose and mouth cavities
where the virus is safe from your immune system
and safe from the big bad world
but still will not remain viable for very long
maybe a couple of days

now we bring in another concept
tidal volume
at rest - that means, at work
sitting at a desk
each breath shifts around
half a litre of air
the lungs are a cul-de-sac
somewhere along the evolutionary road
things evolved that
didn't get their oxygen by
passing water over gills
they developed a push me pull you approach
people who study fossils tell us that
insects escaped the water long before any other type of life
or is that any other non-plant type of life did
so we set that aside and consider
animals evolving out of fish
but more importantly this somewhat risky concept of
having lungs that do not drain
it's one of those imperfections that results from the random nature of
evolutionary history
fish have lungs as well as gills
we have fish now that can live out of water
mud skippers
the thing about the lungs that fish have is that they are not
designed for
exchange of gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide
their name gives away their function
fish have a mechanism to control and adjust their
like as ship but in reverse
a ship takes on and pumps out water as balast
to perfect its trim and ride height
fish have the reverse
a structure called a
swim bladder
that they use to adjust their trim and buoyancy
by filling with gas
it has no ducts to the water
or does it?
do fish blow bubbles when
they want to sink?
there are species of fish that
blow bubbles
they make floating nests for their eggs
from air bubbles
but we don't think the swim bladder has anything to do with that
perhaps some mud skipper types
developed with a duct
like a hare lip on a human - a defect
a defect that got useful to a
fish out of water
if you wanted to DESIGN an out of water
gas exchange organ
you would design it with a sump plug
design it as an analogue of the gut
but the lungs weren't designed
they evolved as a result of a need colliding with a
and so we need to
normal people - not athletes
have two litres of air in them when they have breathed out
and two and a half litres when they breath in
and the air change is
at the top
for a virus in the nose and mouth
trying to infect a cell is like
trying to pitch a tent in a fast flowing river
what you get is saliva and mucus
nothing for the tent pegs to grip
your insides are - male form
a main road and a cul-de-sac
female form, a main road with a
cul-de-sac at each end
except that the lower female cul-de-sac has
a cut through, ginnel, walkway, whatever
that's a different story
the main road is
the gut
the cul-de-sac is the lungs
in the lungs there are
two major clean up mechanisms
little hairs called cilia
that are a bit like the thing where the hairs on your arms
stand up and relax when your hair stands on end
they beat up and down to shift mucus and any trapped
soot, bacteria, and viruses
towards the mouth
and the other clean up mechanism is
the cough
the cough clears mucus that has got out of the
tiny crevices - actually more like tiny bunches of grapes
into the tubes of the lung
one of the problems with ait pollution - including smoking
is that the cilia get gummed up or killed
a bit like for those who know about these things
inner ear deafness when the bits of the ear that
pick up vibrations
get damaged
or never form properly
and cystic fibrosis
is where there is
too much mucus in the lungs and or it is too thick and sticky
irritation cause over secretion of mucus and we get
facultative? - temporary - cystic fibrosis
grape type bit full for mucus not air
starve the body of oxygen
providing oxygen instead of air
only works if
1 only part of the lung is gummed up
if the patient is so weak that
their tidal volume is
way down
shallow breathing
suction will only clear the tubes
not the alveoli - the grape style end organs
which is why you need a chest drain...
overall, adapting cystic fibrosis therapies to
pneumonia a pleurisy is the sort of last resort
or if you want that in English...
Healthy persons commonly aspirate,
but normally defence mechanisms usually
clear the inoculum without sequelae.
Aspiration pneumonia includes three syndromes
based on the nature of the inoculum
1 chemical pneumonitis
2 Bacterial infection
3 mechanical obstruction
as noted below
bacteria and fungi can live on - eat
many substances
viruses need to infect living cells
broadly a virus in a human needs to gain access to
actual cells - usually via access to the
blood circulation
the irritation caused by a virus
can cause the body to secrete the likes of mucus that
protects cells from virus particles
but at the same time all that
soggy bandage mucus
is food for bacteria
and so
the primary disease may be a viral infection
antibiotics are important to suppress the
secondary bacterial flowering
they don't kill the virus
but they do help the patient

two of the cutest things in nature are
Koala bears and Meercats
they appeal because they
spend a lot of time - like humans
with their spines vertical
their heads stacked above their chest above their hips
what happens here is...
consider a beer bottle
a person or animal with a vertical spine
their lungs at least
can be seen as an empty beer bottle
that is stood up
left out in the rain
rain will enter through the neck and
in time water will build up in the bottom
an animal such as a dog
could be considered as an empty beer bottle
laid on its side in the rain
no matter how much rain gets in there
due to a flood or simply rain falling down
the bottle will never get even half full
if you sit around a lot
and you begin to cough and splutter if you
attempt to lie down
that may well be an indication that you have
congestion of the lungs
a build up of fluid on the lungs

9th March 2020

we are not here to understand the details of
Scunthorpe and Port Talbot steel works
one or both of them has three tiny little
blast furnaces
one or both of them has four tiny little balst furnaces
we are not going to research how many of them are in use
we know that one a Port Talbot has had money spent on it recently
we are now told that
around 50 people will soon be loosing their jobs at a
for Christ's sake
steel distribution depot in
whose idea was it to sell Redcar steel from a dump in Darlo?
and so on top of that
as we said before around a dozen train crew
shifting bloom from Scunthorpe to Redcar
raw - unrolled - steel will not be run from Scunthorpe
to Redcar
Lackenby and Skinningrove will 'soon'
for a while
get their steel from
a new electric arc scrap melter
to be built at Lackenby
when that is up and running
there will be 400 job losses in Scunthorpe
as one blast furnace is shut down
the strip mill will be put back into
Lackenby Mills
the beds and infrastructure are still there from when it was
shipped to China in the first place
at that point there will be a question
do we
1 go back to shipping raw steel to Redcar from Scunthorpe
to feed the re0instated strip mill
2 do we build a new blast furnace in Redcar to feed the mills
3 do we re-start the existing blast furnace in Redcar?
there is a problem with option 3
the existing mothballed plant
can't run at less than
3 million tonnes a year
that puts it in competition with....
the toys they play with in Port Talbot
pipes are supposed to be made in
and long products - railway rails
for example for
are supposed to be made in
not flaming Scunthorpe
and so it is not so much
Death by a Thousand Cuts
more like death - for SCUNTHORPE - by a dozen cuts
400 out of 2000 jobs go as soon as the electric arc furnace
at Lackenby is up and running
less than a couple for years
to reprise
Lackenby HAD
a strip mill and a beam mill
it still has its beam - girder - mill up and running
it just needs its strip mill back in the beds alongside
in the pre-existing
rolls and motors are
they wear out
all that needs to
'come back'
are the roll frames
and for our Geordie neighbours
rolls used to mean
Davey Roll
one roll per 40 tonne truck
rolls are a bit like
brake drums and discs
you take them off and re-cut the surface
but eventually they can't be re-cut any more
in sum
as a result of Scunthorpe-Port Talbot having
six to eight tiny little blast furnaces
and Redcar having a whopper
Scunthorpe-Port Talbot has
flexibility in terms of
adjusting output
every time a blast furnace goes cold
there is a risk
greater with the smaller ones
that they will have to be
completely re-built
in order to be able to start them up again
However, this deal is more complicated than that
So far as we can tell....
Port Talbot remains
and will for the moment continue to supply
strip or sheet steel to
The UK car industry
what is quite interesting is that
Jingye have bought
Lackenby, Skinningrove, Workington, Darlington
but ALSo
In other words they have bought
Corus minus what Tata and Liberty have
we think Liberty own Hartlepool
and so
we are unsure
about how many jobs have been lost in
The Netherlands
at the start of this deal
if we could say that the deal means
closing one blast furnace in Scunthorpe
and one or two at what was
Hoogeovens then we are a lot nearer to having enough demand to
justify re-lighting Redcar
and there is another dimension to this
we can't check at present
can't be bothered to check
but Jingye has been described as
we are not entirely sure that that is not
more exactly
Hong Kong Chinese
that would make quite a difference

we'd like to know
why are the
rich, powerful, and famous
in such shockingly poor health?
setting aside the concept of
you've met this female
bung her a few million or you'll
spend the rest of your life in jail

this movie mogul
appears in court looking like death warmed up
and the wimin say
it's theatrics
he knows actors and their tricks
setting aside the fact that his accusers are from the same the moment he gets into custardy
never mind jail
he's whisked off for
heart bypass surgery
some may say it reflects the
self delusional bubble in which
rich, powerful, and famous people
people... Liz Tayler, and somebody who has just had a
Liza Minellie was it?
so people not just men
once The State
has control of these people
and stops fawning on them
the state says
we're not having you dying on us
you WILL have a check-up
and we will keep you alive
our Ricker remembers having to have a
chest X-ray
to prove he didn't have TB
before he was allowed to
work with children
much much later he recalls being
frisked by a policeman
to check whether he had an erection
in a room full of women
priorities change
if it had been a rectal probe searching for
that would have made sense but this was a
frontal only
see how YOU like it attack
probably standard
'see if we can provoke the prisoner'
but there is another dimension
was the male PC trying to check whether a
'bloke' who can
with wimin
really has any
wedding vegetables
at the same time
Ricker was asked
have you any illnesses
he said yes
and go a two minute argument from a woman
who refused to write down
Guillain-Barre syndrome
because she didn't do
just box ticking
but the woman at the other end of the counter
was quite happy to write down
for eye colour
and while we are at it
the rather lovely DC - Detective Constable
Lnsay Forbes
remember The Inspector Lynley Mysteries?
DC Forbes reminded Ricker of Lynley's side kick
Sgt. Barbara Havers played by Sharon Small
never heard of her again?
opened his clamshell mobile
and instead of going beep it
Dolce et Gabbbana
and so clamshell 'phone gives a date clue
Rickeer had been arrested for sending an email to
Ian Swales MP
that referred to the fact that
women have simpler plumbing than men
and therefore tend to be much more leaky
that was before
Period Poverty
a Thing
and so on
International Wimin's Day
we can say there is still progress
Ricker did get off in the end
but it is quite interesting to contrast the
team of wimin set on Ricker a few years ago
mentioning Wimin's Things
and the removal -post BrExit
of the designation
luxury item
from sanitary products
here we will reference from below
the statistic that
one third of 11 year olds in Middlesbrough are
functionally illiterate
this case was heard in Teesside Magistrates' Court
and Teesside Crown Court
in the magistrates' court
Cleveland Police and the crown Prosecution Service
had DC Forbes
read out the emails in open court
for the benefit of the bench
they were all set to have her repeat the performance
at crown Court
but the judge said
thta won't be necessary
we can read
there is no way Ricker can be accused to
seeking to upset DC Forbes in this case
but the CPS?
oh it brings back the days of
Joyce Grenfell
comedy actor
George, don't do that George
Grenfell often played a typical 1960s
Woman Police Constable
there are none of those today
nobody with the rank
restricted to
keeping children and sex workers
out of the hair of
real coppers
the character was normally called
WPC Pearly Gates
referencing St Peter
Pearly Kings and Queens
the question we have to ask is
is this new found obsession with
a response to
higher standards and greater demand
or is it a response to
having more wimin
on the force
in the courts
in the probation service
are these wimin still playing real life Pearly Gates?
we know that there are at least
three high profile
unlawful killings of female police officers
whilst on duty
Yvonne Fletcher
being the 'first' high profile case
Cleveland police has to scrabble back to
the 19th century to find and officer of any gender
killed on duty
other than by their own appalling driving
which is the driver?
we've got more female officers so we need to find suitable cases for them
we need to deal with these issues
we can't get the 'lads' to do it
better get some wimin in?
and this is not about
physical limitations
barristers and judges
of the female construction type
who are in court and well protected
from physical harm
are pressured towards
working in the
Family Division
it's almost like
we have a dog section
we have been ordered to have as many cats as dogs
in the kennels
what the hell are we gonna do with the cats?
mouse patrol

we understand that it was
International Wimin's Day Yesterday
Ricker had a think
he asked
what movie?
and he thought
Wall E
the 'guests' on the space ship
but then of course he thought
Boxing Helena
all the time that we develop
electricity and hydraulics
we get closer to
wimin no longer needing men to
do the heavy lifting
nobody sees the world from every available point of view
we want to reference a
Charlie Chaplin
but this sort of thing always required a lot of
back story
if you see old buildings you see the windows are
made up of small panes of glass
connected with strips of wood
it was essentially the development in mid 20th century of
float glass - Pilkingtons
Yes yes Ricker met Sir Alexander Pilkington
Teesside Polytechnic
incidentally he was there to demonstrate the first
liquid crystal display, not float glass
would the wimin allow either of them anywhere near
these days?
float glass made possible the introduction of
'picture windows'
windows not broken up with supporting glazing bars
and so, back to Charlie Chaplin
in the movie in question, Charlie is walking the streets
of a working class section of an industrial town
on his back is a wooden frame
on the frame are sheets of window glass
around 30 by 45 cm
one foot by 18 inches
Charlie indicates - silent movie
to a street urchin
this if you throw a stone and break a window
Charlie is then miraculously on hand to
replace the broken glass
for a fee
the days before
the days when wimin
got a man in
if anything broke
the days before
waiting 'til tea time and telling the
man of the house to
make use of the twenty odd quid a month for
and download a Utube about
how to fix it
and the wimin chorus
wot? in THESE shoes
wimin's complaints about the
intolerable burden of femininity
bring back images of
foot binding
binding little girls' feet so that they could not grow
so that they were unable to walk, or work
mainly associated with medieval China

if we ever get back on line we have something to search for
neuramimic acid
as things stand we know very little about this
we know the definition
it is located at the region of a cell membrane where
viruses attach
cells - we don't know which ones
have a structure - a sort of docking port
for viruses
and so we cells that have
virus receptors
if the cells the collect virus particles are
part of the immune system
they may have these docking ports as part of a process of
destroying the virus
to reproduce - even to continue to exist
viruses need to be inside cells
if some cells are designed to capture them...
it is possible that if a cell has
virus receptors
and for some reason has
defective or absent
the virus may thrive to an unexpected extent
the other possibility is that some cells
harvest virus particles
to use as weapons
we have said - below - that some viruses are known as
perhaps some of the body's cells are seeking bacteriophage
and catch some other type of virus

It is a very, very, very long time since our Ricker
last had his hands on an
electron microscope
and just to show how much things have changed
it was at the
Tioxide Reserch labs
on Portrack Lane, in Stockton-on-Tees
hence we stand happy to be corrected if these things have changed
what we understand by an electron microscope is
a microscope that does not use light to produce images of samples
but a beam of electrons
back in the twentieth century
most people had a box in their home that produced and used a
beam of electrons
it was called
the telly
the TV - television
modern TVs don't use that technology
electron microscopes use a technology
quite similar to the reverse of the of
Cathode Ray Tube
reverse in the sense of similar to the way
TV cameras of the time worked
what we are getting at is a technology where
electro magnets moved beams of electrons
in a similar way to the management of
light rays
by lenses
there is a major problem with
beams of electrons
they just don't pass through
and so where ever you are using beams of electrons
you have to work in a vacuum
this is no problem with samples of
or titanium dioxide
or anything
viruses are very small
too small to see with a light microscope
and so they have to be imaged by an electron microscope
they are also very
if you want to image very small sqidgy things
with an electron microscope
who have to either
freeze them
more likely
plate them
with metal
you bombard the sample with atoms of metal
and a surface of metal is built up
and that metal impression will
survive the conditions
vacuum and electron beam bombardment
that exist, prevail, in the sample chamber of
an electron microscope
and so
there have been 'images' of viruses kicking around
for a long time
but the impression of
inside out golf balls
is a bit
how shall we say
at best they are images of
what viruses look like
in outer space
and light has colours
electron beams are not recorded in colour
the colours are artist's impression added later
somewhere in the chaos of our Ricker's 'library'
there is a book full of electron micrographs
real ones
and they are all in
black and white

seeing as how Ricker has nothing better to do
we'll explain how electron microscopes work
light is photons
and photons have a dual nature
in the words of the old timers
they are particles that have
St.Vitus' Dance
they are particles that are ALWAYS moving
and they progress from source - sun, light bulb, whatever
to target, place, surface where they are absorbed
they progress, process, but the also
vibrate, veer from side to side
and the distance they process - as in a procession
whilst moving once from side to side and
back to the side where they started
is called the
blue light makes the trip quicker than the other colours of
visible light
because it is more energetic
and so to has a
and the wavelength of the light determines
how much detail you can get in an image
is the same
but they are much much more energetic than photons
so they have a much shorter
and can capture images of much finer detail

if you are an ecologist you have two forms of
optical assistance
and binocs
lots of people have binoes
they are
binocs are
binocular microscopes
a binocular microscope is an instrument for
obtaining a low magnification view
of a sample by
reflected light
if you are a
medical laboratory scientist
you will not be using binoculars
you will be using
binocular microscopes
transmission light microscopy
routine light microscopy
lies between
the binocular microscope and the
electron microscope
but it is the one where the sample is sliced thin
with a microtome
and mounted on a glass slide
so that a section can be viewed
in an electron microscope
the images are produced from electrons
reflected off
and not transmitted through
the sample
so far as we know
nobody has yet developed
computer aided electron tomography
whereby electron are 'shone' through structures
and a computer generates an image from
data about how the electron beam is deviated and absorbed
if such machines exist
they are not used to generate the
'virus images'
of popular science

we are somewhat blocked at present
so we thought we would do some research
just to see what the other guys think
latin for - poisonous liquid
intracellular obligate parasite
that means it lives
inside the cells of other species
it cannot live anywhere else
once outside the host cell
it can go through a process of dying
from which it can be revived by
Google,Twitter, whatever, reference?
by being a clown car that blunders into a gold mine
we want to say here
virus 'activity'?
there is NOTHING going on here the likes of
bees finding nectar
absolutely the opposite
put that completely from your mind
it is inert - apparently lifeless, non-functioning
outside the host cell
the host cell has to have
it is invisible except under the
electron microscope
it's vanishingly tiny
a few molecules
those molecules are
perhaps a protein coat, perhaps not
depending on strain
nucleic acid
usually RNA
ribonucleic acid - RNA
deoxyribonucleic acid DNA
definitions change
once upon a time
a virus was
any kind of pathogen
then the sub-divisions
ultra virus and filterable virus came to be used
what we now call a virus is
the very smallest biologically active entity that is
as we say
something more than an enzyme
some viruses are referred to as
these viruses specialise in being parasites on
here is the bit that matters
they can exist on surfaces and in media
but they need to be
in living cells
in order to reproduce
in relatable terms
see them as male
see them as having
because bacteriophages can be
in bacteria
most research on and in viruses has been done on
honestly, beyond their structures
we don't know much about what viruses actually do

the first
take away
from this
you can't study viral infection through
conventional - visible light - microscopes and slides
they are way too small
the second take away is they are not a fungus but
they are a parasite and we know that
a lot of fungi live on they
dying parts of trees
the thing about the over 80s being the main victims
is that their cells are loosing their vitality
their defences are down
and one of the basic ideas about virus damage is that
a virus blunders into a cell
it sets about using the facilities
and turns the cell to making virus
like Nazi Germany invading Poland and making the local car factories
switch to making tanks
the virus does not make virus
it forces the cell it has invaded to make virus
and swords to ploughshares
we are developing treatments that force a virus
to force a defective human cell
to make the product - often an enzyme or hormone
that that cell should be making but isn't
once a cell has been switched to tanks manufacture
virus manufacture
we have no way to switch it back
if we are old or ill
we may have no healthy cells left
that is not the usual state of affairs
however old we get we are geared up to producing
skin, and gut lining, and lung lining, cells
and so for the most part
old people who die from this sort of thing
drown in a soup of secretions, virus, and dead cells
here's the kicker
we have said
don't put casualties in
in this rare case
put the patient in the recovery position
less affected lung above the more affected lung
and put a chest drain
in the lower lung
the drain should be right into a brochus
not simply into the
pleural cavity
the companion of pneumonia is
so the gunk can drain out without coughing or suction
the people who will die from CoVD19
corona virus disease number 19
are either
too weak to cough
or some blame idiot - possibly themselves
has rammed them full of
cough suppressing meds
and another thing...
nerves are very complex structures
but the are essentially
tubes of salty water
encased in fat
and so
some viruses merge into the fatty walls of nerves
and get carried off by the structures of the nerve
like a termite blundering into a tunnel that's
part of an ant nest
and then we are talking
chicken pox and generally pox viruses, that sort of thing
not the pneumonia an pluricy type virus
differnt wall material
different 'strategy'

and one thing to be on the look out for is
the unproductive cough
if you are ill and you experience the cough reflex
and nothing comes up
that's a worry
if you are not ill it is probable that what came up was
so little - the routine maintenance load
that you did not notice it
because it should not normally come up as far as your mouth
spitting is generally not

we have heard this comment about
don't touch your face
in relation to hygiene
we think we should introduce a couple of 'new' words
into the conversation
lysosomes - lysozomes
lysozyme an enzyme found in mammalian tissue secretions
such as tears and white of egg
white of egg is avian not mammalian but let that pass
except to ask
does this have any bearing on the
attenuation of vaccines produced in eggs?
Greek - loosing body
nearly spherical bodies smaller than mitochondria
which are thought to isolate autolysing enzymes of the cell
and so prevent
they have been called mitochondria B
and light mitochondria
we do not know whether they have their own
and are therefore the same sort of
obligate commensal parasites that mitochondria are
up sum
tears disinfect your eyes
and salive disinfects your mouth
it is
that represent the major infection threat
the watchword is
it'll never get better
if you pick (at) it
it is much more important to keep wounds clean
than to avoid touching your face

we have no idea how long ago
'call me Dave'
David Cameron
was UK Prime Minister
but we have seen at least one really significant change
since then
this speaks to the folly of
consulting with the industry
in times of crisis
people in the UK are not at unprecedented risk from
CoViD 19
to be more precise
however the problem points up a snag with
deciding that one particular industry is
all important
it is often a little off-putting to see
adverts from the likes of
where a tap is running to waste
with clean drinkable water
after an intervention by a charity
it contrasts with UK call me Dave era
born out of
a leaking water pipes situation
hose pipe bans
and the like
we have moved quite smartly from
water is precious
water is spreading disease
all over the place
a government that 'delivers' for one industry
let the pipes leak, we'll handle public opinion
damages other industries - the health service...
and the general public good
wash under running water
or with alcohol
you are not saving the planet by
rinsing your toothbrush
in a puddle - very elegant posh new bathroom puddle
of stagnant water
there are people saying
soapy water destroys pathogens
we are far from convinced about this
water hot enough to destroy germs - pathogens
will scald
do not rely on the temperature of washing water
on your person
as opposed to water used to wash
crockery and cutlery
to destroy pathogens
the posh term for hand washing - body washing - is
from the Latin
to wash away
soap is a mild caustic
it is generally made by treating fats with
full blown caustic materials
the function of soap is to
lift away the surface layer of the skin
pathogens in a bowl of tepid, slightly soapy water?
hot tub, sauna
alcohol destroys germs
for best results it should be
60 per cent alcohol
but the much weaker whiskey etc.
is all to the good
there used to be much talk of
surgical spirit

We're going to put down a marker here
Jingye Group
is a Chinese company
and today they are signing up to buy
British Steel
for £50 million
and they have a plan to invest
£1.2 billion
in the company
The initial job loss projection is
The loss of 400 jobs

What they get for the 50 million is
a steelworks in Scunthorpe
and a set of rolling mills at
Lackenby, between Redcar and Eston
we have to admit we don't know how much
steel rolling capacity at Scunthorpe that includes
what we do know is that Lackenby rolls structural steel
Scunthorpe rolls
long products
we think that means
railway track
as of the present...
Scunthorpe sends one train load - ball park figure
of cast steel - slabs and blooms - mostly blooms
blooms are like steel tree trunks but of square section
to Skinningrove each week
and considerably more of the same to Lackenby
In terms of the published plans of the UK authorities
'a Chinese company' has plans to build an electric arc furnace
at Lackenby
to generate steel from scrap
it seems unlikely that this plant will produce
less steel than the amount currently transferred by rail
from Scunthorpe to Lackenby and Skinningrove
this could mean that one of
the dinky little blast furnaces at Scunthorpe
will be shut down and replaced by electric arc steel from scrap
and that randomly fits with the loss of
400 jobs
we understand that the redundency figure for
Redcar is around
we guess that is the number of the
train crews and associates
and if that is so they sould be easy to re-deploy

we do keep battering our heads against one particular brick wall
we understand that one third of
children leaving Primary School - aged 11 years - in Middlesbrough
functionally illiterate
given the investment in
class room assistants
some sort of explanation is called for
we have seen the idea of
breakfast clubs
the idea that these children can't read
because they turn up to lessons hungry
nobody seems to have an explanation as to how they can be
so undernourished as to be unable to concentrate on lessons
and at the same time
morbidly obese
never mind illiterate...
many of these kids arrive in Primary School
aged 4 or five
doubly incontinent
in nappies, diapers
is this
for lack of cash in the home?
or is it for lack of care?
there is a 'Blue Collar Mantra'
never learn how to do anything
that you aren't willing to
do for the rest of your life
is the reason
hey kids, don't learn how to read and write
it'll load you with
children have this charmed phase in their
normal development
The terrible twos
toddler tantrums
teenage rebellion
it could well be that efforts to persuade children to
value maximising their potential
should be focussed on them when they are between
five and ten
this agegroup tend to think their parents are saints
and frankly, without adult male family members
because the wimin are being protected from
coercive control
and all male teachers are paedos
all they have for ideas about male attributes come from
shoot 'em up
computer games

3rd March 2020

We have below published some thoughts on
Oxford University
and it's relationship to
The British Civil Service
when an organisation
launches a new initiative
it is easy to assume that it is NEW
mostly it will be a revamp or adaptation of
something traditional
Oxford keeps saying they want students from
deprived backgrounds
this is an adaptation of the system under which
the illegitimate offspring of The Nobility
sent away
to Public Schools and Oxford University
on the pretext that
it wasn't because of the identity of their
secret fathers
but because they were
ever so clever
ans so the tradition of them then finding their way
to Court
Non-hereditary roles
roles they did not inherit
but could be appointed to
grew up
and the demise of
Rotten Boroughs
constituencies where there were
a handful of eligible voters
is quite recent in terms of these institutions

2nd March 2020

This is a review of what is below
we want to use this idea of
grey squirrels versus red squirrels as an explainer
even though we are not entirely certain it happens
one of the ideas that comes up is the idea of
people who are immune compromised
being at greatest risk from viruses
we really want to place the lethality of virus infections on the scale of
autoimmune disease
to stretch a point
in the normal way of things in , for instance, Australia
it is quite routine for travellers to camp overnight
and start a camp fire
in bush fire season that may be forbidden
to put it another way
if the fire service are out on a job
they may extinguish a neighbour's
pretty display of candles
with extreme prejudice
collateral damage
when we say
pre-existing condition
we mean
the immune system is
already out on a job
and it may react in a
trigger happy way
to the least sign of trouble
sometimes we call that an auto immune response
bullets get sprayed around all over the place and
there is collateral damage
friendly fire
when a grey squirrel detects a squirrel pox virus
it shrugs
when a red squirrel detects a squirrel pox virus
all hell breaks loose
and so in a way
the people who die from these viruses may be
1 already at death's door
2 may respond with something akin to
anaphylactic shock
to the arrival of the novelty

When our Ricker worked for a small family run chain of
Opticians' shops with a factory in Godalming in Surrey
Bateman's ?
he shared a room with a Kenyan Asian
and so perhaps he has some insight into the mind of
Priti Patel
Ricker's room mate was an aerospace engineer and
he kept moving jobs because
he wanted to live and work in the UK
these companies hired him with a view to sending him out
as a sales engineer in the
Indian Sub-continent
in the first instance...
the Colonial British
had The UK, India - the continent - and
swathes of Africa
at their disposal
and so they sent, settled, re-planted
the wily little Indians
there is some confusion about the evolution of
ethnic slurs
time was there was a removable
paper golliwog behind the label of every jar of
Robertsonsí Jam
But wog derives from
wily oriental gentleman
oriental is the opposite of
The Orient
is the land where the sun rises
The Occident
is the land where the sun sets
and then there is the gender politics
did wog become unacceptable because of
a reference to wiley
damning someone with feint praise by describing then as
too clever by half
or effeminate
womanly wiles
if you are loosing the arguement
flash what you keep between your legs
is wily a distraction from a failure of fact or logic?
we suspect - without evidence - that golliwog derives from
goggle eyed foreigner
and when you witness
David Lamy MP in full flow.....
we digressed...
so they were sent , settled, re-planted
the wily little Indians
into Britannia's African lands
to organise the locals into a workforce
when the Africans gained independence from
they were left with their now resident
and they were more keen to be rid of them than of The British
and so they were sent 'back' to the UK
and not back to Asia
there is parallel to this an element within
anti-immigration sentiment
that is along the lines of
I'm up, pull the ladder up
To turn to the UK Civil Service
there is a clue in the name
Civil Service - Military Service
the problem is
you can't - generally - send a civil servant on a
suicide mission
if they become an embarrassment
and so to Oxford University
we have no stats on what proportion of the
First Division Association
the union of the top Whitehall civil servants
are Oxford graduates
we suspect it is very near 100 per cent
and Oxford University is forever bleating on about
wanting to broaden access
the thing about this is that it is an example of
both ends against the middle
their prime clients are the sort of people who
Own Scotland
half of the South Island of New Zealand
and the people they want to recruit are
people who's families
don't have a pot to piss in
they don't want to
broaden access to
The Middle Classes
they want students who are distinctive to an extent
way past weird
and what do they intend to do with those of their graduates
who own less than ten thousand acres of
Grouse Moor
they intend to establish them as
Senior Whitehall Civil Servants
so that they can
do the bidding of the university's paymasters
in developing countries graft, corruption is for
the benefit of politicians
in the UK
let us say up until fifty years ago
corruption was for the benefit of
Members of the House of Lords
and administered by Oxford University's
placemen within the civil service
Kenyan Asians are accustomed to being
turfed out of places where they are seen as
too clever by half
nd perhaps too honest and fair dealing to
understand the nuances of how to
keep the nobility on top
families who have previously
ruled East Africa on behalf of the
London House of Lords
may not be so keen to rule the UK
on behalf of Oxford University
However, in the present context
Oxford University has had almost half a century of
treating Whitehall like a
Steel Town
you pack ex-con(VICT)s and military drop outs to
sign on the pay roll at a steel works
if you are Oxford University you
give your fuck wit graduates a
Double First
and pack them off to Whitehall
and now the shit has really hit the fan
when, no longer can they say
nuffin to do wiv me guv
Brussels, The EU, Europe
take your problems there
this is a
private Tea Room

Here's a bit of social history in the making
we start from having three quarters of our children
then we have minimum unit price for alcohol
and we have
a sugar tax
and then we say
people on Universal Credit should
get their
almost pure sugar
free from Food Banks
if minimum unit pricing for alcohol comes in in England
taking the next strand
shooting galleries - safe places for street drug consumption
will Food Banks
The Trussle Trust
be applying for
alcohol licences
so that they can distribute alcohol free to
people on Universal Credit
is the idea that
people from the underclass should be so fat that
decent middle class people of all ages
can out run them and avoid being knifed?

perhaps this is as good a place as any to consider a little discussed aspect of
and in particular the enslavement of native Africans
Africans were desirable as slaves in the
West Indies and The South of America
because they thrived in the climate and in the work
they were productive and not worked to death as
the victims of slave labour camps in the Second World War
The British are for ever attacked for
Imperialism and Colonialism
because they are seen as
a soft touch for compensation
nobody is getting any compo from
The Nazis
and they won't get far with the Germans either
in fact...
UK payments to Europe could be seen as a German plot to
get The British to pay Germany's compensation debt to
Central and Eastern Europe
however, they rank with two other groups
The British constructively dismissed
Religious Dissenters
from England by allowing them religious freedom in America
The British settled Australia by sending convicts there
and how shall we say
from a non-conventional standpoint
certain Black tribes of Africa
did pretty much the same thing by selling members of
other Black Tribes of Africa
to Slave Traders
it can be said that Black people ended up in
America and The West Indies
as a result of
Ethnic Cleansing
of certain Black African Tribes
by other Black African Tribes
and that
White Men did not penetrate the
Heart of Africa
The Interior
The Coming of the Railways
simple test
anybody enslaved in Africa before the railways
was first captured by Black Africans

we like to tap into our Ricker's memories of things past.
things 19th century
those little sayings and such that time has forgot
at this time
from the Latin
a month named for the Roman
Festival of Purification
the old English name was
February Filldyke
February is the month when traditionally
water from snow melt in the mountains
flushes all of winter's debris from all the
local lowland water courses
all this flooding is
Nature's Spring Cleaning
Chuck out the Chintz
Latin Februarius, from Februa

there is some value in the saying
you can't make an omelette
without breaking eggs
the trouble with these sorts of things is when they are
here we are trying to say
you can't have a healthy economy
creating pollution
and we see all along the way
safe waste disposal
and not
integrated waste elimination
for example
keep petrol and diesel but
add on catalytic converters
it hasn't 'worked'
carbon capture and storage is
cat converter level of
sticking plaster
as for the process industries in Redcar
when you burn a carbon compound
you get other carbon compounds as waste
when you transform some carbon compounds into
different , more useful, carbon compounds
if you are being efficient
your high conversion rates
you are not creating carbon containing waste
Carbon Capture and Storage
could represent the
pitfall of being an
early adopter
you get lunbered with a huge mechanism for
producing catalytic converters
the market wants
hydrogen fuel cell stacks
every time somebody in government
or politics
we've consulted with The Industry
we think
Emperor's New Clothes
people in government have zero capacity to
evaluate advice on technical matters
and they think people with a lot of money are
either very clever or
Beloved of God
whenever some organisation
a village fete committee
are looking for officers
they will chose the resident with
the biggest car or the biggest house
as the treasurer
on the basis that
1 all the money the organisation will ever hold
would be petty cash to such a person
and so they wouldn't trouble to steal it
2 if they do get into financial bother
like the old time football club owners
they could reach into their pocket
like Mike Ashley
and bail the club out from
a day's spending cash
we really want to put this down as Ricker has remembered it
Back in the day
an entertainer called
Tommy Trinder
Fuham Football Club
if Ant McPartland
of Ant and Dec fame
put half
of his kiss off for his former wife
into Newcastle United
they'd have a team with a number 9
never mind re-naming
Shearer's bar the
Number Nine Bar
they should retire the number 9 shirt
until they can spare the cash for somebody to
wear it

politicians - particularly in the run up to an election
are very busy people and they may not take much time to figure out
where people who are lobbying them
are coming from
say, you are a person with some influence
and you are approached by two people
one says
I'm not sure about my kid's future
should I encourage them be be
a dentist
a barrister - court advocate
and the other person comes to you and says
I'm very worried about my kid's health
she needs: a wonder drug, an expensive operation, psychotherapy
they are coming at you from different angles
one wants advice
the other wants
the trick of the professional lobbyist is to disguise
a plea for help
an offer of advice
essentially advice on how to be
do what I want and EVERYBODY will love you

Here's a bit of social history in the making
we start from having three quarters of our children
then we have minimum unit price for alcohol
and we have
a sugar tax
and then we say
people on Universal Credit should
get their
almost pure sugar
free from Food Banks
if minimum unit pricing for alcohol comes in in England
taking the next strand
shooting galleries - safe places for street drug consumption
will Food Banks
The Trussle Trust
be applying for
alcohol licences
so that they can distribute alcohol free to
people on Universal Credit
is the idea that
people from the underclass should be so fat that
decent middle class people of all ages
can out run them and avoid being knifed?

we like to tap into our Ricker's memories of things past.
things 19th century
those little sayings and such that time has forgot
at this time
from the Latin
a month named for the Roman
Festival of Purification
the old English name was
February Filldyke
February is the month when traditionally
water from snow melt in the mountains
flushes all of winter's debris from all the
local lowland water courses
all this flooding is
Nature's Spring Cleaning
Chuck out the Chintz
Latin Februarius, from Februa

there is some value in the saying
you can't make an omelette
without breaking eggs
the trouble with these sorts of things is when they are
here we are trying to say
you can't have a healthy economy
creating pollution
and we see all along the way
safe waste disposal
and not
integrated waste elimination
for example
keep petrol and diesel but
add on catalytic converters
it hasn't 'worked'
carbon capture and storage is
cat converter level of
sticking plaster
as for the process industries in Redcar
when you burn a carbon compound
you get other carbon compounds as waste
when you transform some carbon compounds into
different , more useful, carbon compounds
if you are being efficient
your high conversion rates
you are not creating carbon containing waste
as for the process industries in Redcar
Carbon Capture and Storage
could represent the
pitfall of being an
early adopter
you get lunbered with a huge mechanism for
producing catalytic converters
the market wants
hydrogen fuel cell stacks
every time somebody in government
or politics
we've consulted with The Industry
we think
Emperor's New Clothes
people in government have zero capacity to
evaluate advice on technical matters
and they think people with a lot of money are
either very clever or
Beloved of God
whenever some organisation
a village fete committee
are looking for officers
they will chose the resident with
the biggest car or the biggest house
as the treasurer
on the basis that
1 all the money the organisation will ever hold
would be petty cash to such a person
and so they wouldn't trouble to steal it
2 if they do get into financial bother
like the old time football club owners
they could reach into their pocket
like Mike Ashley
and bail the club out from
a day's spending cash
we really want to put this down as Ricker has remembered it
Back in the day
an entertainer called
Tommy Trinder
Fuham Football Club
if Ant McPartland
of Ant and Dec fame
put half
of his kiss off for his former wife
into Newcastle United
they'd have a team with a number 9
never mind re-naming
Shearer's bar the
Number Nine Bar
they should retire the number 9 shirt
until they can spare the cash for somebody to
wear it

politicians - particularly in the run up to an election
are very busy people and they may not take much time to figure out
where people who are lobbying them
are coming from
say, you are a person with some influence
and you are approached by two people
one says
I'm not sure about my kid's future
should I encourage them be be
a dentist
a barrister - court advocate
and the other person comes to you and says
I'm very worried about my kid's health
she needs: a wonder drug, an expensive operation, psychotherapy
they are coming at you from different angles
one wants advice
the other wants
the trick of the professional lobbyist is to disguise
a plea for help
an offer of advice
essentially advice on how to be
do what I want and EVERYBODY will love you

We do say over and over that The Labour
are very very niche, parochial, local to
North London
and so the following will probably not bother them at all
so long as they continue to
Weaponise the UK National Health Service
by constant references to the NHS failure
they seem to be saying that they introduced it but
The Tories have completely messed it up
they never actually say that because they
never criticise the structure or management of the NHS
they simply say
we - The Labour - will spend enough on it to get it
working properly
the self absorbed failing here is that
they are sending message to other countries that
a healthcare system in their country that mirrors the UK NHS
utterly unaffordable
fundamentally will not work
and so other countries don't have their own version of the NHS
and possibly if The UK Labour Party were
more constructive about the UK NHS
it could become a pattern for world governments
in this very important aspect of governance

we had the opportunity to see the
body language at a TV interview with
Ms Allred and one of her clients
we are not sure that Ms Alllred has the same motivation
with all her cases
the question of the airliner fuel dump
seemed to be all about the money
the movie mogul case seems to be more about power
we do note that it is a view amongst
that they want to break down the idea that a role is
men only
they then want equal representation
then they want all men demoted to the rank below
the presiding women
women instead of men
women and men together in equality and harmony
and this pre-supposes that the decisions that
powerful men make
and based on pure power
and in no way on
knowledge, expertise and experiences
meaning that wimin need nothing but arbitrary power
in order to replace powerful men
in that sense there are trends towards routinely
giving women better paper qualifications
and giving men
criminal records
rather like deducting 75 points from Saracens
to ensure that they are relegated
rather than matching the deduction to the
returning to movie mogul case
when we observe the demeanour of the client
we are driven to the conclusion that
in the mind of the plaintiff - the complainer
the concept of sexual assault
has replaced in their minds the concept of
a breach of contract suit
a woman who plots out in her mind
how a relationship will develop
and when it deviates or ends
taking the man to court is seen as having two
possible consequences
1 prolonging the association
2 some sort of
shot gun wedding
in the bad old days...
a single man was able to end proceedings against him by
marrying the plaintiff
because a wife could not testify against her husband
it was to give a deserted girlfriend this option
that this rule existed
how shall we say
uneducated, not clued up, feminists
agitated to have this weapon taken away from women
and really, a single woman
getting entangled with a man
in no position to marry her was not going to
get support from the courts

The average life expectancy of
females in
Redcar and Cleveland
in the most recent decade for which there are figures
fell by one month
there are three important things to say
this does not apply to males
who have seen life expectancy increase
Redcar and Cleveland includes
Greater Eston
and that includes
South Bank and Grangetown
there are a couple of health issues
one for female and one for male
since the 1970s and HASAWA
Health and Safety at Work Act
direct industrial disease
which has historically affected men more than women
has been in decline
and is the main driver of male life expectancy extension
on the female side
as we say that the numbers are in the
range of the early 80s
the bulk of deaths in the current data are
deaths of women who were born in the
late 1930s and early 1940s
we can say that both World Wars drove
female emancipation
when our Ricker were a lad
many things impinged on his mind in a superficial way
he knew about
and he had heard of
Billy Jean Moffat
later Billy Jean King
and British and Australian female tennis players
and so in his mind for whatever reason
when he heard about
a tournament in the USA being referred to as the
Virginia Slims
he assume that
Virginia Slims
was a revered retired female tennis player
who had had a tournament
named in her honour
in reality
Virginia Slims were the first cigarettes
marketed directly at
smaller, more dainty fags
sometimes the talismans of
buying the things that
harm men
and so it is traditional to say that
improvements in health for women have been
offset during the
second half of the 20th century
by women taking up men's bad habits
women came late to tobacco
and the negative effects have not yet fully
run through populations
minimum prices for alcohol and
punative taxes on tobacco are new ideas and
have not yet shown their worth

24th February 2020

we need to make a small but important point about
mesh implants
essentially you would not
sew together a garment without
providing the edges with
it is almost certain that it is the practice of
cutting the mesh to size with scissors
that leaves sharp edges that cause
there are many tough but soft fabrics
but there should be some sort of
thermoforming to adjust the size of the implant
the surgeon should decide on the size and shape of the implant
using a template
and then feed the template into a mechanism
to have a bespoke implant with smooth edges
manufactured for immediate use
the material used should be the same as is used in
stitches that dissolve over time and do not need to be

Some people succeed in turning some small issue into
a life's work
this latest virus outbreak could have been
the culminating event
for the people who are the
sub section of the
it's all about genetics
whom we could describe as the
it's all about mutations, brigade
we imagine that there are teams of scientists
around the world
who have been - rather as astronomers awaiting
an eclipse or meteor strike
awaiting a
novel virus
so that they could track
how it mutated
and this virus has remained
perhaps you remember
a former Prime Minster of the UK
Theresa May
being asked what was the naughtiest think she had
ever done
and she said it was running through a corn field
without permission
our Ricker has a related confession
when he was a teenager
they were still growing corn - wheat
on the land that is now the south side of
West Dyke Road
and at the junction of West Dyke Road
Kirkleatham Lane
Ricker stole
six half grown wheat plants - without permission
and he took them to school and
fitted them into rubber bungs in the tops of
old glass milk bottles
and set up the roots in water in the bottles
and each bottle had water in it that was
deficient in a major nutrient
and so a whole lot of kids attending biology class
watched them grow
of course the one with no deficiency in the
hydroponic water
outgrew the others
however, Ricker did not do the other experiment
he did not buy from the traditional school outfitters
heat seeds that had been
subjected to nuclear radiation to induce
many schools may have bought them and done this experiment too
in the pictures, in the catalogue
the resultant plants looked a lot like the
nutrient deprived examples in Ricker's experiment
the radiantion had not
turned wheat into
it had turned wheat into wheat that didn't grow very well
not so much mutated
not all there
because some of the embryo's cells had been
killed rather than changed
and since Ricker didn't do this experiment
just saw the advertising photos
he can't say whether the plants in the photos
grew normally but more slowly
and certainly can't say whether they could be
bred from
we understand that there is a well established tradition
in North East England
of providing free holidays to children who's
parents or grandparents
were living in
Pripiat - Chernobyl
at the time the nuclear reactor exploded
they do not come for specialist medical attention
and we do not wish to delve into the medical records of
the populations of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
but we are not aware of
novel animal life near Chernobyl or
strange diseases in Japan
however we are aware of
Minimata disease also called itae itae
in Japan as a result of water in the country being
contaminated with heavy metals from
industrial effluent
that is the fault of Japan
if they admit that
why would they cover up
mutations due to American bombing?
and so the mutation lobby retreat to their labs
huffing about like
astronomers after a meteor miss
the next one will hit
we , the people who think outside boxes
don't exist in silos
more evidence of how slowly, if ever
biota evolves
because, because mutations are
and as such
very very very difficult to survive
think of it as
not - old style technology reference here
not swapping a single carb set up for
tripple twin choke Webbers
and hoping to get more power
waiting for the chassis to rust some more
and hoping that the
weight reduction will
improve the
power to weight ratio
mutations are not
design refinements
they are damage
that is why there are in
successful species
mechanisms to prevent them
not PROMOTE them
and certainly not
direct them
there are mechanisms for the promotion of
but these are complex and are invoked in
times of stress
and a moment of
romping through a host population
is not a moment of stress
mutations are invoked as a
last desperate punt to create a new generation
weird enough to survived a catastrophe
what is actually happening is that
our planet used to be really quite big
but travel has become easier and
pockets of isolated population have had
relationships with local wildlife and their
and then suddenly
somebody decides that
travelling around the world and eating
weird stuff
will make a great TV show
and something that most people have no immunity to
is spread around the world
in ethnic markets and trendy restaurants
and to be brutal
we may refer to the
Tiny Tim paradigm
poor family, lots of kids, survival of the fittest
Tiny Tim dies in infancy
rich uncle Scrooge bungs poor family
a wedge of child benefit
Ting Tim lives
but remains severely handicapped
the sick, and particularly the
essentially defective
no longer slip quietly from the edges of society
they linger in a blaze of publicity
we should just add a note on
how the mutation theory 'experts'
have responded to the fact that
our Ricker was correct to say
you will find that there is no
difference between the genome of
healthy cells and tumour cells in individuals
they are now saying
this is the new mantra
the mutation occurred long before
the changes that represent the disease
sometimes bio-medical scientists have a big problem
working out what planet the rest of humanity
are on
the non medic thinks
Ricker is recalling an exchange with
geologist Mark Jordan
the non medic thinks that
people would live for ever if
they never had an accident
or encountered an infection
suggesting that
no mouse - no matter how pampered - has ever lived
more than ten years
different species are built with an expiry date
is shocking to the non-medic
people are built to reproduce
not to live for ever
there is a theory
often a 'scientific' theory can go unchallenged
untested because it seems like a waste of time to
duplicate the study
there is a theory that
the lifespan of species is defined
not in days or seconds
but in
the idea is that from birth - on average
excluding accident and illness
preventable shortenings
the natural lifespan of any species is
the same - on average - number of
heart beats
and so
a shrew lives at a hectic pace
with a naturally roaring racing heart rate
and an elephant or a Blue Whale has this
incredibly slow heart rate
and lives for a lot longer in terms of
solar time
people are the exception and
live for around four times as many heart beats as
any other species
so - by this theory - we a built to
reproduce and die by our twenties
but live on into our 80s
and only to species
humans and some sort of whale or dolphin
are the only ones to have
the menopause
to have a life beyond reproduction
despite the matriarchal
granny in charge social structures of
the likes of
to stay alive they have to have to potential to

in the short term we may decide to use
to do a Cnute type
hold back the tide
effort to
keep infections local
but world trade and tourism is a
fairly unstoppable phenomenon
the question is
are the deaths of a few hundred old folk
a price worth paying for
or is that beside the point
are you using the inevitable demise of
a bunch of oldsters and a sprinkling of
younger otherwise defective people
a fact of life to be used as a weapon against
clearly the latest exercise has had the effect of
suppressing communal gatherings
however, it has come at the cost of
damaging global trade
The Chinese authorities may have thought they could
continue to sell to the world
whilst locking down civil society
what happens next?
we have to expect that at some point
the emergency will have to be declared
we have seen before
repressive regimes who think that if they
lock down a society for while
the people will
get out of the habit of
holding mass street demonstrations
and everything will calm down
that will only really happen if the opportunity to
correct governmental errors is grasped
on the other hand
it is hard to see how a government could be more
generous than the French government
and yet
the French have failed to
get a life
and will just keep on with their
What have the Romans ever done for us?
this is otherwise referred to as
First World Problems
there is this
Gulliver's Travels
concept of
Big-endians against Little-endians
a nation engulfed in civil war over
which end of a boiled egg to open
Sheer versus Sunni in Islam
and the somewhat similar but different
how will you vote
I'm agin the government
whoever is in control
we want them out
so the Chinese authorities may be
in the phrase
hoist by their own petard
blown up by their own hand grenade
create the perception of a global health emergency
to suppress the Hong Kong riots
and destroy your export trade in the process
the Chinese authorities can't stop
The West
switching to
or wherever
They may think they have a claim over
but not Japan or Thailand
and as an example
the camera maker
designs the most prestigious mass amrket cameras
but they have the slightly cheaper ones
Made in China
and the more up market ones
Made in Thailand
The Chinese authorities
and the French Authorities
need to find a better way to
convince their people to
get a life
get with the programme

We remember the story of the man whose girlfriend
had an identical twin
and one day the twin is visiting and decides to
do the washing up
her sister's boyfrend comes across her
perhaps having just returned home and
approaching her from behind and mistaking her for his girlfriend
does what he would normally do
to his girlfriend
and so we move on to the line between
they all look the same to me
every man should be able to identify and name
every woman who has ever touched his life
however, we want to develop this matter of
identification and the BBC
we assume that this will have been pointed out
on social media but an expert being interviewed on the BBC
was captioned as being from
The CASS Business School
we have given up on railing about the BBC
referring to NATO as Nato and on and on
this is the reverse
The Cass Business School
The Sir John Cass Business School
whilst on this topic...
the matter of job losses in
The City - of London
all that red braces and Porsche motors
people these days
commute to jobs in The City
the entire
Cannery Wharf
at least the Americans have the decency
not to spell that after the little yellow bird
The whole Cannery Wharf development
and the earlier
Barbican housing development on City Road
were designed
not to earn vast quantities of foreign exchange
but to take from the dole
the sons of the dockers
made redundant from the docks of
The now non-existent
Pool of London
when it was too narrow, too small
and large modern ship could only get up river
as far as Tilbury - even before
the Thames Barrier or Barrage
like the one on the Tees
by the John Lloyd sports centre in Stockton
second best? white water canoe slalom course in
the UK the other one only being better because it's
Nearer to London
the area
fifty years ago
Central London was knackered
when at Durham University
Ricker took a car full of students to
Newcastle to visit the
Hancock Museum
and Richardson
a lad from London
where are all the
bomb sites
London ain't all built up like this
anybody who has seen
Grainger Town in Newcastle
would have to admit it is rather spectacular
whether it is actually
Portland Stone
or a local equivalent is a mere detail
and so
in the natural scheme of things
the government having overseen the
re-birth of London
honestly is
looking for a new project
Grainger Town is not it

Sometimes we get a
blast from the past
that makes the present
make more sense
we are not the only people exercised about
poor take up of vaccinations
Ricker remembers that his dad had
four or five neatly spaced scars about the size of
a very small coin
on one of his upper arms
these were the result of
Army Service
to Ricker that indicates that
at some point around a hundred years ago
the army had been experimenting with
vaccinations and that they had been giving
as opposed to the modern
all of that said this is just background to the current point
Military Service and vaccinations
we, the media, blame a particular doctor and his theories about
when Tommy was at war
many of the cannon fodder
were diagnosed with
shell shock
seems appropriate
perhaps it was medical black humour
any road up
we take all these things together and we come to an
interesting theory about
why anti-vac has been given such a run for it's money
over the years
When troops returned from the
First Gulf War
Shell Shock
was termed
Gulf War Syndrome
and to distract from the idea that it was
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
the idea was put around that they were suffereing from
side effects of the vaccinations they had been given
at embarkation for the Middle East

our Ricker is very old
and remembers things from the past
a couple of memories from very early
Ricker's dad was very old when Ricker knew him
one day Ricker's parents decided he should ahve a pet
so they saw an advert for a rabbit
and they went to a council estate in Middlesbrough
to buy this rabbit
she looked OK a sort of
dutch fur pattern but she was
later there were other rabbits
male and female
Ricker cannot remember ever asking anybody to
buy him a pet
when he bought pets of his own they were
tropical fish
to speak of this first rabbit
she was stroppy with Ricker
he had the wounds to show for it
mostly from the claws not the teeth
one day Ricker had a memory etched into his memory
a rabbit memory
his original rabbit running around the greenhouse with
a baby hanging half way out of her bottom
she was
Ricker has a dread of having kids and then when they are
them going to school
and him being arrested for having told them things
he shouldn't have told them
kids blab
Ricker had things available that are not available
to the modern child
and so for a while he kept the babies in a bottle
pickled, so to speak
these days Ricker is amazed to see how
friendly pets seem to be
his experience of pets was that only the dog
showed the least sign of affection
and so the question is
did Ricker have
a lesbian rabbit?
she was a bit smaller that the other female rabbits
but she never wanted anything to do with them
are we bundling two separate things together?
I don't want to be female
I want a girlfriend
the same thing?
it is a long time since we wrote about
we have written about how to end up with a gay boy
what we have not discussed recently is
if baby is born with six fingers
it will be whisked off to have the extras snipped off
before mum gets a sight
more centrally if the gender is not clear
from the outset the mantra would be
make IT into a little girl
by removing any less than convincing
boy bits
this is where language is a barrier to understanding
a person may be told
you were operated on soon after birth because
you had not fully developed
they may conclude that this means they were born
early, pre-mature
but those words may cover a situation where
despite being full term
their bits were unconvincing
and were removed so that they would fit in well
well enough
as girls
or 'girls'
and until relatively recent times
that would be that
no counselling
no hormone therapy
just, well
no sexting
another reason to
never photograph children
possibly the only reason for never photographing children
what the eye don't see
the heart don't grieve
if you've never seen normal
you won't know you are
the other memory that comes to his mind at present is
back when Ricker was a child there were no houses on
Mersey Road
but they were coming
the memory is of bare earth by the side of the road
Ricker's friend Edward was with him
they came across a
dead raw golly
a raw golly was any sort of tiny baby bird
that had not grown any feathers yet
Richer was fascinated
Edward was fearful
Don't touch it
the memory is significant because
Edward was Edward Dahouski
probably spelt wrongly
but later
Ela Teralak
told Ricker that Dahowski was a
good Polish name
and he went on to do two things
he became an RAF officer cadet
medical student at Newcastle Medical School
where Ricker was a dental
and Edward killed himself by
wrapping the Austin Healy the RAF paid for
around a lamp post
despite his father's service to the nation
was it wise to send a boy
too squeamish to poke an dead blackbird chick with a stick
to medical school?
people are supposed to be able to answer when asked
where were you when you heard about nine eleven?
Ricker remembers exactly where he was when he heard
Edward's dead
Someone had come to the door and told Ricker's mum and
Ricker was in the garage with the door shut
'playing' with his Bunsen burner and his chemicals
and none of those pretty girls ever got to be
a dentist's wife
not Ricker the Dentist's wife, anyway
here's something with which to amuse your friends
why there is there no word for
a baby rabbit
like cub or chick or puppy?
it's because
a rabbit is a baby
cony or coney
hare - leveret
coney - rabbit
connection to Coney Island?
no idea
we think of rabbits as all so cute that we refer to them all
whatever their age
by their baby name
we are the sort of people who try to stick to
constructive criticism
in other words if we don't care whether you
improve or not
we will
let you hang as you grow
we think that refers to
pleaching fruit trees
or not bothering
pruning for shape
so we do take time to consider
UK law enforcement and the BBC
you see our Ricker remembers the days of
TOGS and the DG
we can't remember what TOGS stood for
but it had a lot to do with
Terry Wogan
or Woebegone
and the DG was
The Director General of the BBC
heaven forefend that what the BBC needs is
a revival of Irish influence...
Two generations of the
still alive
will remember two BBC children's TV presenters
we should say
ITV always gives up too easily
at one time - a very long time ago
apart from Crackerjack
children's Tv was
BBC Blue Peter
ITV Magpie was that B A Robertson?
and so
Blue Peter - Valerie Singleton
The Ellis lass - Janet?
and neither of them were married
and we are way off piest here
Wasn't it
Sophie Ellis Bexter
Janet Ellis's daughter??
our most significant Blue Peter quote was
Valerie Singleton
I've never had a husband of my own
but I've had loads of other people's
how the hell did we get from that to
hash tag metoo?
and the traditional wisdom is that
every 'generation' rebels against the previous one
and so what will the generation that rebels against
at a more serious level
we see a wave of 'progress' spread across the world
we see people trying to be stay at home missionaries
setting up foodbanks in the prosperous UK
where were they in the days of
Cathy Come Home
when there was real hardship in the UK?
what happens is
whatever the personal peccadilloes of the staff
raising money for
Oxfam - the Oxford Campaign against Famine
is a whole lot easier than
contraceptive and obstetric care to deprived communities
and so in the 1960s in the UK
child mortality plummets
women no longer have to have a dozen pregnancies in order for
two of their offspring to out live them
and there is a baby boom gap between
a sharp drop in child mortality
universal contraception for mothers
we won't try to research the precise context and quote but
a Cardinal or Pope
asked about what he thought of a historic change
a century earlier
it's too early to tell
The Roman Catholic Church still opposes
because it thinks that the benefits of
modern medicine
may be a flash in the pan
over geological time
and so to the current context where
despite many clergy we have
same sex marriage and opposite sex civil pertnerships
and trans sexual women
being female is essentially safer than being male
and so we start out with more women than men
and then
every trans sexual woman is one less available husband
every male to male single sex marriage or civil partnership
is two less available husbands
three things in
having it all
career, kids, husband
in broad terms women share the first two
there career is in some sort of team
their kids go to school and grow up
how long before people start to see the positive side of
sister wives
share the good straight blokes around a bit
get yourself a dose of the
most impressive bloke you can get your hands
all five of them?
referencing ads for dog chews relating to how a dog's mouth
is it's hand
and not some gay guy or absolute wretch - misogynist - that
nobody else wants
there's a choice here
fighting to keep some monster away from your kids
competing for your kids to have some time with their dad
despite him having so many more...

17th February 2020

Perhaps we will begin with one of our
grammar-punctuation diversions
any sensible hairdresser may well put a notice in her window saying
walk in Ladies cuts available
some may say
that should be
Walk-in Ladies' cuts available.
others may say
Walk-in Lady's cuts available
you see
Ladies' Cuts
you need to buddy up and be accommodated
in batches
it's a double plural
On 12th February 2020
Redcar's new Tory MP stood up in Parliament
and read out a question to the Prime Minister
that had been written for him
we want him to succeed
we don't want him to perpetuate myths about Redcar
This month a chap was found dead in bed in a house converted to
bedsits in Coatham Road
at least 8 police vans were used to block major roads in the town
on the off chance that there were
suspicious circumstances
there were none
it's rather like all those scientists
who train in something obscure
because there is no competition for places and funding
and universities like to boast
a full set
and then when they get a doctorate or professorship
try to convince the world that their specialism can be
applied to
cancer research
wooden tops
and then
the police become
an army of occupation
in their own land
perhaps we should reference
Caroline Flack
at this point
there is this point about - movie reference - precogs
but more generally the idea of
nipping things in the bud
conflicts with the idea that
just because acorns can grow into oak trees
doesn't mean we should
not plant beans
where we don't want oak trees to grow
never mind Tasers
ditch the
hair trigger
and don't use the real world for
training exercises
or every crank call as an excuse to stage one anywhere
if the police had more than 1,000
significant cases a year
they would probably want to learn about
from the ambulance service
and just for scale and context...
in the UK
and to address the idea that
witness intimidation could
damage conviction rates...
perhaps we should use the cases of
Caroline Flack
and her boyfriend
and the Prime Minister and his girlfriend
clearly the latter is a case where to supposed victim
has not
changed her mind
but the credibility and motivation of a third party witness
is what is at stake
so we take Janice Webster and her assistant Tanya Nelson
and we accept that Mrs Webster was under present arrangements
entirely entitled to have
anybody arrested for contacting her assistant
if she did not approve of the contact
the law used to state that
a wife could not give evidence
against her husband
now it seems that a person may not give evidence
in support of their friend or partner
to give a little context
population around 60 million
between a half and three quarters of a million people
die each year
and of those
200 women are unlawfully killed
and around 400 men
1 you can't lock down a town
especially one the size of Redcar
every time somebody dies
2 for those who like targets...
consider three statistics
the number of murders solved
the number of murders prevented by law enforcement
the number of suicides caused by law enforcement

Recently there was a
current affairs short
about Redcar
broadcast on the BBC
the voiceover stated that
Redcar is a town that was built to house steelworkers
and their families
we mostly doubt that there is any point in correcting such reports
but hey ho
Redcar has had several
that could be described as steel works
in the looser sense of including
ironworks, steelworks, and rolling mills under the heading
South Bank - part of Greater Eston, a part of
Redcar and Cleveland had a steel works and that has
coke ovens and a BOS plant
closed for the past five years
a BOS plant is a Basic Oxygen Steelmaker
Lackenby has rolling mills - operational to this day
and a concast idle for the past five years
a concast is a continuous casting plant
it turned out red hot steel like toothpaste from a tube
Redcar has an ironworks - which fed the BOS plant
in South Bank with molten iron for conversion into
The people who worked at South Bank
lived in Eston
it used to be a stand alone local authority
but is now a part of
Redcar and Cleveland
Eston Urban District Council
no longer exists
we have never figured out who
Long was
Sir Arthur Dorman's company was called
Dorman Long
and they made the steel for
The Tyne Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge
they took their iron from South Bank iron works
they built
The BOS plant and Lackenby Rolling Mills
and to house the people who worked at Dorman's
they built
They did not build Redcar
Dormanstown is a ward within Redcar and Cleveland
it used to have 3 councillors
due to depopulation
it now has two councillors
2,000 workers at the Redcar combine of 'steelworks'
Population of Redcar and Cleveland 130,000
just sayin'
just for the record
Titus Salt built workers housing for his factory
but Dormans were the first people in the world
well in the UK at least
to build 'works' retirement bungalows for
their pensioners
They are in use to this day
in the 1970s
British Steel
demolished South Bank iron works - all but the coke ovens
and built
Redcar iron works to supply molten iron to
Lackenby BOS Plant, Concast and Rolling Mills
The Lackenby Concast was built at the same time as Redcar iron works
and Lackenby Mills were converted from
Coal to natural gas
for the re-heat furnaces
Redcar is an integrated steelworks
if it all worked together as built
and didn't import steel from Scunthorpe
integrated means in this case
vertically integrated and means
it can turn out beams
and if the gear was put back in the shed
strip steel
without re-heat
the material never going cold from
blast furnace to rolling mill

and the thing that got skipped over in the
vox pop
the old woman telling it like it was
she said
in them days you left school and you went to
ICI or British Steel
and you had a job for life
ICI was Imperial Chemical Industries
and be sure
you didn't have to work at Dormans
to live in Dormastown
you were just as likely to work at ICI
and that's now called
Wilton International Process Park
and Louise who used to live next door to out Ricker
went straight from school well after a secretarial course
probably at Cleveland Tech
to work in the
Wilton Hilton
that was not a hotel and nothing to do with Hilton
but was what they called the
ICI Wilton admin offices
so the old woman in the clip
put ICI before British Steel
as a lot of people would
but the media never
make a peep
about the demise of ICI
and the Huntsman takeover and the Ineos takeover
and just to say how long ago Louise's first day at work was
that day she was asked to
send a fax
these days that would only happen in the NHS

this is where our
living history resources falls down
we know that there is now
Redcar and Cleveland Community Heart
and that it is built on the site of the former
Sir William Turner's Coatham Grammar School
but we can't recall where
Redcar Council offices were 'originally'
The library was where the doctors now is and
the fire station was nearby
can't quite picture the council offices
what we do know is that Redcar came under
North Riding of Yorkshire County Council
and when it was taken out of that
it was a district of Cleveland County
and we don't recall whether it was in or outside of
what we do know is that
under Cleveland County
there were
Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough, and Langthingy
and Langthingy District Council had it's offices
and council chamber
in the former premises of
Eston Urban District Council
and when Langthing became a
Unitary Authority - A County Borough
it had it's name changes to
Redcar and Cleveland
and moved it's administration to Redcar
and the old Eston Town Hall has been demolished
and so really it would be about fair to say that
Eston was built to house the steelworkers
and they had South Bank, Grangetown, Eston, Normanby, ormesby
Greater Eston was a whole lot bigger than
and Dormanstown is on the Wilton side of the Trunk Road
There are a lot of people who would like to put
Greater Eston into Middlesbrough
but the problem is
Redcar was put into Greater Eston
but Greater Eston did not have space to grow
hemmed in by
Middlesbrough, the works - British Steel and ICI
The Eston Hills
and so Redcar out grew Eston and the balance of power shifted
and in parliamentary terms
Mr Proudfoot was the Tory MP for
Cleveland and Whitby and we think that it was in the days of
Mo Mowlam that bits of Langthingy
now called Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
swapped from East Cleveland to Redcar
we think that could have been
and Jim Tinn as the Labour MP for Eston
and so
it's more about boundary changes and personalities
the people of Guisborough
loved the late Ashok Kumar - the MP for
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
because he was working at
British Steel, Redcar
completing a Ph.D.
at the time he was first elected for The Labour
so this swap, this small change in the Red Wall
is not very much about an electorate lending their votes
but genuine change
we've written this up before but
it has no
cut through
with journalists
in the 1970s
in the vicinity of Eston Recreation Ground
there were four secondary schools
St Peter's Roman catholic
Sara Metcalf
now St. Peter's is offering to take non-Roman Catholics
to survive
Stapylton is housing estate
and Sara Metcalf has closed
some locals are very attached but
we think it and the nearby Eston Town Hall
will have been demolished by now
four secondary schools condensed into
one and a half
Gillbrook has a new PFI building
St. Peter's soldiers on
they call Gillbrook something like Hillview
the name matters not
and from the inside Ricker viewed the panic over jobs that
moving from teaching kids in corridors
to closing schools caused
and so we have
graduate biology teacher feeling that
future security lay in
social work
less kids
more one to one contact
there were NO classroom assistants in
Cleveland County
in the mid 1970s
so when work dies up you big up the concept of
The Pill
leading to smaller family size
goes hand in hand with
smaller workforce numbers
there were - are
two kids per mum
in contrast to the
baby boom
when there could have been
twelve kids per mum
the hoards of the
lumpen proletariat
never got born
after the mid 1970s
the poiliticians
have not clocked the change in family size
and they can't compute
a lass from Stapylton, School Eston
scoring a Ph.D. at Durham University

and so the next question is
who will replace
and what is it with that BBC sting about
the lad, his mum, his watch, his dad
and a sun beam?

There is a new concept in healthcare
that you may not know about
it has developed quite rapidly over the past 40 years
it is called
something along the lines of
pre-hospital medicine
anybody aged under 30 has probably known little else
and so a little historical insight
or context
when the UK NHS was founded
most people who considered themselves to be ill
took themselves off to their GP or Family Doctor
most people whom somebody else thought was ill
were scooped up and driven to the nearest hospital
by people who were effectively
Uber drivers with
uniforms, a stretcher, and a van
at best their other equipment would amount to
a First Aid Kit
containing some bandages to stop or cover up
there are ambulances like that on the road today
sent to low priority cases
per-hospital medicine began with
it has branched out into
mobile trauma doctors and air ambulances
there is a distinction here
in the old days
when population densities were lower

we must quote the little amusement in a TV show title
there is a children's animated series about a vet
an animal doctor, called
Dr. Fetch
and so the series is called
Fetch the Vet
as in
Jones the Post
Must be Welsh then

back in the day this concept of
the Hit and Run accident
grew out of the idea that anybody lucky enough to
operate a motor vehicle
had a civic duty to stop at any accident scene
or if
flagged down
and either scoop up the patient or
drive the the surgery and
Fetch a doctor
anybody being flagged down now would be
expecting a car-jacking
that sort of General Practice mix of
Private and Pro Bono (Publico)
was what we had before the NHS
The initial response or effect of bringing in the NHS waS
GPs began to write drug prescriptions
initially, all prescriptions were free to everybody
a pill for every ill - and free
this had a slightly perverse consequence
'poor people' got powerful, effective
but often addictive drugs
and rich people decided all these prescription drugs
were free
so they must be rubbish
so they developed the market in
alternative medicine
which must be better
because you had to pay for it
out of this
and because community doctors did not have to do
what para-medics began to do
GPs developed a role of
not so much
fro their patients
Personal Shopper
in the healthcare market
and that is essentially where we are today
and if the GP refers you to the
wrong specialist
in the hospital
that cannot be corrected by the hospital
the individual teams within the hospital can
look over the fence
but they can't trespass on another specialism's turf
somehow they have to encourage the patient to
go back to the GP and
start the whole process over again
with a more appropriate referral
if you have diabetes
you need to be seen by
an endocrinologist
a vascular surgeon
both of three???
an eye specialist
hence the
British Heart Foundation
saying they fund diabetes research

You may have noticed that we appear to have had
a little down time
and not much to show for it...
we have had a little time to think about
we will step back a bit from that and try to think about
the differences between men and women
if you make a slightly different distinction and put
straight males on one side
and women and gay men on the other
males seem to regard themselves as
females seem to regard
their bodies
in the way that males regard
their cars
there is a tattoo parlour in Redcar that has a
promotional vehicle - two
one says
my other car is a REAL Mini
the other has a really great slogan that we forget
but it is an improvement on
altered girls
men get tattoos to
show how brave they are
or to honour a person or organisation
very important to them
women seem to go for
anything from a new hair do
cosmetic surgery
in order to be somebody new
and that leads us to
on the one hand they
whinge constantly about how much more money
the government should be spending to
try to make the place fit to live in
and how government money spent elsewhere is
completely wasted
all that Londoners do and say seems calculated to
convince themselves that they
made the right decision
moving there
let's face it
anybody who lived there over fifty years ago
done a Boycie
bought a chunk of the
Home Counties
with the proceeds of
renting out the
East End hovel they were born in
no doubt our ex-chancellor owns
homes on four continents
but did you see the
mid-terraced shoe box
he uses as a week-day home
when he was doorstepped after resigning
no wonder Tweedledee was slow to
give up his
Grace and Favour Home
when he gave up being
Foreign Secretary
such an opportunity the Germans gave us in the
Second World War
ask the historians what
Teessiders did with
Cannon Street in Middlesbrough
Industrial Estate
Slum Housing
Mean Streets
and now the grandchildren of the denizens of those
mean streets
squabble about
where to put the three cars that belong to
each detached villa

watching the BBC is like watching a
Natural History series
watch the little weasels squirm
there was a thing called
BBC Sport
it was told to move to
Salford, a part of Manchester
and it did
then they invented the
Sports Business Department
and even though most of the sport business stories involve
Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, Manchester City
the BBC Sports Business department is
in London

a SpAd is a
Special Advisor
is a
Signal Passed At Danger

we do try to keep
an ear to the ground
and here we are considering the suggestion that
Teesside has a very high proportion of
children in local authority care
we do not excuse any authority figure who stands between
any little girl and a thorough understanding of her
reproductive biology
that aside
because we don't think that is more of a problem on Teesside than
there appear to be two main reasons for a mum
giving up their child for adoption
discounting those children removed from their parents for their
own - child - safety
in the context of
child benefit
at an early stage
that is pre-pregnancy
young women may in the spirit of
the parallel
Future Homemakers of America
a genuine strand in the US education system within living memory
be under pressure to
give us the grand bairns
never mind who the father is
this strand is all about
the cash and social housing that comes from being a mother
the other strand is
I really really really fancy that guy and
those other girls have sex with him
but if I can make him a baby...
I'll have one over on them
and a third strand is
children born with severe handicap - disability
children come up for adoption when
let's take a specific example
is it a Bowie quote
took him minutes
took her nowhere
heaven knows she'd a taken anything
little lassie gets laid down on the floor by the
lad she is besotted with
and he shoves a baby up her
and all goes well for a while
but then
he moves back to Scarborough
his sister doesn't like her
and she kicks the girlfriend and the baby out
so the baby goes up for adoption
since it has filed to secure
the desired long term relationship
for the mum
and in all of this we are trying to say
the causes of instability in the lives of children
cannot all be put down to
maw monay

Some confusion has been reported around
bank overdraft charges
whatever the motivations of the various parties
what is happening is that
bank - major High Street bank - debit cards
are being converted into
credit cards
customers - especially the vulnerable
will need to check as to whether
suddenly their debit card
allows them to have access to
at credit card levels of interest
Sometimes we have a little difficulty
deciding whether a story is an
urban myth
in all his long life our Ricker has never quite 'got'
the point of
decaff coffee
if you don't want coffee why are you drinking it?
is it just a carrier for
an excuse for drinking milk, cream and sugar?
we are getting to a point here
perhaps decaff coffee has some sort of
a little different from
hot milk
with his dental background...
Ricker is a bit put off
a number of soft drinks that say they contain
phosphoric acid
Coca Cola
is one of those
and we are not about to try to find out whether
Pepsi Cola
contains phosphoric acid
we have a solid fact about Coca Cola
in the 19th century
Coca Cola was called COCA Cola because
it contained extract of
coca leaves
and then in the early years of the 20th century
they had to do a kind of fix
they had to put an extract of coca leaves in Coca Cola
so that they could continue to call it Coca Cola
but they had to remove the cocaine
so at that time
and here is the uncertainty
perhaps to this day
Coca Cola is the Cola equivalent of
decaff coffee
so if billions of people really really like
the taste of coca leaves
does that pre-dispose them to
like cocaine?
like it, if presented with it
rather than
seek it out
in the first place
it does not seem any more fanciful than
the idea that marihuana
causes psychosis
rather than psychotics liking hash

12th February 2020

here is a question
why to Kier Hardy
MP for Euston and Kings Cross
agin HS2? nostalgia
after all the half of his constituency that was
listed to be demolished to make way for it
has already been demolished
we think that it's more about those people we own
batches of
gold plated shoe boxes in London
and are afraid that people will
weigh up the cost of a
Birmingham to London season ticket
against the rent on a converted
shoe cupboard in London
it looks very
I'm up
pull the ladder up
and people who own a hobby farm in
Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire
are not so much bothered about
having to play a bit of swapsied with their neighbours
to make sure all of their
Polo Paddocks
are on the same side of the railway
but the threat to their
Buy to Lets
in the capital

the stated aim of
Universal Credit
is to
make work pay
Arbite Macks Frie
get a job and the state will leave you in peace
at the same time the likes of
the living wage
mandatory works pension enrolment
mean that employers can't afford to pay many people
much more than the living wage
some commentators
nobody should have an income
less than two thirds of
the middle wage between the living wage
and the maximum wage they pay to anybody they employ
many people have heard of the concept of
the manager in charge of paper clips
the Japanese Window Men - employed to sit at a desk and
stare out of a window all day
and the men who for a hundred years
signed on at the steel works instead of
The Labour Exchange
this erodes the differential between
those who
work for a living
and those who keep under the RADAR
by turning up at a social club and drawing their
Dole with Dignity wages, and pensions
and then comes the potential for conflict
the dole with dignity employee
goes down the shops or the pub
and starts splashing the cash at
the bar staff and shop staff
and trades persons attending their home
and creating a stink
threatening the worker because
they are not working well enough
or showing enough
to their customer
this means
make work pay
gets replaced with
make having a job pay

when a really important - rich, famous - customer
or a valued regular customer
arrives at a restaurant
they may - if it is not a very high end establishment
we divert here to do a Mark Jordan story
Mark Jordan was the son of a local
secondary school head teacher
and Ricker wasn't his best friend
mark was one of those people who over the years had been
instructed to make sure Ricker wasn't feeling
left out
for a while Mark was married to a
South East Asian wife
but before that he was an
oil company geologist
and on an occasion Ricker
put him up in his dorm room at City University in central London
this guy was going to marry a South East Asian wife
and so Ricker took him to a Chinese restaurant for a meal
and Mark ordered
despite them not being on the menu
if you order something that is not on the menu
you will disrupt the work flow in the kitchen
now we switch to the streets of England around half a century ago
back then nobody had heard of a
pooper scooper
Ricker's Aunties - thirty years ago - lived on a posh estate of
retirement bungalows
in Scarborough
and they referred to their road as
dog shit alley
on top of that
fifty years ago
the streets were home to
quite a number of
feral dogs
who were not as discrete as today's
urban foxes
in those days a sickly dog was often described as
suffering from
here's the thing
quite a lot of the canine deposits to be seen around were
lacking in colour
these dogs
including the ones sharing a home with humans
were riddled with infections
now we have to bring in another strand of this story
regarding people and shall we say
four legged friends
the cellular elements of our and their blood
are generated in the
bone marrow
birds have such light bones Lord knows where they do this
perhaps a liver style organ
when a mammal
is confronted with an infection
they will have that infection kill a lot of their
white blood cells
to keep up the fight
we, they
have to replace those white cells and we
put in industrial sized purchase orders for the replacements
to our bone marrow
and, well, orders for new
oxygen carrying red blood corpuscles get
back ordered
the destruction of the dead white blood cells
does not add any colour to our excrement
red blood corpuscles get battered around as they circulate
unless you have
sickle cell anaemia
you RBCs will be
like aerodynamic for in a fluid
well most like
clays as used in clay pigeon shooting
a lot like
but broadly like a
dinner plate
despite that
after around 80 days they are ready for
recycling and they have
haemoglobin in them
and that's
and when you get rid of it
it turns your stool, your number 2s
the colour of
Stadium of Shite
but if you are not managing to build new
your turds will get
paler and paler
and if you are in this state
you catch the influenza
you gonna need to get on the oxygen
to help out yer battered old
Ford Escort
and so
after the First World War
millions of people
died from a version of the 'flu
that these days
people shrug off in a day or two
not because the 'flu has MUTATED into a benign form
but because they are generally a lot fitter than
a population that has just gone through
four years of
Total War
and now
there are two groups of people - in China - who are
dropping like flies from something
Brits will hardly notice
1 people with lings knackered by levels of air pollution
that Brits haven't seen for 40 years
2 people who's hearts can't circulate their knackered RBCs
fast enough
and another thing
the immune system has two divisions
you could say
one lot poison the pathogen
and the other lot
eat it
'immunity' depends on the poisoners
until we develop specific poisoners
that we call
developing immunity
we depend on the swallowers
which are they ones that die of

The essence of being
closet gay
is a pretence that you are not gay
and people who were
and some still are
closet gay
find interaction
no matter how intimate
a chore
and so
whether or not they are
actively gay
they seek to minimise the burden involved in
being straight
and so they will do all they can to limit the scope of
straight behaviour
to make it easier for the disgusted to
once they are
out gay
they no longer give a hoot for
what the straights do
and so the more gays that are out
the quieter the life for straights

11th February 2020

at this point we will introduce the concept of
mitochondrial DNA
in humans - and similar
the egg is a cell
the sperm is not a cell
red blood corpuscles are
blood cells that are so packed with
oxygen carrying haemoglobin
that there is no room for anything else
and so they are corpuscles
not cells
they carry no DNA
a sperm is the reverse
a sperm is a packet of DNA
a half set
an outboard motor
nothing else
this means that you get
half your DNA from each parent
ALL of the gubbins
in all of your cells
and that includes your
in theory
because that outboard motor is
active and has components
and they may include mitochondria
we aren't researching that
and so
in genealogy - family history taking
we say
the DNA from the nucleus of your cells
comes from both sides of your family - equally
but your mitochondrial DNA is the female line
people have suggested that if you
come out the way you went in
you will be contaminated with
mummy's little helpers
on the way
but if you come out by
C section
you miss out on gaining the hitch hikers
and so to the squirrels
red squirrel babies have
squirrel pox virus particles
as part of their initial
gang of hitch hikers
they will, as is the nature of the thing
regard squirrel pox virus
in the same way - not exactly
mummy's hitch hiker mitochondria
scraping the barrel of Ricker's memory here
he thinks that
poisonous toads are an example of
a type of species that
don't produce the toxin themselves
but deliberately implant something
a fungus or bacterium or something
into their skin
so that their skin is toxic but they
don't mess with their own skin so they are not
but anything that bites them
when you load up yer
poison arrow
you wipe the arrow on the toad's skin
you don't
spatter it with
blood of toad
and so
if we take on board a virus
we keep it safe
and if a predator takes a bite
they get sick
and leave us alone in future
if we get stressed
winter chills, bereavement, Sunderland scoring
another bloody goal
we loose control of our
ferocious beasts
our mercenaries
launch a coup attempt
and they turn on us
and we get the snuffles
or in the case of
something we would wish on our enemies

we are very pleased that
Philip Schofield has
come out
he's rescued himself from the
Tory Bliar Trap
what we hope is that future generations of
gay men will not be saying
as so many of these closet gays have in the
not so distant past
in effect
if there weren't no paedos
nobody would be gay

we have a couple of gratuitous comments to make about the
don't see too well
celebrity skater
people make considered decisions
they weigh things up and come to a conclusion
many many moons ago the experts debated
should it be
visually impaired
vision impaired
and we decided on
vision impaired
and a couple of
fuck wit ice skaters
decide on
partially sighted
you just give up
we are supposing that the
runner who is tethered to a guide
may have
ret pig
she may not
retinitis pigmentosa
can be treated by
stem cells into the retina
or gene therapy
via virus transfer
it may not work
but it's worth a try
and we love
Christine and Jane Torville really

and a little side line on
infection control
our Ricker worked for a while on
Kensington High Street, London
opposite the
Inn on the Park
one day this patient came in wearing
very dark dark glasses
when she took them off
the whites of her eyes were
she was elderly in the 1980s
at some point she had decided to
or been advised to
as we say
silver nitrate solution
eye drops into her eyes
given she may have been born
as long as 120 years ago
she may have had an eye infection
before there were any of
vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals
if she was very rich
a befit toddling around
Kensington High Street
silver nitrate eye drops may have been her only option
to save her sight at the time...
wearing silver
and perhaps copper
but especially silver
especially as rings on fingers
is a simple, safe, semi-permanent
safeguard against infection
certainly indicated for anybody with
a compromised immune system
three things about this
gold does not count
this puts silver
nose and lip rings
on the table
do people with
mercury amalgam tooth fillings
suffer less respiratory infections
and following on from that
do people who have amalgam fillings removed
and replaced with dentures
see a spike or general increase in
respiratory infections

10th February 2020

This should be
a new blog
we hope that the original
very very very long
file is still available

people in the UK get their
from the movies
and in respect of the widest collective of people
who have seen the same
science influencing movie
lots of people have seen
Horton hears a Hoo
there have been lots of derivatives of
a Marvel Comics style story about
people living in a universe contained within
a gemstone - a diamond or such
it feed into the idea of a
fractal universe
an idea that anything can be
magnified or reduced
at will and will function
and so we have a concept of
pictures of
virus particles
taken from electron microscope pictures, we assume
and coloured in, rather as in Victorian Post Cards
and the unspoken assumption that these are
tiny, tiny little space ships
with human like
at this point we want to step away from this line of thought
and consider
but first
we want to point out that
everything of plant origin that imparts
to food
is derived from chemicals produced by plants to
protect them from being
and the squirrels?
despite the fact that in the UK
where there are now
American grey squirrels
it is WRONGLY assumed that there were previously
British Red Squirrels
there is this idea
which may be true
that just as herbs carry chemicals that
try to kill green fly and
make tomatoes taste interesting to humans
red squirrels harbour a
squirrel pox virus
that does them no harm and
kills grey squirrels
people sometimes ask
why are some animals in Australia so
over the top venomous?
it's because the venom is 'designed' to kill
non-human prey that has a massive tolerance to
the toxin in the venom
nothing to do with people - at all
people collateral damage in an
arms race
the spider and the fly
viruses are somewhere between
toxic chemicals
bacteria and fungi
for themselves
they simply
just like
they have no plans
no command and control
and they happen to
at a very primitive level have
a nature that is best seen as somehow a combination of
a toxin such as lead or mercury
and a enzyme such as
that would be wrong
a virus is an elaborate for of enzyme
not between but beyond
there are examples of
re-inventing the wheel
in the evolution life on earth
but they are rare
and so - for instance - many many species will
have, make use of, the same enzymes
a bit like Windows and Apple computers
using the same electricity
and machine code conventions
but different interfaces with the
and so a virus can be seen as a
freelance enzyme
and to that extent
a mitochondrion
is a structure within a class that includes viruses
the term for this may be organelle
we unconsciously put mitochondria to work for us
we can consciously put viruses to world for us
delivering gene therapy
and perhaps sub-consciously
like the story of the
grey squirrels 'using' squirrel pox virus
against red squirrels
it is very strange to the 'expert'
that people - philosophical vegans for instance
see animals as
sentient - having feelings hopes and aspiration
don't attribute these to
so we are free to eat them
but do attribute them to
and so to
we all know that
you have to be an expert to
gathering the mushrooms
some people - particularly in the Uk
half a century ago
were quite keen in
living dangerously in this sphere
a vogue for eating
magic mushrooms
quite, but not always fatally, psycho-active, toxic
and so to the latest
toxic wild foods problem in China
the trendy leftist will have immediately assumed
people in China choosing toxic foods
out of desperation in the face of
grinding poverty
it now appears that the problem stems from a
trade similar to ivory
pangolin scales
something consumed because it is
rare, endangered, and EXPENSIVE
scavenged from a rubbish tip
and we return to the concept of
people who are too
to get into
conventional, science based, medical school training
settling for qualifications in
traditional medicine
like our own
Charlie Boy
and his
speaking of
Prince Charles
he must be very gratified to know that
institutions such as
The 'University' of Sunderland
and now creating
Bare Foot Doctors
to provide health care
outside the
the M25 is the motorway ring road around
Greater London
there are a couple of useful comments on the above
it may help to counteract
regarding a people
of viruses
if we adopt the early terminology
virus particle
and secondly
adapt to viruses that are new to them
this is sometimes described as
developing immunity
we have the concept that
red squirrels are susceptible to
squirrel pox
but what research has been done on the question
can red squirrels develop immunity to squirrel pox
is there something fundamental that is preventing that
or are greys just taking advantage whilst
the reds are feeling a bit
and would we have
a winter this year
and would we have winter snuffles
if the media
still had


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